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  1. I haven't been on here in over a year o.O

    1. 112


      I missed ya, buddy.

  2. ugh its sooo boring

  3. canuckbuddy!! cdc is no fun anymore :o

  4. OMG Snow?

    Ugh, it started here while I was at school, so about 10:30and its still going, the wind is cold as hell outside too. (and knowing where I live its really windy). Theres about 2 inches or so. My friends were being stupid and were about to walk home.
  5. Hhaha yeahh it wass :) Iknow.. Mats shoulda been the first star too.. Oh well.. I enjoyed the game and and the SO made it so much better! ahha, I was sick last week, and this week my voice was starting to get better.. But then..I lost it again :( Cause I was cheering so much.. haha, But i loved it.. The game was so sickk!

  6. Hhaha, Yeahh.. The whole Sundin thing... It was something really special that he should never forget.. haha I kinda got emotional after what I saw the leaf fans and what they did... It was really nice of them to do that and Sundin should appreciate it.. It was a great game though :)! Burrows was my hero tonight! ahha

  7. hahah, thats good to hear :) thats what friends are forr:) Ahaha, Yeah, Being around Family is greatt! Always make you laugh and keep you company! ughh, im not looking towards monday,,.. haha, gunna watchh the game tmrw?

  8. Yeahh,, it sucks.. Being sick especially when your in High School is really hectic cause you have to go to each classroom and stuff.. Ugh. I just hate it.. Yeah I just had my course selection for next year too...

  9. Hhaha, aww.. Well, same here.. Iv been really sick the entire week.. Missed school on Monday but now i gotta say im much better:) hope you get better too :)

  10. haha, no problem :) whats up?

  11. Ohh. haha its alright :) and no I dont think your nosy :).. Nothing wrong with asking..

  12. Heyy how rude, jk, cm is a real good sig maker ;)

  13. omg go look at my sig! its so cool! it made my life a bit better XD but im still sad about that dump boy :(

    it was also hard letting go of filatov but EDLER!!!