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  1. pfft, shows what you know.
  2. If we did win the lottery and Matthews, I would love to see what kind of package we could put together with Sutter, Hansen+
  3. when does the lottery get drawn?
  4. matthews, matthews, matthews
  5. Man, looking at the schedules of teams around us, I don't know if top give pick is possible. Can you imagine we won and got a player like Matthews. This franchise is due for something good to go our way
  6. I've been predicting that both Hamhuis and Vrbata will not be traded
  7. Personally, I think that Hamhuis and Vrbata will both be with the team after the deadline.
  8. Bring on the high draft pick
  9. I think it clearly depends on what was said. I think saying racist, homophobic, addiction or mental illness related comments could result in a fine.
  10. I'm going with vrbata
  11. We're gunna win, I called it earlier. Then we'll rest, move on and have a good remaining road trip. Come together as a team
  12. Okay, calm down now. I'm passionate and into it too. Relax, we're gunna win
  13. I think Jared will be okay. He was patting his chest, probably because he was winded. His head was hit, but moved with the hit instead of absorbing the impact. He got out under his own power.
  14. It all depends on how people are playing. Let's just roll 4 lines no matter what's happening in the game. That's not smart. Give your head a shake.
  15. Stop hating on WD, he was trying to produce the win, and went with the veterans because the young guns wernt going . Hes a good coach and things will turn around.