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  1. What if the trade was Virtanen, Stecher, Eriksson for Barrie?
  2. I suggested acquiring him, in the proposals section, earlier this year...... Only if he could be had cheap. Guess we'll see see if the end justifies the means. Putting aside the cost; one must be happy about the addition
  3. At least we're killing on the face off circle!
  4. Reading the part about Boeser's smile and that his father will be there to watch, really made me feel choked up Good times, GCG!
  5. I missed the last game, and when I saw the score, I decided to avoid the PGT Lil I have a feeling that was a good choice I feel positive, and like the boys are going come out with a good effort Saying that, I've been watching FLA here and there, and they will not be a push over Think this could be a good game to regain our composure
  6. Damn, Looks like it's a battle of two win streaks on Tuesday against the Bolts! Both teams have a 7 game winning streak, but only ONE will have 8 Lol, really loving hockey these days! Supplement that with my small Betway gambling problem...... The best!
  7. His wife was featured in an article, and dismisses that as a rumour "It’s a life that takes a toll. To this day, I get asked about a rumour involving infidelity with a man I’ve never met — Jeff Brown, for those of you who follow hockey lore."
  8. Alright boys, gear up! It's about to get real
  9. And McLean comes up huuuuge That's it we're winning, I've decided