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  1. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Sanchez is a beast he raped guida in that first round holy crap guida has a chin left leg kick to the face that was crazy!!!
  2. Whatdoyouwantforthefirstoverall?Iwillpayalotjusttogetthatcovetedpickthatyoudon'tneedcauseIcangiveyoumore.Listentomeandgoodthingswillcometoyou.Trustme.Good,goodthings.Youfirstthoughgivemethefirstoverall.NowIhaveaquestion.Howmany"t"'shaveIpostedinthisverylongpost?

  3. What do you want for Ovechkin?

  4. did you get my pm for ovy?

  5. ????HEAD