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  1. Can’t forget the fantastic coaching when it comes to our defence lol. Collapse into the goalie and let the puck carrier do whatever they want.
  2. I was at the game and...well it was pretty sad to watch. - Way too many of our players are looking to force passes when they should be trying to get shots on net. There were literally a dozen chances that turned to nothing with a turnover. - Hitting the net seems like climbing Everest for these guys. So many shots off the mark and brutal tip in attempts. - Horvat’s line has been playing like garbage for weeks and they all look like offence will never come from there again. Get Loui the F off this line. - So many lazy plays resulting in turnovers it was cringe to watch. 5 or 6 times a period it seemed like a forward would rush through the middle with the puck only to turn it over. Looked like a rookie playing NHL 2020 on All Star thinking they can just skate through 5 guys to score. Overall...the Canucks didn’t look like a team hungry for the playoffs. Unfocused and apathetic were two words id use to describe their play for most of the game. 0 urgency until it was too late. At some point this has to fall at the feet of coaches. Way too many times this season we’ve watched the Canucks not be “ready” for a game. Green doesn’t seem to be able to get these guys engaged when they need to the most.
  3. While I agree Green’s system is garbage for Pettersson...he has also been playing like trash on the power play as well. The last power play we had to tie up the game, he throws a stupid low % shot at the net from the corner and then it gets turned over by him and cleared down the ice. Even Virt is showing more hockey IQ with his passes and plays right now.
  4. He’s been horrible for half the season now. Misses the net 90% of the time, gives the puck away constantly, and is by far the weakest link on that line. Move Horvat up and scratch EP40.
  5. I honestly think at this point 5 on 5...Hockey Gaud should be in the middle between Miller and Tofu. EP40 needs to get his head out of his butt and actually work hard for a shift. Gives up way to easily and basically relies on his line mates to do all the work. Some time on the 3rd line might wake him up. Also, Roussel needs to be sat ASAP. A pile of rocks would provide more hustle than him at this point.
  6. Well I can tell you that Danton’s family is happy with this trade! Having him on the West Coast means he’ll actually be coming to Van more than once or twice a year! Lol his grandpa was my neighbour growing up... It’s funny seeing the little kid that played street hockey in front of my house now a pretty darn good hockey player in the NHL!
  7. I am so confused how anyone would want Barrie at this point. He is super overrated and has been on a downward trend for years now. I don’t see him as that much of an upgrade on Stetcher. Sure a few extra points...but I’d rather have Troy battling in the playoffs than Barrie.
  8. I love how you made Bo the biggest guy lol. Good to see such respect for the captain!
  9. Well that was some pretty good entertainment! The games were pretty good considering...but the honorary coaches made it so much fun! Hull and Bieksa would be a fantastic hockey broadcast duo lol.
  10. Bo’s EN goal sliding into the net like he’s sliding into your girl’s DMs
  11. Sooooo since when is 5’10 and almost 190lbs small? I don’t even understand how size is even a question. It’s not like he’s some 5’7 kid that’s 150lbs wet. Kid is a tank and insanely gifted. No reason to assume he wouldn’t be successful. Especially already playing in the SHL! Dahlen wasn’t even doing that years after his draft... Guess some people just enjoy being glass half full all the time?
  12. The funny thing is everyone is complaining about giving away a 1st...when the guy we got is exactly who we’d be hoping a guy we drafted would turn into! Lol we are hoping the kid we drafted 10th turns into a 50-60 point player for us. TJ Miller already is that guy. No idea why anyone would be upset about this.
  13. Anyone have a video of Pettersson’s reverse hit on Steel? Sounded pretty good on the radio...