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  1. ^ Jensen said in his blog he doesn't want canadiens saying "yensen" because it's weird. So "Jensen" is what everyone should call him
  2. ^ any kid in the ahl or juniors plays way more of a physical game than against the men in European leagues. Think a league full of nazzy and demitras (not talent wise but physically wise). Both are men but neither threw a hit. Once again mens league doesn't automatically mean tons of talent and physical play. Take a guy like Jensen and throw him up against anyone from chara to a bitz...and he'd get destroyed. I'm not talking about fighting...I'm talking about jensen flying through the middle of the ice with his head down and getting decked. Sweatt on the other hand has played against the same physicality as NHL players would.
  3. ^ lol obviously. I was just proving the point that just because someone plays against men...doesn't mean they are NHL ready. "men" doesn't necessarily mean they have NHL caliber skill levels... So saying a prospect played against men in the SEL or other euro leagues means nothing.
  4. ^ Sure they may be pro leagues...but their game over there is a LOT different than here. Euro leagues - Larger ice surface - A LOT less hitting and physical play - The "Men" they play against are usually people who couldn't cut it over here or are washed up fringe NHLers To me it makes a lot more sense that a high 2nd rounder who has a lot of talent...who has already put up good numbers in the AHL (which is basically the same game as the NHL) would be more NHL ready than some young kids that played over in Europe in a soft league that barely resembles north american hockey. I mean I could see the SEL being a decent league...but the Danish League?! Considering there are what like 3 Danish players in the NHL right now...what do you think the talent level is going to be in that league? You'd probably find more talent in the OHL. "Playing against men" Well I go out and play hockey with my dad and his work buddies...apparently I'm ready for the NHL because I play against men Can't wait for the pay raise!
  5. ^ if sweatt had signed with the hawks or toronto he probably would have been in their line up last season. He is as "bulked up" as Raymond, just as fast, and has a way better shot. I'd bet more on him making the line up over a bunch of young guys who haven't even played a single pro game (Rodin, archi, and Jensen).
  6. Hah two different topics and I agree with both your posts bureisbest. People who call 20 year old prospects "busts" must have 0 knowledge of a professional hockey player's development process. It is simply astonishing watching all these posts about guys from Cody to Souve to Jordan saying we should trade them so we can actually get something in return. Look at a guy like burrows....didn't even look like a bottom six nhler till his mid 20s....and now he plays on the top line in the NHL two years in a row. Get a freaking clue people.....
  7. Double post*
  8. Wasn't my spelling error but touché lol. "rn" looks so much like an "m" I didn't even notice.
  9. Uhhhh.....how isn't he going to make our team? Mg wouldn't sign a player for over 2 mill if he wasn't going to make the team.
  10. ^^ ramone Couldn't agree more! Players get injured in the NHL and go through the same thing as Jordan did. Bieksa, edler, salo, manny, etc all had injuries and did they play 100% when they first came back? No! Most players have a tough time moving up leagues anyways without dealing with injury. People need to chill with our prospects. It is pretty rare for a player 20-23 to play in the NHL and make an impact on an NHL team. So everyone can complain and be negative in 3 more years for Jordan and a year or two for hodgson.
  11. I dunno the dancing girl is more important....
  12. It's good and all for this kid to play over in Europe and get some experience, but I can't wait till he gets a chance on the Moose! Once he learns the NA game, then we can hype him up.
  13. Peter Mueller would be a great pick up for us. He is young...had a 60 point season 2 years ago....and has a HUGE upside. Give him some talented linemates and you'd see great things from him in the future.
  14. good timing on a thread about burrows.....i'd say after this night. YES we do need him.....15-20 goal scorer for dirt cheap....AND checks....AND penalty kills....AND blocks shots. go home burrows haters....