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  1. I enjoyed the setlist at the game last night - particularly the Lennnon tribute and Tom Jones kiss cam! P.S The OT Get Free track is by The Vines, not The Hives.
  2. I think the image doesn't display well on all screens, here is the link to the full image with the labels

  3. that is an epic sig.. the little kid giving the finger has the best face on.

  4. Taurus. Strong like bull!

  5. Hey, we share the same birthday, just different

  6. That's great to hear, especially from an international source, Burrows deserves the praise and recognition. Wow, Chris Drury...currently equates to almost $280,000 per point on his current salary... Edit: To put Alex Burrows' development in perspective: 06-07 Season - 3G, 6A, 9PTS, -7 in 81 games played. 09-10 Season - 34G, 28A, 62PTS +31 in 75 games played.
  7. I think he lost his mojo when people started calling him RyJo.
  8. Nope - it's taken from the classic movie The Goonies. Called the Truffle Shuffle -

  9. Wow, Kopitar is the most expensive goal scorer in the league at $357,894.74 per goal. Suddenly I don't feel so bad now that we bypassed him in the draft.
  10. Hey, that other moving pic you have. IS that your kid? :D You know, the one moving his tummy around. heh

  11. What amazes me more than this ridiculous thread is the fact that when it was started in October 08 Burrows was still on the 4th line (even then he was one of my favourite players on the team). It's phenomenal how far this guy has come in a little over a year.
  12. Here's a better Hordichuck doppleganger, a guy who proposed this week after surviving the Hudson River plane crash.
  13. My favourite colours (in order) are: Green Blue Orange Yellow Red Purple I'm thinking about swopping orange and yellow around. What do you guys think?
  14. Taylor Ellington?