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  1. +1 I love this thread :D
  2. IT'S A PENGUIN!!!! He wanted to play..
  3. Fair enough. Better explanation would be a quick break before round 2 though. Hey! Idea for next time.. "Hold on, gotta make a quick post on CDC. Entertain yourself, I'll be right back." Haha
  4. Hahaha so true. But, if this was the case, do you really think I would be posting on here? I'll give you credit for creativity though. Next song is.. Aerials - System of a Down **Edit - And technically, it'd be her own damn fault for agreeing to buy a duplex with me, so, it's ok.
  5. Rock the Bed - Riz (ft Akon) Love the bass in this song.. hopefully I don't wake up my neighbour! (but hey, at least it's my sister lol)
  6. Sleeping to Dream - Jason Mraz. Wow is this place uneventful at 3:30 am..