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  1. This team won't succeed without Zak on the top line. The twins will be checked into the ground as they have always been played in the playoffs. The second line has been very in effective. Bonino should be on the 4th line instead.
  2. Kesler "the gravy train", it will be good to see you and that thumb you suck on gone. Good riddance to a player that could not, would not lead. I feel happy that trading you will actually make us a cup contender. I know your body can't hack the game anymore. Hitching a band wagon to the cup is the most pathetic and lowly thing a player can do or say. Say what you will about the twins, they don't sit out games when they have a cold. Run coward just run... Mr Gravy Train, the team plays better without you, and I for one won't miss you.
  3. Kassian has HUGE upside .... only way canucks will do well is to play him on the top line. Come playoffs twins are crushed. Burrows and Kesler arent durable anymore. If this team doesnt develop farm team players soon the canucks will be the new edmonton/calgary. Torts can keep his fingers to himself, right now I aint impressed. This team will quit on him too, sad I thought he had learned but I guess not. Again the weakest link on this team is the coach. I had expected team toughness and spirit but I can see that he isnt winning the hearts or minds of his players. I would love the chance to point my finger into this attention seeking, narcisstic clown repeatedly....