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  1. Just imagine Team Canada forward group come 2018 if the NHL goes to the Olympics.. Marchand - Crosby - Bergeron Benn - McDavid - Seguin Tavares - Getzalf - Stamkos Duchenne - Toews - Perry
  2. If we somehow can shed Burrows & Higgins contract and sign Lucic + Eriksson, the forward group would be much deeper. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Lucis - Sutter - Hansen Sven - Horvat - Virtanen Etem - Granlund - Dorsett
  3. If we sign Eriksson, Draft one of the top three(lets say Laine) and the return of Sutter would significantly improve the forward depth and skill. And lets say Horvat & Sven take the next step and becoming 50-60 point players next year our forward group would be very talented. Sedin - Sedin - Hansen Sven - Horvat - Eriksson Laine - Sutter - Virtanen Dorsett - Granlund - Etem That would be an exciting forward group to watch, with an abundance of youth and the likes of McCann, Gaunce, Broeser all also in the system.
  4. Re-sign Hamhuis, sign Lucic & Demers. Buyout Burrows, Draft Matthews Sedin - Sedin - Hansen Baertschi - Horvat - Lucic Sutter - Matthews - Virtanen Dorsett - Granlund - Etem McCann Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Demers Sbisa - Hutton Traymakin
  5. If we could somehow get Drouin and draft Matthews, the future would look unreal. Drouin - Matthews - Virtanen Shinkaurk - McCann - Boeser Gaunce - Horvat - Cassels
  6. McCann-Hutton on the point with the Sedins and Virtanen would be nice for the first unit. Followed by a more veteran second unit with Sutter, Vrbata, Baertsch/Burrows, Edler and Tanev. Horvat really needs to pick it up, we all know he's going to have a long successful NHL career but man he hasn't lived up to expectations this year.
  7. I usually agree with most things you say, but common are you serious? Jose is the leader of the Jays and is still putting up very strong numbers.It's not like his production has feel off. Donaldson is an absolute stud, him and TT will be here for a long time but it's still Joses team
  8. is Prust a good center, or better on the wing?

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      he is a natural LW and has played a bit of center

    3. SkriLL


      Pls play Kenins on the wing with Prust up the mid and Dorsy on the other wing

    4. Mr.Plow


      Yeh this is why I was interested to finding out how he plays at Center. A 4th line composed of Dorsett, Prust and one of Virtanen/Kennins seems more intriguing then Vey centering Prust and Dorsett

  9. Decent deal, not a fan of losing the 2nd but ooo well Sedins - Burrows Higgins - Bo - Vrbata Sven - Sutter - Hansen Prust - VeyéJones - Dorsett Not too bad actually, We know what we`re going to get from everyone in the top 9 besides Sven and Bo. If they can take the next step and become 40-50 point players we will most likely be in the playoffs.
  10. Oilers walk away today with a generational player, Flames get the best D-man in the NHL under 22 to go along with there crazy core of young players. Sigh this is going to be a long day :(

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    2. Mr.Plow


      Good point my mistake, but he is still an absolute stud that is very young.

    3. -Stammer-


      more like a long 5 years

    4. Edlerberry


      gonna be a long decade

  11. If the Canucks can somehow manage to get 2 more picks in the early 2nd/1st, would love to grab Carlo/Boesser and take the chance with a Kylington or Dunn.
  12. What's the chances Johnny Oduya reaches free agency? Think he would be an unreal pickup but we'd have to deal one of Sbisa/Hamhuis

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      ^The best part is that you actually think you're clever.

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      34 years of age this upcoming season. that's all the info needed to make a decision here

    4. Intoewsables


      Very good. Chicago's going to be in cap hell, they have a bit of a logjam on defense, and he's 34 years old.

  13. Would love to snag Broeser, natural goal scorer that would increase our forward depth. Really hope we can get 2 early second round picks and grab 2 of Dunn/Chabot/Juulsen/Meloche
  14. How can you bash on the Sedins... These guys just finished in the top 10 in league scoring as 35 year olds? Anybody in the NHL management would laugh at how us fans disrespect the two best players in our franchise history,. I don't think we're that far off at becoming contenders, if Jake & Bo can become franchise players which I don't see why not as there both top 10 picks and are built like horses we'll be fine. This off-season and next season are huge for us, if we free up some spots by trading Higgins, letting go of Richardson/Vey for the young guys and being smart and offloading Vrbata for a 1st at deadling one of Hamhuis/Bieksa for a 1st(re-sign the other to a cheap contract). We would have 3 first round picks, and a boatload of money to attract 1 or 2 free agents( please Seabrook/Ladd). If the young guys Jake/Horvat/Kassian/Sven can take the next step like Calgarys young guys, along with the Sedins we will be in great position to succeed come 2016-2017. Focus on the defense, and give young guys a chance to improve and we'll be fine. We have guys to be excited about Shink, McCann, Virtanen, Bo, Cassels, Sven and Kassian
  15. Toews what a beauty, hope the Hawks win so the Canucks have a better chance at signing Seabrook