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  1. Pretty sure you got that backwards. Henrik, Hansen, Burrows, even Dorsett have helped Horvat. Sutter OTOH has just recently secured the 3C.
  2. If the Canucks were moving Miller they would be at least giving Markstrom some more games to see where he's at first. And wouldn't be risking injury playing Miller back-to-back.
  3. That's a lot to give up. Especially in terms of good contracts. But I can see the logic and value for both teams with this trade.
  4. Lower ticket prices, less season ticket holders, less merchandise purchased, more tix available last minute, etc.. Most of the VAN jerseys out there are from players from the past. Luongo, Bieksa, Kesler still outnumber most current players. It feels like locally, team popularity is on par with the Keenan era. The whole, discarding of players and replacing them with players they keep telling us are good, is very familiar.
  5. Trades I would try this deadline. All expiring contracts. CAR: Pedan VAN: McClement, Stalberg (Baertschi fill-in) BUF: Larsen VAN: Franson COL: Redulic VAN: Iginla ARZ: Labate VAN: Doan ^ Franson, Iginla, Doan for PP help/options.
  6. I'm tired of the Sedins getting blamed too. And others. Just because they've played here longer and some fans just want change for the sake of change. Without Henrik, Daniel and other vets on the team, Horvat, Baertschi, etc. wouldn't be where they are right now. Without the players who were here before Benning got here, this team is nothing.
  7. Hansen is like the only winger who works with everyone. Instead of trading Hansen, keep him and get more Cs that he can play with. More Hansen. Not less. IMO.
  8. Trump may not be waging war on anyone yet but doesn't mean he isn't a threat to global peace. His (intentional) lack of diplomacy makes the world less secure. So many around him seem to be looking to capitalize on volatility. Consider the "axis of evil" North Korea, Iran, Iraq and how relations with these countries have change in the few days since Trump took over. Not to mention changes in relations with Russia, Israel, the UN, NATO, China..... so far. And that's foreign policy. Domestically things are also looking to be heading for some sort of unrest.
  9. Treason is when someone betrays a country.... usually against the leader. I wonder what it's called when a leader betrays a country? Is it just called corruption, fraud? Was just reading about Montreal mayor, charged with corruption, fraud. There must be a more serious charge, no?
  10. I googled "robot Trump" and found gold.
  11. Kind of interesting that the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (aka Hart–Celler Act aka the one about MLK/Selma March) is probably key to division cause by immigration polices this election. All I know is John Lewis was 2-strapping backpacks way before it was cool. And I don't want to imagine what Trump was up to at that time..
  12. Further to my post on trolls earlier. Ryan Strome is an example of a troll. The difference is the relatively passive (at minimum an effort made to make a point) exchange of information vs the purely confrontational intent of posts.
  13. Clam Linguine, Harvey Spector and some others are not trolls. If they were, their posts would exclusively be in the "We won, suck it." tone. They are for the most part only replying to posts directed at them. I don't agree with them at all and think they post way too much. But they are like everyone else trying to figure the information out there. Without a counterpoint, you end up with a divide, in a bubble, believing things are absolute.