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  1. Going to church? That's a lot to put on God. If there was a tornado, you'd move out of the way and pray. Going towards the tornado and praying might send mixed signals.
  2. Shout out to Save On Foods and London Drugs. Every time I go, all the employees are cheerful. Even though you know they've had the same conversation over and over again a thousand times.
  3. World: "Please don't spread misinformation" Idiots: "Hold my beer after I cough on it"
  4. Trump is game show host and apparently the game show is called " What Do You Have to Lose?".
  5. Oops. Seriously though. There's a sample of the sound at the top. It would scare anyone.
  6. An article from a week ago. 152184
  7. Kind of approaching military or other type of coup territory. Not saying it will happen. But in other countries it would when there is no confidence in a leader during a time of crisis. If you took Dr. Fauci out of the equation in the US. There would be no effort to take precautions at all. And for it he is getting death threats from Trump supporters. America treated it as a political issue. And are the now World's leader in infections, surpassing 2nd and 3rd combined. There's probably going to be a continued push to blame China. But once anyone sees the numbers preparing for next season.... I don't think anyone will be able to deny it.
  8. The majority of people are looking for reliable information. If all your posts are to argue about the reliability of generally accepted sources, you're in the wrong place. Try 4chan or Reddit. The time to act like a bad ass who isn't listening to the doctors, experts and government is over. You are now a threat and an enemy of the general public.
  9. 3M's response to Trump's order to stop selling mask to Canada and Latin America.
  10. I just want to say our neighbours suck. The US is a nation of selfishness. And this pandemic has shown how different they are from other countries of the world. At the best of times they bully Canada on trade. During a pandemic, they react too slowly and THEY send troops to the border? And are now cutting off equipment made in the US. With friends like that who needs enemies?
  11. Thailand will start a Nation wide curfew tomorrow. And in the Philippines,
  12. Take this piece as entertainment please. Writer pieces together Trump's history with the mob. Very entertaining.
  13. That is intellectually simplistic bullcrap. There are major differences. Between Trump and any Dem candidate. Most Rep candidates too. He is a TV host harnessing the power of Populism with no experience and no plan other than undo what Obama did. Others are sitting politicians, lawyers, ex-military, etc... with a plan and team of qualified people.
  14. A pretty famous celebrity in Japan passed away from the virus today. Ken Shimura.