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  1. I googled "robot Trump" and found gold.
  2. Kind of interesting that the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (aka Hart–Celler Act aka the one about MLK/Selma March) is probably key to division cause by immigration polices this election. All I know is John Lewis was 2-strapping backpacks way before it was cool. And I don't want to imagine what Trump was up to at that time..
  3. Further to my post on trolls earlier. Ryan Strome is an example of a troll. The difference is the relatively passive (at minimum an effort made to make a point) exchange of information vs the purely confrontational intent of posts.
  4. Clam Linguine, Harvey Spector and some others are not trolls. If they were, their posts would exclusively be in the "We won, suck it." tone. They are for the most part only replying to posts directed at them. I don't agree with them at all and think they post way too much. But they are like everyone else trying to figure the information out there. Without a counterpoint, you end up with a divide, in a bubble, believing things are absolute.
  5. He'd probably get better treatment from refs on a different team and really be effective in the playoffs. A very rare instance where I don't care what the return is as long as it's only to MTL. I would love to see Burrows play for the Habs.
  6. Wow. Trump is just showering Goldman over everything.
  7. The full video ends with the crowd chanting "Obama". He handled that situation ridiculously well. Somebody cut the video off at that point to make it look like something it's not. Full video here -
  8. Also of note.. Brietbart News is controlled by Counselor to the President and "Chief Strategist.", Steve Bannon. Today, Rudolf Guiliani was named to head cyber security and US Justice Dept announced they are investigating FBI Director James Comey. Also, while everyone was focusing on "Obamacare repeal", Senate passed the Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017 which modifies the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946. FYI
  9. Uh yeah. The opposite of fortune or prosperity. Of which may be a surprise to some, is not always about money.
  10. Calm down. You made your own strawman, get yourself worked up about it and wish misfortune on fellow citizens? LOL.
  11. Not sure if fake news.... but come on... who won this election? Russia, that's who. Russian Billionaires, Including Some Tied To Putin, Have Gained $29 Billion Since Trump's Election
  12. Lügenpresse - I should warn. This video is offensive. But an eye opener.
  13. I really thought this pick up was about sending help to Utica. Like Guance, before the road trip started. But now he has to come back and get his stuff.