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  1. For Italian style I like Pizzeria Ludica. There's one near Rogers Arena and another in New West near the Skytrain. For North American style, I order Papa John's online. I find it super convenient. Not too greasy. Best I've had in the area, I'd go with Via Tevere Pizzeria on Victoria Dr. For slices, I like Pizza Garden.
  2. Was land locked on the US side too. Obama shut down Keystone in 2015. Trump reversed that in 2017. Montana State Gov flipped from Red to Blue. Trump now has about a year to get it done with intense opposition. Then maybe a Rep wins again? If not the pipeline most likely isn't passing through Montana.
  3. After Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney called Camp David "miserable" and "way too small" to host the G7 summit, Ivanka and Jared Are Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary — at Camp David.
  4. I really don't understand why the rest of Canada even wants Alberta to stay. There's at best a 50/50 chance the demand for oil is going to decline. Fuel efficiency, automated electric cars, drone delivery, etc.. Leave. Take your oil. Let the rest of the world evolve. In ten years they can all move to Saudi Arabia where the work is.
  5. How many times have we seen Spicer, Huckabee Sanders, Giuilani, Conway, etc go on TV and said "he was joking"? If you have to explain it, it's not a good joke. If someone else needs to explain it, it's because it's so bad you need back up.
  6. More likely California. Apparently Trump claims "Colorado" was a joke and shout out to some people in the crowd. This is his idea of a joke. He lacks the mental capacity for humour. Unfortunately so do his supporters. It's lower than lowest common denominator stuff. Basically, here is a word we all know, now laugh. You often associate this with young children.
  7. Harper is Chairman of The International Democrat Union (IDU), an international alliance of centre-right to right wing political parties. So he probably keeps in touch. Also the US Republicans and UK Conservatives.
  8. Yesterday William Taylor, former United States ambassador to Ukraine testified behind closed doors.
  9. Old Opinion piece from the National Post. I don't recommend reading the whole article it if you are pro Wexit.
  10. I found this article pretty informative on how Bloc Québécois has changed over the elections. Honestly I was not paying much attention to Quebec this election. So I did not know much about the BQ and CAQ.
  11. Just though of something. If Alberta abandons Canada. BC would probably get Banff, Jasper and other National Parks on the border. I'm actually warming to the idea. Not only do we get a tourism gem. It's a lot of glacial water from the Rockies. Which feeds the North Saskatchewan, Bow and Athabasca Rivers. You see where I'm going with this?
  12. That would totally explain the name Wexit. There's a separation movement in BC too called Cascadia. So what?
  13. I'm thinking Wexit is a troll/hoax. One that happens to attract angry followers. Brexit has been a disaster. It's not even done yet. Why copy that? The pattern is all too similar to the other suspected foreign influence campaigns directed at democratic countries to cause division.
  14. True. But people often forget, and periodically need to be reminded,
  15. Wexit sounds like an Elmer Fudd version of Brexit.