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  1. I suspect ticket prices will fall again. The only people who expect this team to do well are those who will no matter what. It's admirable. Really. Most people I know have or are disconnecting a bit to deal with disappointment. I know a ticket broker, says he won't sell Canucks this season because everyone expects to pay less than the price on the ticket.
  2. Other I guess. In general, more skill. Not necessarily faster. Not necessarily individual talent. But consistent. AND WITH MORE THAN 1 OPTION. If you break the game down to minutes/seconds, this team has the players who can kill that time. The defensive bar is high. At one point VAN had Luongo/Schneider, Hamhuis/Edler/Salo/Bieksa, Kelser/Malhotra taking key defensive minutes. And they still had breakdowns..... If you break down the offensive side, VAN relies too heavily on the Sedins and Edler to score. How many friggin' more times are they going to go with an injured top line player over a healthy one because they have to? But hey it's only been obvious since about 2006. I'm sure there's plenty of time left.
  3. Somewhat unsettling but I've noticed on a lot of discussion forums / social media in the U.S. after an incident like this, is not about why it happened, who was shot or how to prevent future incidents. They prefer to discuss what weapon was used. After Sandy Hook, after Orlando, etc.... Same pattern. It seems the important thing for them above anything else is to prove to others how much knowledge they have about guns. Gun nuts are nuts with guns. To them, all victims probably just look like this,
  4. Trevor Noah on the Daily Show had a good observation about America a few nights ago. And how everybody is always either one or the other. Democrat or Republican, Yankee or Red Sox, etc.... And on this issue, either a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement or law enforcement. When in fact, if you just stop to think for a moment it is clear that it is very possible to be a supporter of both or maybe even against both. It's lowest common denominator politics and it's war(monger) mentality. Everything needs to be a war on something for people to listen. Good guys vs bad guys. With us or against us. It's obvious they need to learn to focus on the solutions to their problems (or even addressing them honestly) instead of wasting all their time fantasizing about the glory of war / being the hero who kills bad guys. Obviously not all Americans. But sadly enough of them.
  5. Price + Weber + Gallager.....? Kinda hard not to root for team B.C.
  6. Why does reality insist on copying Futurama episodes?
  7. Apparently [eyeroll] this is industry wide - Wars and natural disasters are great for the oil business, huh?
  8. Short version: He was too good a Power Forward and set the bar too damn high. I believe Mike Gillis went totally Captain Ahab over his Moby Dick, the Power Forward. Or more specifically not just a Power Forward but one like Todd Bertuzzi in his prime. That's an absurd bar. Almost as absurd as CGY expecting every Power Forward to become Iginla. Kesler should have been enough. Bernier, Oreskovich, Bitz, Mancari, Matthias, Kassian, Booth in 6 years. Representing at least 1 roster spot per season. Usually ending in disappointment. In hindsight if you had given that spot to a player like Mats Zuccarello, one the smallest in the league but one with good chance at chemistry with the Sedins and Edler (ie as a back up for Samuelsson) the Canucks would have probably been better off. What we needed was healthy bodies who could score. For the most part I loved the Gillis era. But I do think the search for the next Todd Bertuzzi was a fools errand and a distraction from the true more immediate goal which was to win the Cup. I think when we're talking about potential Power Forwards in the future, we should be careful not to attach the expectations that it's either Todd Bertuzzi or bust. Like Pavel's speed. And Sedin passing. This is not normal.
  9. Schneider for Horvat is one of the best trades in recent history.
  10. I think E. Staal is a very good signing for a team that wants to gamble on a middle 6 C. With CAR Staal was taking faceoffs after J. Staal and Rask. Again with NYR 3rd after Brassard and Stepan. I think he's at least a safe bet for 3rd line C. VAN has bet on Sutter, Vey, Granlund, Guance. Just parted with McCaan. I don't see them adding. I also don't think VAN picks up any Dman with salary over $5m/. Which is Edler's cap hit. Pretty close to what it would take IMO. The more I think about options for VAN in the short term, the more depressed I get.
  11. Pretty sure he's older than 15. He used to deliver Candygrams door-to-door.
  12. I have 2 tips. 1. Never take trade tips from anyone. Come to your own decisions. Would you give your ideas to strangers for free? 2. Learn about high frequency trading and algos. When stocks move against fundamentals it's usually due to HFTs. Even as a small retail investor, if you ignore this factor you may end up on the wrong side even if all signs say you're on the right side.
  13. All right. I guess there's some logic to that. But from my POV, it just proves it's a poor fit for both teams.
  14. Not to pick on you but why wouldn't EDM just sign a free agent for around $3.6m/? Like Hamhuis. It would only cost a bit more in salary, more experienced and they don't lose anything.
  15. Yeah. They have the craziest assortment of food.......doesn't make any sense. Mmmmm doughnut.