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  1. Out of curiosity why wouldn't JB like Drouin? Is it his character or how he plays?
  2. I highly doubt Vegas would claim Callahan any way.
  3. 1. Ask him politely. 2. Neither, if you believe.
  4. Out with hip injury. Says he's 100% now and working hard during the summer but not sure why he dropped in point the previous year.
  5. I'm all for To Tampa: TanevSubban3rdTo Vancouver: DrouinCallahan (20% retained)Top 4 RHD with good salary cap and a the 4th highest scoring defensemen in the AHL who is ready to go to the NHL. (May need a little work on the Defensive side). Besides, Benning and team does not seem to interested in Subban anyway. Drouin to Vancouver and take Ryan Callahan's high cap hit away from Tampa. Although Callahan is not worth $5.8m for a 3rd or 4th liner, he's certainly better than all the AHLers we had this year on the bottom 6.
  6. YouTube Thread 2.0

    I made a youtube
  7. Not sure what you're talking about. My 4cyl Golf, 5 speed manual goes to 3000rpm at 110km's gets 26-28mpg on the HWY. Not sure where you got 4000 rpm. Maybe if its a 4 speed?
  8. Hobby Wood/Metal Shops?

    Offer someone on craigslist a few bucks to show you what to do. That's how a friend of mine learned how to weld.
  9. Snowboard & Ski Thread

    Can't say I'm a big supporter of Grouse but looks like the owners have moved on. Wonder who will buy Grouse? Foreign investor, big ski company like vail or local family? Problem with the local ski resorts is they are limited to what they can offer on mountain. For example, Cypress Mountain and Seymour are limited by the provincial parks they are located and can't add Housing, accommodation or expand. Obviously, being so close to the city, would you even need on mountain accommodation? However, nowadays ski resorts are all about different avenues of profit and don't know what the new owners could really do right away.
  10. Delica would be my second choice. Great vans!
  11. I myself am saving up for VW Westfalia, should have a decent amount saved up by Spring. Love my job and get paid quite well. Most importantly, I get 3 months off in the summer and plan on travelling in the van during those time. I want to live the van life. Not interested in renting or owning at home at this point.
  12. Battery Has Been Running for 176 Years

    Sweet. Now I can play Pokemon Go for 176 years.
  13. Gigi

    You're that kind of family member..