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  1. NASA news is best news.
  2. This websites great to see where the Pokemon are. It uses the Niantic API to show the location of each pokemon near you, including when they disappear. Unfortunately, it is effected when the Pokemon Go servers go down but other then that, it works great.
  3. 5 important things to know. Turkey's military does not answer to its president like many other countries. They serve to maintain the vision of the country's founder. The current president of Turkey has been pushing more and more islamist-focused laws (control of the media, things like that). This goes against the secular-focus of the country's founding. The military has decided the president needs to be removed, and have staged a coup to accomplish this. This is not unique in Turkey's history, their military has done this a few times in the past for the same reasons. Presumably, the military's goal is to put someone more secular in power of the government. The police in Turkey work for the government. So they are fighting against the military currently. Pretty interesting. Last time this happened was in 1997 and has happened 5 times now since the 60's. It looks as though the military cares for the people and have always stepped in when they realized their country was getting trashed. (Erdogan)
  4. Hey guys, I made my first ever mix. Check it out
  5. Be careful guys. Some of the APK mirrors which have been shared contain Malware. Easy way to check is your permissions. Go to settings>applications. If you have any permissions such as below, then your phone is effected. ANYWAYS! Here are some awesome tips for Pokemon Go.
  6. Weird? Far Harbor was supposed to be out at 12am EST and 9pm PST but I can't find it.
  7. What are they going to do refund the money, and lose jobs after the sale started by the conservatives?
  8. Federal legislation to legalize marijuana will be ready in a year, Canada's health minister told the UN at a special session of the General Assembly in New York today. "We will introduce legislation in spring 2017 that ensures we keep marijuana out of the hands of children and profits out of the hands of criminals," Jane Philpott said in her prepared speech to delegates. "We will work with law enforcement partners to encourage appropriate and proportionate criminal justice measures. We know it is impossible to arrest our way out of this problem," she said. Jane Philpott, Bill Blair in New York to attend UN talks on war on drugs Delegates are reviewing the progress and implementation of the UN's 2009 action plan on drugs to assess ongoing challenges in combating the world's drug problems. Three days of meetings will conclude Thursday. Bill Blair, the parliamentary secretary to the justice minister who serves as Canada's point man on the legalization legislation, is with Philpott in New York. "It's a great deal of work. It's important to do it right. And so, we're looking at regulations with respect to production, distribution, the retail and consumption of marijuana and we want to make sure that it's based on the best advice from experts." Blair told reporters on his way to the meetings on Tuesday. The health minister said the government' proposed marijuana policy challenges the status quo, but will enhance the safety of youth. The federal Liberal Party's election pledge on pot would breach three global treaties on illicit drug use signed by previous Canadian governments. Canada's plans are contentious for some other UN members. Philpott said that she is aware states will take different approaches on the matter, but is hopeful they can find common ground to create a comprehensive, collaborative and compassionate drug policy. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair told reporters he believes the legalization policy proposed by the Liberals is just another broken promise. He says the only thing the Liberals have done so far is appoint Bill Blair. "There are thousands and thousands of mostly young people who will have criminal records for the rest of their lives because Justin Trudeau did not respect his promise to legalize marijuana as soon as he took office," he says. Mulcair says if the Liberal government found the issue too complicated they should immediately decriminalize marijuana and address complex issues like supply later. "It's a massive waste of time, effort and energy of our entire criminal justice system," he said.
  9. You didn't get the joke.
  10. Trade him for 3rd round pick?
  11. I have yet to pay at the age of 23 and am aware there may be a potentially large bill for me. However, they've done a really crap job at getting me to pay.
  12. Thanks Obama.