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  1. Boeser isn't a flake who's going to cry in his cornflakes. He'll put on his big-boy panties and do what's best for the team. He's been playing pretty decent lately - this stretch will only make him a better player moving forward.
  2. No doubt. Hard to believe that was a year ago. SJ has fallen off a cliff - losing three centres will do that, and WINN has lost their back end. Adding Miller up front and Hughes on the back end has made a tonne of difference. Not too mention, last year Stetch was in the top four, this year he's 5/6. It's hard to pin-point the biggest difference this year. I look at: 1) A better rounded d-core. 2) Continued, if not better goaltending 3) Emergence of a couple younger guys (Virt and Adam) 4) All-star play of Miller 5)Hughes on the back end. 6) Loui Erikson legitimately in the top six! 7) Face-offs!!! Is this a Cinderella year?
  3. At this point tough to say. In a seven game series I'd bet on St. Louis. Against a run and gun like Vegas, not sure - although I think we have better structure than Vegas. Run and gun against the Avs I'd take Mackinnon - though the Canucks may be able to muscle out a win in a seven game series. As far as the rest of the Pacific - Calgary has a better rounded back end - up front I'd say we're more playoff like on our top end. Looking forward to see how they match up against Boston on this coming road trip.
  4. Duncan Keith. I know some people will lose their poop with the comparison, but Quinn skates, defends, walks the line, gets pucks through, head mans and covers D-zone much like a young Keith - minus the dirty part....
  5. Agreed. The first hit seemed like direct contact to the head. Where is the suspension on that one? I liked how Kassian took it into his own hands but I'm old-school. I had no idea that Tkchuck Jr. was such a gutless wimp. I believe this is the start of what will be a fairly swift process to have fighting removed from the game. I've said for some time now that when Cherry goes so will fighting. Too much liability for the league and potential life-long health concerns for the players.
  6. Intermission commentary folk picked up on this one - thought Edler was trying to fill a gap instead of remembering the possibility of the guy lying on the ice that he had just stapled. Good on Buchnivech for getting up and in the play so quick. Edler likely thought he was out of the play.
  7. Agreed. At a recent clinic I was at they are told only to go on butts or bobbles. I keep hoping for a butt or bobble so they attack.
  8. Chicago used to run that system under Quenville - it was the first things Jeremy changed when he took over.... I don't love it at the pro-level, too many variables and skill for things to go wrong. At the Atom level it's gold cause most kids can't shoot or pass yet. It seems to suit our 2nd and 3rd lines better than our 1st and 4th lines - who look to be roping the dope a lot.
  9. My guess is Al Arbour. At the coaches clinic last June Green told a couple stories involving Al - he seems to have had a fair bit of influence on Travis.
  10. The only useful part of that article is whether or not the Canucks need two shutdown lines. As far as that goes, the successful teams these days don't seem to emply a shut-down line of any kind in the traditional sense - 3rd and 4th lines for 3rd and 4th round teams drive play, pressure the opposition and score goals to chip in. Analytics is for failed GMs and basement dwellers (see nee Florida and Arizone, presently Toronto). You don't hear too much about analicktick darlings in the 3 and 4th round of the playoffs. Smart GMs see it as information, but real hockey trumps 85% of the time. There are too many compounding variables in hockey to make cause and effect statistics reliable for hockey. It works for baseball, since most plays are cause and effect - 1 person affecting 1 person affecting an outcome. Hockey has 12 variables (players) plus referees on the ice at any given time - most statistics can't handle this type of math. When considering such a high number of variables your starting to get in to the mad science of climate change, and we all know how messed up that is.
  11. It's hard to grasp why people are so critical of Sutter. If it's just an injury thing - fine. As a player though, he's perty darn good when healthy. With Bo and Elias in front he'll be even better. If people don't grasp this they probably play ringette - or worse, roller hockey.
  12. Kadri - no. I can't see anyone willing to take on Kadri - the guy is turning in to something worse than Avery. Kapanen is a possibility and it might not take an offer sheet. A second round pick in compensation though would be a steal for that guy. IMO the Leafs made a big mistake signing Nylander so big and so long. Marner drives that team - with buckets of cash dumped on Matthews and Tavares, it's hard to see how the Laughs plan to keep Kapanen (and maybe Johnsson). The Laughs have 3.7 mill in cap space for next season, and that's without signing two D men (Gardiner and Hainsey are UFA) and Marner - who again, I think is the MVP on that team. He deserves something real close to Tavares and Matthews.
  13. Agreed. I think the internal rankings have gotten much better. It wasn't that long ago that a guy would Kopitar would fall out of the top ten because of the Euro image. Times have changed.
  14. I was bored and looked at the last 15 years of draft # 9, 10, & 11 respectively. Whatever mindset the scouting staff needs to consider guys written in bold would be good. I'm guessing the Canucks' internal ranking system has gotten much better in recent years, thus the team won't be swayed much by central scouting. The ability to buck central scouting trends seems an important factor for drafting success - particularly outside of the top 3. Also, BPA would help to keep position specific blinders off - tending toward overvaluing due to positional need. 2004: (9) Smid, )10) Valabek, (11) Tukonen ---- drafted afterward in the 1st round >>> Dubniyk, Radulov, Green, Schneider 2005: Lee, Bourdon, Kopitar ---- Rask, Oshie, Niskanen 2006: Sheppard, Frolik, J. Bernier ---- Little, Giroux, Varlamov, Foligno 2007: Couture, Ellerby, B. Sutter ---- Paciorety, Backlund, Perron, McDonagh 2008: Bailey, Hodgson, Beech ---- E. Karlsson, Myers, Eberle, J. Carlson 2009: Cowen, Paajarvi-Svensson, Ellis ---- Krieder, Palmeiri 2010: M. Granlund, Mcllrath, Campbell ---- Swartz, Tarasenko, Hayes, Kuznetsov, Fowler 2011: D. Hamilton, Brodin, Siemens ---- J.T. Miller, Rackell 2012: Trouba, Koekkoek, Forsberg ---- Hertl, Terraveinen, Vasilevsky 2013: Horvat, Nichuchkin, Morin ---- Domi, Morrissey, Theodore 2014: Ehlers, Ritchie, Fiala ---- Larkin, Vrana, Kapanen, Pastrnak 2015: Meier, Rantanen, Crouse ---- Debrusk, Connor, Chabot, Boeser 2016: Sergachev, Jost, Brown ---- Mcavoy, Borgstrom 2017: Rasmussen, Tippett, Valardi ---- Brannstrom, Thomas, Jokiharju, Tolvanen 2018: Kravstov, Bouchard, Wahlstrom ---- too early
  15. True. Brady and Matthew say hello. Nice to see someone up there in Rip Bum following the fellas.