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  1. Maybe their not watching Duchesne - he's probably the last guy I'd want for a number of reasons. I've only seen Duchesne play well in two occasions. (1) His rookie year - when he looked like a like for top ten in any fantasy pool draft, and (2) When he plays for Canada - when he's hidden behind better guys that make space for him. Otherwise, Sakic's asking price is beyond insane. - but I guess you gotta put down the bait to catch a fish.
  2. I think the Canucks would have turned that down immediately. Look what Demers got - Jamie McGinn??? Guddy >>>>>>>> McGinn.
  3. It's going to be hard to send a kid down with skill like that. Regardless of who the opposing D and goalie were that was a pretty sick move.
  4. That's a real good point. As much as I'd love to see Kane or Gaudreau hammered it never happens and I never see them engage contact - just too darn quick and smart - though Johnny hockey has tailed off since he got all that cash.
  5. Duchene doesn't seem like a player that makes others better. He does real good on all-star teams when everyone else takes the attention. Giving up what Sakic is reportedly asking for is teetering away from sanity.
  6. He'd likely have a fat face then, and I haven't seen a photo of him lately. I'm thinking it's all in the trunk and he's sneaky solid.
  7. surprised at Gagner's size... guys who are 200 lbs and sub-6 feet are usually real hard to move with a big center of gravity. could bode well.
  8. Really. The Russian had to make more saves but when called upon Demko was incredibly solid.
  9. Always nice to make that a**hole eat his socks.
  10. Great contract. I think we're going to be happy moving forward. The fact he's Vancouver's best player right now probably gave some leverage.
  11. Hank Dank Vando Goldy Bo Brock Lunder Sutts Erik Gags Gaunce White (Dorsett will be IR) - Tanny Guddy Stetch Eds Zotts Hutty Marks Liner Coach green has a tonne of options for his forward lines. I traded Barcheese away for whatever sounded best. D prospect preferably. May have to start Goldy in the 'A' with the Vanek addition. Flip Vando at the deadline then bring up Virts after a strong year in Utica.
  12. Ready. Of all the rookies he's the one I see most ready. He'll quickly move up the Calder talk ranks. I thought he was 24 due to his poise and maturity. He plays the game smart. He has Bo like character and drive. He has great flow - and what team doesn't need more flow during the warm-ups?
  13. More likely he'll be 'preying' for a spot.
  14. That's pretty much my take on Vanek, but if we can play him up and flip him for a pick and the trade deadline why not. A 2nd or 3rd round pick is probably worth around 1,750,000.