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  1. Team Defense will be the problem this year

    Last night Hutton was the top minutes man. It seems like the coaches are taking turns with guys carrying the load. Thus far this year's team is far better at adjustments as the season rolls along.
  2. Brock Boeser | #6 | Right Wing

    Good call. The surfer resemblance was pretty striking. Real glad Brock hasn't been one of a long list of Canuck 'Patrick White' draftees. Benning has done a heck of a lot in the last two years.
  3. Hitchcock sings high praises on Canucks

    I have no doubt Hitch was honestly praising the Canucks, but I'm also guessing that he was sending a subliminal message to his guys, particularly guys like Radulov. He made a comment post-game that Radulov was hard-working and dynamic, but unpredictable - Hitch thrives on precision structure. Hitch likes to mess with people's minds, much like Babcock has been known to do. Nice to get the kudos on the team game, and for an opposing coach to try and use it as an example to manipulate the players on his team to buy in more.
  4. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    yeah. the tax thing is good, but I think most Canadians would like to avoid living in the states if possible. and I'd be shocked if Florida got anywhere near a cup. at best they could become an almost has been like SJ, but SJ is a much better and deeper organization - at least it was. I think he's a character guy and recognizes a lack of character for how Florida treated him and operates its business.
  5. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    I think Guddy wants to be here - not sure why he'd go back to a team that gave up on him.
  6. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    Willie made 3.5 for the longest time, then got a sweetheart 4.25 from the analyktic folks in Florida. I'd be happy locking Guddy long at 4.25. Montreal gave old-man Alzner 4.6 but I wouldn't be surprised if Bergevin got fired soon. Nashville managed to give Ekholm only 3.75 but Poille is a bit of a wizard. Hjalmarsson get 4.1 - which seems a good contract even for Phoenix. Larsson in Edmonton gets 4.1. Those all seem good benchmarks for young Willie.
  7. Benning bashers

    I reckon you're right - my bad - sorry Willie.
  8. Benning bashers

    It's been over 5 years since I've seen the team play the way they did against Washington. A real pleasure to watch. It didn't feel like an impending collapse was imminent. One of my favorite moments was watching Guddy lay out Connolly twice - looking like a young Port Hardian named Willie.
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    Sometimes it's a 1 goal game - if you don't score one goal you lose. What's your point?
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    Jake's release on the GWG was sick - simply sick.
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    I had that thought too - though premature all over the place.... Since when has a 0-0 then 1-0 game not made me feel real bad inside. Since when do we overcome two real bad calls with no big whoop and just get er' done. Since when do the lines roll and guys just get er' done.... Nice, real nice. and for all those people taking a dump on Gagner and Vanek - to me they played real smart. Maybe if you're playing div.13 at 8 rinks it's hard to grasp - i get it.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings

  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings

    I miss watching that. Seeing Jovo lay guys out as well.
  14. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings

    There's an expression in hockey - keep your head up - for various reasons. If your head is down you can expect to get nailed. Leaving your feet is dirty, as is a crosscheck, stick to the face, an elbow or a knee, but hitting a guy who skates with his head up his arse is not. If it is your probably watching ringette or figure skating.
  15. Derrick Pouliot | #5 | Defenceman

    It's even better when you compare our current D to the mistake prone, slap-stick antics of the artists formerly known as Sbisa, Larsen, and Weber.