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  1. Maybe they’re trying to get their 1st round pick back by missing the playoffs.
  2. I believe that Hughes is exempt because he didn't play enough games last year.
  3. Its only unreasonable based on where he was drafted. Podz may make him redundant.
  4. Exactly. There are three perspectives to consider: who are the best players we can put out on the ice (most deserving); who do we have to waive because we will not lose them on waivers; and who should be available for trading to improve our cap problem. Sending folks down only saves $1 million max in cap (give or take). Gaudette will be going to Utica until Sutter is traded (or hurt). We need to trade a few $3 to $6 million players to make future improvements and other teams may not like our leftovers. JV has some trade value but no cap saving value; same with Goldy. Sutter has trade and cap saving value, LE has no trade value but lots of cap value.
  5. Lack of effort is on him, the term and amount of his contract is not.
  6. As much as I’d like to blame TO, or even LE, that doesn't make sense. LE was offered more money and term than he was worth and did what any of us would do, he took it. JB is responsible for this crappy contract, no one else. There are a few other over paid folks on the team that add to the cap crunch the team is facing.
  7. Too late. Got some over priced tickets and can’t wait!
  8. Isn’t the third round pick conditional on Reaves scoring 21 goals and 10 more than Lucic?
  9. I don’t have to read that thread as I don’t care about the Flames or Oilers. But I am interested in seeing Eriksson leave, so at least there won’t be anymore proposals here about Lucic for Eriksson, which I didn't want to happen anyways.
  10. At least we won’t have to hear anymore Lucic-Eriksson trade suggestions. Twitter reports (Elliotte Friedman) Lucic has been traded to the Flames for James Neal.
  11. But doesn’t make good use of Brock and Petey which is way more important.
  12. Not sure if this is a proposal or an actual trade. Don’t see it reported anywhere else in the twitterverse. Would love for it to be true.
  13. I think Lucic’s contract is one year longer than LE’s and he has to be protected in the expansion draft leaving someone else unprotected. No thank you.