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  1. If we are 15th that puts us in the middle of the pack.
  2. I honor my father every year on the day of his passing. I light a candle, think of how much I miss him and shed some tears. Not hard to understand if you've had a loss.
  3. If only that were the sole blemish re his behaviour.
  4. Could have ended your post there.
  5. Can he score goals from jail, if convicted?
  6. I'm sorry but I was not trying to say Kassian ever used crystal meth, as all I know is that he liked to party. I was trying to use a metaphor to describe a 'multiplier effect' like saying that it is like (whatever person) "on steroids" but instead used another drug. I apologize for a poor choice in trying to say that problems with Kane would be even worse than with Kassian. I hope that is clearer. Also, having worked with youth in the criminal justice system for years, I am not someone others (who know me) would describe as mean.
  7. He was arrested on Friday and has now been formally charged with numerous offences. I suppose there are still some here who defend him and say he is young (25 years old in a week) or that he hasn't been convicted yet. Some say he can be had for cheap, but no evidence of that yet, or that being in Vancouver will settle him down due to family influences. Perhaps family influences contributed to who he is? He's like Kassian on crystal meth. Just say no to EK.
  8. If we signed Verby, we'd have 4 forwards that are 35 years old (Verby, Burrows and the Sedins). Not a good idea. Also, I thought the idea was to get a second line winger with grit who is fast and can score. Verby is not exactly what you would call "gritty". Not excited about any of the options in that 'article'.
  9. Saw him at the prospect camp and he looked impressive, quite the fast skater.
  10. I agree and by now the average D is probably taller than 6'2". It's good we are bigger than last year, we just don't have 4 of our starting 6 taller than 6'4".
  11. That is true, but I was responding to the assertion that 4 of 6 are taller than 6'4" and I believe that to be incorrect. Further, the average height of D in the NHL is ~6'2"
  12. I might be looking in the wrong place (roster listing on CDC) but I still only see 2 starting D over 6'4": Tree and Gud. Edler is 6'3" and Pedan isn't even listed there (prospect in Utica). We have gotten bigger, which was needed, but we don't have 4 of our 6 starting D over 6'4".
  13. Looking at our starting D roster, I only see two guys at 6'4" or bigger: Gud and Tree. Who are the other two (it's not Edler, Hutton, Sbisa or Tanev)?
  14. And time will tell if he was correct about Virtanen.
  15. Thanks. It was fun to be there.