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  2. It sounds like they are insinuating that egos are the issue not competence.
  3. We thought the problem was Vigneaut, then we thought it was Torts, then we thought it was Willie, now we think it is Green. Do they all stink is there a bigger problem? Who would you choose, Alfie?
  4. Gee, that’s a tough one. Do I believe Mike ‘anti-science’ Pence or a physician? I’ll get back to you on that. Similar to Trump saying anyone who wants to be tested can be tested. There are not enough test kits,ventilators or hospital beds!
  5. LA wanted and signed him. Its not like he’s in the AHL or Russia. Something is always better than nothing (Dan Hamius, Ben Hutton, etc.).
  6. We lost Hutton for absolutely no return (he is an NHL D); don’t want to see that repeat and have Stetcher walk for no return at all. If we don’t need him JB should try to at least get a pick.
  7. Maybe they’re trying to get their 1st round pick back by missing the playoffs.
  8. I believe that Hughes is exempt because he didn't play enough games last year.
  9. Its only unreasonable based on where he was drafted. Podz may make him redundant.
  10. Exactly. There are three perspectives to consider: who are the best players we can put out on the ice (most deserving); who do we have to waive because we will not lose them on waivers; and who should be available for trading to improve our cap problem. Sending folks down only saves $1 million max in cap (give or take). Gaudette will be going to Utica until Sutter is traded (or hurt). We need to trade a few $3 to $6 million players to make future improvements and other teams may not like our leftovers. JV has some trade value but no cap saving value; same with Goldy. Sutter has trade and cap saving value, LE has no trade value but lots of cap value.
  11. Lack of effort is on him, the term and amount of his contract is not.
  12. As much as I’d like to blame TO, or even LE, that doesn't make sense. LE was offered more money and term than he was worth and did what any of us would do, he took it. JB is responsible for this crappy contract, no one else. There are a few other over paid folks on the team that add to the cap crunch the team is facing.