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  1. I found it interesting that Baertchi is ranked third in the NHL from 2014-2017 for goals per 100 shots, after Laine and Tanguay.
  2. This is what should happen. Keeping him as a 7th D to warm the bench hurts his development. However, the FA acquisitions make it harder for him (and Virtanen) to stay. I suspect he'll play with adults in Europe.
  4. I'm not advocating that prospects all go to the AHL I'm just looking at the number of new signings and trying to see where prospects will fit on the roster. It looks like JB wants to let them season a bit more in AHL before the NHL.
  5. I understand your confusion. It looks like we're not tearing the team down to do a full rebuild and we are obviously not going full bore for a cup. I agree with Botch that these moves are to obtain place holders for our prospects. Personally, I'd like more prospects in the cupboard and more elite talent in the pipeline. These moves are all reasonable and will probably provide more entertainment value (eg. revenue) but they may also keep us from getting a top 5 pick but still keep us a bottom feeder. The key is whether or not it is important to have prospects play in a competitive environment, which is JB's contention. OTOH, with these signings, not many prospects will have a roster spot (possibly just Boeser).
  6. sorry if this has already been posted; not an unreasonable assessment, IMO
  7. ^ This. The rebuild started when Hansen and Burrows were traded and they finally realized the Sedins will never win a Stanley Cup here and tinkering isn't enough.
  8. Again, I qualified the post as "just an opinion" so no need to shoot the messenger. I would be interested in a prospect pool ranking post-2017 draft from a source that's not amateur or Toronto-centric. Anybody know of one?
  9. Actually, they gave us a B+ so that's not a loser score:
  10. As I said, just an opinion, but Arizona, Columbus, Vegas, Winnipeg and Toronto all look pretty strong. Not sure where we stand, but probably somewhere in the top half after the 2017 draft.
  11. It's just an opinion, but the Canucks didn't make this top10 list in terms of prospect pools post-2017 draft.
  12. We need to agree to disagree on this issue. The gym I go to is run by a kinesiolgist and medical exercise specialist/personal trainer. He's told me about what's involved in gaining muscle weight as a 'hard gainer' and was the first person who suggested I google the term to understand what's involved, especially for a senior citizen ectomorph, like myself. I hope Petterson packs on 20-25 lbs of muscle so he can compete with the big, strong centers in the west.
  13. Endomorphs are the opposite of ectomorphs and find it easy to add weight or muscle.
  14. I do understand that it is about training and diet and that a 'hard gainer' can add weight and muscle. However, it is easiest to do this during puberty and it becomes progressively harder with age for ectomorphs: my point was simply that those stating that it's easy for Petterson to add 20-30 lbs of muscle b/c he is young, are not looking at his body type (ectomorph). Most athletes are a mesomorph. He is young enough to add weight, it just takes a much more rigid schedule than for most athletes.
  15. ^ yes, I agree with every comment above! It's easy for many fans to over-value their prospects and as much as I agree with the OP that our prospect cupboard is looking better than it ever has, competing with 'the best' still requires more elite talent. Also, it astounds me that some on CDC still argue that Benning has been rebuilding since he got here rather than simply tweaking for the playoffs. maybe it was ownership wanting playoff revenue, maybe it was Linden's loyalty to the Sedins that they deserve another chance at a cup, and maybe Benning actually believed we were potentially a cup contender, let alone a playoff team. Whatever shared delusion they had in the past, trading Burrows and Hansen this year told me that they have seen the light. No more propping up the 2013-2016 Canucks by trading picks and hopefully not bringing in $6 million dollar players for 6 years when our window slammed shut in 2011. I embrace the rebuild and look forward to seeing our prospects grow, but hope we can nab a generational talent to build around.