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  1. Isn’t the third round pick conditional on Reaves scoring 21 goals and 10 more than Lucic?
  2. I don’t have to read that thread as I don’t care about the Flames or Oilers. But I am interested in seeing Eriksson leave, so at least there won’t be anymore proposals here about Lucic for Eriksson, which I didn't want to happen anyways.
  3. At least we won’t have to hear anymore Lucic-Eriksson trade suggestions. Twitter reports (Elliotte Friedman) Lucic has been traded to the Flames for James Neal.
  4. But doesn’t make good use of Brock and Petey which is way more important.
  5. Not sure if this is a proposal or an actual trade. Don’t see it reported anywhere else in the twitterverse. Would love for it to be true.
  6. I think Lucic’s contract is one year longer than LE’s and he has to be protected in the expansion draft leaving someone else unprotected. No thank you.
  7. I'd prefer Scarlett Johansson's lap (I'd do that for free).
  8. Give me six million dollars and I'll spend a year there sitting on a bench.
  9. Yes, they want LE out as well. However, he also said the most likely solution is us having to take back another (bad) contract in exchange. I hope not, as we still have 3 or 4 of them.
  10. No, she was awesome. Should have made her the team mascot (without having to keep Bartkowski of course).
  11. Evidently, the Canucks have been getting lots of calls about Virtanen, but there is little (or no) interest in LE or Sutter. I don’t want to see Virts moved as part of a sweetener as he still has lots of potential.
  12. Hard to believe, but team1040 was pretty positive about what JB has done and see the team as playoff-bound. Only complaint is losing a first round pick for Miller when Tampa was in cap trouble. Overall, surprisingly positive.
  13. Ad hominem arguments. Criticize the content of the man’s arguments, not the person or where he lives.