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  1. Dude I didn't even notice the shirt tell the second time I watched it... I thought he was talking about the hat.. But yes I am a pothead
  2. Alright I am stoned as frack, but two things here. This game is going to be sick as frack and I am pretty sure it's not a kings hat.
  3. Trade Johnson and Lind. For a proven second baseman. Move Bonifacio down the depth chart bench role. Bring up Romero.
  4. Sign Adam Laroche, and the Jays are set. Also Rafel Soriano would be a nice pick up to.
  5. Exactly, but who cares I'll be laughing when the Jays don't make the playoffs.
  6. Negative, and if AA was smart he would trade our prospects for bullpen depth. Sign someone like Marcum or have Happ as the 5th starter.
  7. frack Fickey one good season, and he's considered a god. Not worth it. Id rather sign someone like Marcum, and keep the prospects. Maybe use them to aquire a second baseman.
  8. Go Atheltics,Rangers
  9. Maybe cause microsoft paid a trillion dollars just to have it exclusive for a short period of time lol
  10. No he won't, I'm really interested to see how they pull it off getting away with murdering him that is. Their is also the slight possibilty the kid survives, but know who will die is that Tedd frack who shot him
  11. Loudest thunder I have ever heard. I have lived in Alberta but this is beyond savage. crap winds be brewing.
  12. frack Black ops