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  1. Anyone tried the skull candy hesh 2.0?
  2. Ya I've read what's been said about the dr Dre headphones. I'm looking more for comfort (want to be able to wear them lying down as well as for a while at a time) as well as good sound quality and style. For those who have the dr Dre ones, are they comfortable?
  3. Looking for good quality over the ear headphones. I don't care much for bass/ DJ headphones more just looking for good quality music listening.. If that makes sense haha. Any recommendations? I've heard good things about dr Dre but I'd buy them off Craigslist since they are way too expensive in stores
  4. How do you get a bunch of pikachu's onto a bus? pok-em-on (poke them on for those of you that don't get it) hahaha
  5. games are at night anyway loool
  6. Even though I'm still so upset about trading Cody, this made me laugh. Thank you hahahah
  7. someone make a "one does not simply trade cody hodgson" one please
  8. There have been so many "little" earthquakes hitting the coast of vancouver island lately...scary
  9. Umm, just randomly clicked on your profile and saw that it's your birthday...

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Loll did anyone seem him Kesler-bomb Hamhuis' interview this morning? Vid is on Canucks tv
  11. whatta goal by the honey badger!
  12. Ya, they are a cute couple for sure. I wonder how they are going to end the show. Will e interesting, anyone know how many more seasons there will be?
  13. Robin is said as 'aunt robin' so obviously she isn't the mother
  14. I'm almost done season 2, do they ever tell you who the mother is? and how is it possible that barney robin marshall lily etc are all aunts and uncles to the kids? unless they don't literally mean that they are actually their aunts/uncles