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  1. Umm, just randomly clicked on your profile and saw that it's your birthday...

    Happy Birthday!

  2. whoaa sorry for some reason I was on the mobile site this whole time and didn't see you had put that comment. Late response I know but no I never bring signs when I go to the game lol. Was it a guy or girl who had it? Maybe I inspired them :)

  3. Haha, thanks.

    Here's the link to the actual video; I got the signature off HF, if you were wondering...

  4. WTF hahahaha your sig is hilarious. Do u have the vid for it?

  5. i cant find the video of it i really wanna see the whole thing lol

  6. ahah thanks credit to Kesler.Happy.Dance for the sig

  7. hey do you have the vid for the sig of the monreal player pushing that guy?

  8. hey can you upload kes's post game interview?

  9. where did you find that pic of kes shirtless??

  10. hey just wanna say your sig is awesome...actually made me tear a bit. :)

  11. k take the link such as:

    from gifsoup. Then press the 'image' button and paste the link there