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  1. How do you get a bunch of pikachu's onto a bus? pok-em-on (poke them on for those of you that don't get it) hahaha
  2. games are at night anyway loool
  3. Even though I'm still so upset about trading Cody, this made me laugh. Thank you hahahah
  4. someone make a "one does not simply trade cody hodgson" one please
  5. There have been so many "little" earthquakes hitting the coast of vancouver island lately...scary
  6. Umm, just randomly clicked on your profile and saw that it's your birthday...

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Loll did anyone seem him Kesler-bomb Hamhuis' interview this morning? Vid is on Canucks tv
  8. whatta goal by the honey badger!
  9. so its drafting now?
  10. it says its full
  11. whats the best site for hockey pools for beginners?
  12. I'm terrified of it happening while I'm away at school. Worst fear is not being able to get ahold of loved ones. So scary
  13. which bold did you get? I need a new blackberry, my keyboard is so broken and since there's some physical damage to my phone rogers won't give me another one so looks like I need to buy a new one. May just look on craigslist, don't wanna spend too much on it.
  14. whoaa sorry for some reason I was on the mobile site this whole time and didn't see you had put that comment. Late response I know but no I never bring signs when I go to the game lol. Was it a guy or girl who had it? Maybe I inspired them :)