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  1. Been interested in the guy since I watched him fight Brimage. His skills, humour, and confidence made me a fan and persuaded me that he might have what it took to be champion, and his next 2 fights only added to that. After Poirier, I believed completely. When I got into MMA, GSP and Silva were my favourites. But they were already established. Conor is the first fighter that I've watched and rooted for as he climbed the ladder. Somebody who I've tried to emulate in the gym and whose mentality I try to capture. Now he's the biggest star in MMA. It's inspirational for me. I'm incredibly happy for the guy. At the same time...I feel for Jose. 10 years Undefeated, P4P #1, FW GOAT...destroyed in 13 seconds. He's going to be dragged through the mud. Overall a decent card. Didn't live up to 189. Weidman screwed himself in an otherwise close fight that he would've won if he kept fighting his fight. Holloway made Stephens look like he didn't belong in there, as did Maia to Gunnar. Romero-Jacare was disappointing. Neither guy really earned a win. If Conor moves up, Edgar-Holloway for the strap. If he stays to fight Edgar, Aldo-Holloway.
  2. I'm in a month from now homies
  3. I'm Shell
  4. One Aerosex Never forget that ppl love you
  5. Great game Belugam I would've unleashed a shrekoning if you didn't kill me.
  6. Lmao called it
  7. Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die.
  8. Funny story my sister who's always fit as $&!# used to always say 'ooooh I look bloated do I look fat guys?' and the whole family would say 'No of course not!' and one day I got sick of it and went 'YOU LOOK FAT AS $&!#' and now anytime she walks in a room we yell 'man the harpoons' or 'thar she blows' and yeah it's pretty funny but I think we gave her an eating disorder.
  9. I don't know about TL being a Sheriff or anything but I think MR should be killed. Lots of people (including myself) think he's mafia and even if he isn't he hasn't contributed anything that has helped the TP cause. Of course, neither have I. But...I'm TP so it'd be a waste of a kill. Also I'm funny.
  10. Oh yeah, and I'm not mafia you dunderhead.
  11. Bluga, I don't even know how you can type properly with your pudgy flipper fingers. Guess you have to have something going for you, obese Maurice.
  12. It's worth noting that even though I said Vig should kill 112 I earlier agreed with her about killing thejazz who was TP. So maybe I'm just saving my skin with, as you said yourself, a likely god kill. I would put me in the higher suspicions category.
  13. Vote John Locke Vig kill me if you want. Doesn't really matter at this point.
  14. Ayyy lmao work at 530 tmrw &^@# it lets listen to Mastodon and post in the mafia thread in desperate search of any insignificant wisp of human contact lol haha Melanie why did you leave you crazy girl you lol haha