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  1. 3/10 I want to rate him higher but until he adds size and skill upfront the Canucks are going to be a mediocre team at best. What's the point of watching when you play uninspired, boring hockey. I don't want to see 2-1 games for the foreseeable future. Without size and skill in the top 6, teams can't be competitive in the playoffs. Our small forwards are going to get wrecked. Drafting Juolevi and not Tkachuk cemented the fact Benning isn't going after the Boston model. I thought building a big, skilled team is what he got him for? Oh well. Oilers should be ripping it up soon. Bought a Draisaitl Jersey! Atleast now have something to look forward too when it comes to hockey.
  2. Signing Nilsson Pros Cons
  3. DRAKE CAGGIULA views: 43884 BIRTHYEAR 1994-06-20 BIRTHPLACE Pickering, ON, CAN AGE 21 NATION Canada POSITION C/LW SHOOTS L HEIGHT 178 cm / 5'10" WEIGHT 84 kg / 185 lbs CONTRACT 17/18 A smart, skilled, and gritty buzzsaw of a winger that gets up and down the ice with focused drive. His mobility is elite, and his first three steps propel him to top speed quickly. Defensively, he is very active and can contain the opposition by limiting their chances in the slot. Offensively, he can be uncontainable, consistently displaying excellent vision and individual puck skills; can act as both the passer or the shooter in any given situation. An all-around game, rooted in his strong will to win and his ability to make the players around him better, is what he brings each and every night. Character is something built through tough situational battles and having to step up at key moments as a leader. Caggiula has the capacity to be that leader on and off the ice. Source: Rationalizing it doesn't make it any easier. That's 1 more top nine player they have that we don't. Judging by his bio, we don't have a single young player similar too his style aside from maybe Virtanen. I love Virtanen's style of play and would have been overjoyed to get another player like that. It probably would have made many of us more excited to see the Canucks next season. This is a significant blow to fanbase morale.
  4. Is this the same team I've watched all year? Where did these guys come from??
  5. Also the proper top-six winger they never got for him.
  6. Yeah that makes sense but I see it as more of a grey area. The man worked hard for the reputation and the accolades he received. He doesn't owe the Canucks anything. Maybe not giving him the captaincy all those years ago turned him into a mercenary.
  7. Kesler is a warrior. He was the heart and soul of the team. Smart guy for leaving when he did. Last man out of a burning building. If you don't like him then he's doing his job.
  8. The band-wagoners are gone. It's just the real fans left. As a fan-base I think we all want physicality and consistent effort. If they play with with those two things every game, I can happily continue to support them and feel good about it every time I see them whether they win or lose. Who knows, if we had those back in 2011 things may have turned out different. Don't make us feel guilty because we don't care as much about the team anymore because the entertainment value from the lack of physicality and effort make it boring. That's NOT the fans fault. That's on the coaches and management. Please Benning, don't let this uninspired, apathetic team ruin Matthews if he gets here.
  9. Feels weird watching this game now in the 3rd. Feels like your parents just fought and now everybody is trying to keep their distance from each other, not talking.
  10. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture.
  11. What good players? Aside from the Sedins and Hansen, nobody has been playing well. If you're implying we have a skilled top-six and a solid top-four then imo, you're mistaken sir. If they're not playing well, they aren't good.
  12. Wow this game is embarrassing. How can you guys watch this. When the team doesn't show up why should the fans? Night.