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  1. What a pathetic effort!! Hopefully once they miss playoffs, Gillis will finally realize this team has drop like a rock in the last 3 years. No offence and none coming up. Stuck with Sedin's for 4 more years.
  2. I think this will be a moral victory! Oh oh, what happened after the last moral victory. What a sorry excuse for a hockey team. Get more top end Canadian players and quit this swede experiment. Failed with Naslund and failing again.
  3. Just checking, did you know Daniel is 80th in league goal scoring. And he is the sniper!!!! We are in a lot of trouble!!!
  4. Maybe we'll finally see Torts explode after this one
  5. Yea that Wozniacki is nice on the eyes. Better than at watching this lack of effort.
  6. Hey, how's that's moral victory against LA working for us now.
  7. Don't worry, only 4 more years for Sedin's. Terrible effort by top layers when 4th line is your best. We don't need another too 6 player, we'd need 6 more!! Face it Sedins are onthe downhill slide. Oh, by the way CoHo scored again tonight
  8. You hit it right on the head, I have been saying this for the last 3 years. Good news is we have them for 4 more years, so get use to this until Gillis wakes up. He has done nothing to improve this team.
  9. DOOMED FOR FAILURE!! Stuck with Sedin's for 4 more years at big money!! No prospect playing unlike other top teams. Too many no trade contracts. Here come the 70's again. Please start re-build NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The only good thing about Tortorella, is that he isn't a Swede. I'm actually surprised MG hasn't gone looking over there for a coach like he does with players
  11. Noooooooo, Please not another Swede. More Canadians!!!
  12. Huberdeau Hodgson or Kassian