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  1. If you have some time to spare check out this Naslund video I made 


    1. Rubik


      Nicely put together, congrats. At 0:13 he looked like he might cry, wasn't so enthusiastic about the "new" jersey. :D

    2. Rubik


      (I thought it was cut out from the jersey unveiling ceremony, but perhaps it's just a regular seaon pregame shot)

  2. After the rumours that we could be interested in Drouin I made a video about his time in Tampa 


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    2. morrissex95


      I watched the whole thing

    3. RRypien37


      @ILL BILL NECRO Maybe not one of Logic's best songs but he is one of the few rappers in today's crop that is any good. 

    4. SilentSam


      Great Video, hope you have posted this on the Drouin Thread in Trade Rumours..  kids got swagger, . and in today's game proves he is allowed to have it.

  3. Made a Horvat highlight reel if anyone's looking for something to watch


  4. Hey fellas, I'm looking for one of the wce era orca jerseys with Bertuzzi on the back. Looking for size large.

  5. Feel weird for how indifferent to never being around here I've become. Guess that's just getting older I guess

    1. Horvat


      there are plenty of old people on here, maybe you are growing weary of the canucks?

  6. RIP my avatar

    1. 112


      same. happy vacation time to my minstrel.

  7. Anyone know a good place to pick up Vancouver Grizzlies apparel?

  8. Thanks for the help with the Shaw TSN 3,4,5 issues I was having last night. I'm giving them a call today to see if I can sort it out but I think that I might need a new box seeing as mine is from 2007. Hopefully not though!

  9. Anyone else on Shaw cable not getting the TSN3,4,5 channels on their box? It's been out for more than a month now and I'm seriously wondering if they've totally bungeled adding these channels. For example I have tsn on 225 and tsn2 on 226 for the HD variants but there isn't any sign of the new 3.4. or 5 channels.

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    2. ManUtd


      How old is your PVR? A bunch of the newer channels don't work on mine because it's too old. When they did the free preview of Centre Ice after the lockout all I could get was the sound cause it didn't support the video format.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      My box is old, I can't get a lot of channels. I need a new box with pvr

    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      I've got Telus. The pre-season games are all blacked out because other teams' games are for regional broadcast only. Canucks pre-season games are national so... if you are in the country and have the Sportsnet channel you should be able to watch every game no problem.

  10. Anyone have a link to a specific montage that was posted on here a while back? It was about the early 90's Canucks Jets playoff series and was set to Tokyo Rose by Idle Eyes. Think it was published in either 2009 or 2010.

    1. Caboose


      no montage, but i have a link to an imgur album you'll want to see.

    2. Imuzi


      PM me if you must

  11. Hey peeps, long time no see

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    2. Imuzi


      Don't worry about it brother

    3. TheRussianRocket.


      Nice to have you back! (I'm The Sedins 6th Sense btw if you didn't recognize).

    4. Rick Grimes

      Rick Grimes

      Whoah. Welcome back.

  12. Anyone know what song the Canucks came out to for 2nd period yesterday?

  13. Just heard a story from a friend about the Pickton murders that frankly sends chills down my spine

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    2. Grapefruits


      Picktons brother being the brains behind the operation is nothing new and is highly probable.

    3. Imuzi


      I've never really looked at the case all the much before now.

    4. Imuzi
  14. Well the "Michael" thread from off topic just blew up.

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    2. Grapefruits


      missed the blow up but at least this will shut the non believers up

    3. shiznak


      Well, that escalated quickly.

    4. LeanBeef


      Oh Brahma you and your toolish jokes

  15. Does anyone know any famous S.C.C cases that were focused on racial discrimination?

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    2. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      I already found some famous ones through using Google.

      You're so lazy.

    3. JE14
    4. Imuzi


      thanks Jabroni