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  1. Sharing this with the fine people here at CDC
  2. Imuzi

    Sedin Twins Movie

    Thanks for the appreciation! Feel free to share if you want.
  3. Put a lot of effort into this video. These guys were incredible and I’ll never forget what they did for this city.
  4. Back at it this time with a video on the chosen one. Let me know what you thought of it
  5. Imuzi

    Sven Baertschi

    Feel free to leave any thoughts
  6. I made this for those who weren't able to watch Nazzy when he was at his absolute best. Sit back and enjoy the plays of one of the best to ever play for the Canucks
  7. If you have some time to spare check out this Naslund video I made 


    1. Rubik


      Nicely put together, congrats. At 0:13 he looked like he might cry, wasn't so enthusiastic about the "new" jersey. :D

    2. Rubik


      (I thought it was cut out from the jersey unveiling ceremony, but perhaps it's just a regular seaon pregame shot)

  8. Depending on what it's going to cost us to get him I'd be all over Drouin if the oppertunity presented itself. Kid is filthy. Case in point;
  9. After the rumours that we could be interested in Drouin I made a video about his time in Tampa 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. morrissex95


      I watched the whole thing

    3. RRypien37


      @ILL BILL NECRO Maybe not one of Logic's best songs but he is one of the few rappers in today's crop that is any good. 

    4. SilentSam


      Great Video, hope you have posted this on the Drouin Thread in Trade Rumours..  kids got swagger, . and in today's game proves he is allowed to have it.

  10. Thanks for the tips! This was one of my earlier videos and as such I didn't use the same ratios for the crop lines hence why it bounces all over the place during the video. I've learned a fair bit since I made this one
  11. Not really.... Back then you'd buy a ticket just to see who was going to get the everloving crap kicked out of them by Brash, Gino, or Walker. Bonus was Bryan McCabe's slicked back hair and a young Bert beatin up on people. Good old days.....
  12. With Granlund being ruled out for the rest of the year I thought it'd be good time to put out a video on his highlights with the Canucks so far. If you guys have any suggestions or comments give me a shout!
  13. Put this together over the last couple days to show some appreciation to one of my favorite ever players of the Canucks. I included some controversial moments because it tells the whole story of his time here and too leave things out would be doing a disservice and not a proper telling of his time here. Also makes it stand out from other videos in that regard. Appreciate any feedback, thanks guys.
  14. Think it's because I used a copyrighted song as the song in the background True, 2014-2017 career highlights is too many words though for me to type
  15. Made a Horvat highlight reel if anyone's looking for something to watch