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  1. Are we doing a fantasy league on this forum again?
  2. 0 warning points in my 7 years here. Ye boi How long were you banned for lol? You were banned in 2012 then I wasn't on CDC for 2 years and then another 8 months and you hadn't come back yet when I was briefly back. Remember you being a plororizing force in the fantasy forum back then
  3. Glad to see the leagues still going strong
  4. Feel weird for how indifferent to never being around here I've become. Guess that's just getting older I guess

    1. Horvat


      there are plenty of old people on here, maybe you are growing weary of the canucks?

  5. RIP my avatar

    1. One one two

      One one two

      same. happy vacation time to my minstrel.

  6. Nice to see this year's instalment of the Coyotes being in trouble. Irks me how hard Bettman has fought for them for the better part of 8 years and yet was all too happy to let the Jets and Nordiques move.
  7. The 'doink' is burned into my mind Wasn't that over the course of like 3 different episodes? I half remember that being a running gag for a bit. "Oh no, not again"
  8. Anyone know a good place to pick up Vancouver Grizzlies apparel?

  9. I thought you were going to say that we should work harder to have the privilege to live in Vancouver at the current prices I almost became belligerent. Sounds like a garbage idea for a CBS sitcom.
  10. I don't even care if this an attempt at being funny, please get banned for this.
  11. Not from the 90s but someone threw out 54-40 so I had to post. I'm getting blindsided by the amount of nostalgia in this thread. I'll give Limp Bizkit one thing though, their cover of the Mission Impossible theme was off the wall. Sans Fred Durst of course. But here are a couple songs that I remember and still listen to on occasion.
  12. Sounds good
  13. Utter impolsion from the Beavers. Think it's time for a