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  1. Thanks for the tips! This was one of my earlier videos and as such I didn't use the same ratios for the crop lines hence why it bounces all over the place during the video. I've learned a fair bit since I made this one
  2. Not really.... Back then you'd buy a ticket just to see who was going to get the everloving crap kicked out of them by Brash, Gino, or Walker. Bonus was Bryan McCabe's slicked back hair and a young Bert beatin up on people. Good old days.....
  3. With Granlund being ruled out for the rest of the year I thought it'd be good time to put out a video on his highlights with the Canucks so far. If you guys have any suggestions or comments give me a shout!
  4. Put this together over the last couple days to show some appreciation to one of my favorite ever players of the Canucks. I included some controversial moments because it tells the whole story of his time here and too leave things out would be doing a disservice and not a proper telling of his time here. Also makes it stand out from other videos in that regard. Appreciate any feedback, thanks guys.
  5. Think it's because I used a copyrighted song as the song in the background True, 2014-2017 career highlights is too many words though for me to type
  6. Made a Horvat highlight reel if anyone's looking for something to watch


  7. A product of being sick and finding an interest in editing videos. Enjoy!
  8. Hey fellas, I'm looking for one of the wce era orca jerseys with Bertuzzi on the back. Looking for size large.

  9. Hey fellas, I'm looking for one of the wce era orca jerseys with Bertuzzi on the back. Looking for size large.
  10. Are we doing a fantasy league on this forum again?
  11. 0 warning points in my 7 years here. Ye boi How long were you banned for lol? You were banned in 2012 then I wasn't on CDC for 2 years and then another 8 months and you hadn't come back yet when I was briefly back. Remember you being a plororizing force in the fantasy forum back then
  12. Glad to see the leagues still going strong
  13. Feel weird for how indifferent to never being around here I've become. Guess that's just getting older I guess

    1. Horvat


      there are plenty of old people on here, maybe you are growing weary of the canucks?

  14. RIP my avatar

    1. Two one one

      Two one one

      same. happy vacation time to my minstrel.

  15. Nice to see this year's instalment of the Coyotes being in trouble. Irks me how hard Bettman has fought for them for the better part of 8 years and yet was all too happy to let the Jets and Nordiques move.