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  1. Horvat is the closest and his back foot was on the line
  2. Tyler “Where Plays Go To Die” Myers strikes again
  3. After last games performance let’s look at tonight’s three stars: First Star: Marky Mark Second Star: Adin Hill’s left pad. Third Star: Connor Hellebuyck’s crossbar because it didn’t get a star last game.
  4. Man. How do we convince LE to act like the net is empty all the time? That was 6 million dollar hustle on that one
  5. Motter should have just stolen Chychrun’s stick after that and skated away
  6. I definitely think that was a missed minor penalty call on Jake but in light of the Tkachuk hits that's never a suspension and seems like a weird one to pipe up about to the media.
  7. First star: Connor Hellebuyck Second star: his left goalpost Third star: his right goalpost
  8. For all the folks who have been ripping the Canucks for their wins where they get completely dominated, is this really better?
  9. Because Canuck fans know where this Tkachuk/Kassian thing is going and we have our popcorn ready
  10. You don’t need to be consistent to win a playoff series. The team isn’t exactly Cup favourites yet but they’d win a few playoff games and might just win 4 before they lose 4.
  11. This tv timeout could be big. Don’t have to let PP2 kill off the first 90 seconds of this one