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  1. There's no real confirmation on paw print distances and keep in mind radar is currently bugged to only show 3 paws regardless of where you are in relation to a given pokemon.
  2. Visit pokevision.com for anyone who hasn't discovered it yet. When it works its pretty amazing although their servers are usually blasted into oblivion
  3. Awful game score wise and breaks wise but that's the CFL for ya. As soon as Ryan dropped a free pick six I knew it would be one of those games. Every bounce went against them and they compounded it with self-inflicted wounds. Good thing they have Saskatchewan for their bounce back game.
  4. Expectation: Reality: Anaheim Ducks Verified account ‏@AnaheimDucks Reunited and it feels so good!
  5. Remember when Kesler left the aging Canucks to chase a Cup. Then he decided to cash in and now he's stuck playing in a different city with the aging Canucks On topic I'm glad someone paid MayRay. Maybe the Ducks want Chris Higgins too?
  6. That was indeed my point. He's not signing in Boston or LA anymore.
  7. Excellent news. He's going to get himself suspended within his first month playing for a team that isn't protected.
  8. Waston blew it and Harvey tried to be a hero. Needed to make a save and take the red card. Lots of ways to put Giovinco off his penalty. Not to mention he'd have to take it after the Will Johnson injury delay.
  9. It's just Fisher being Fisher. He actually wasted 30 seconds of added time himself by marching over to book a player on the Whitecaps' bench
  10. The extra extra-time aside. Just a horrible string of events from Waston and Ousted compounded by Harvey playing legit trying to head the ball away where he could have just taken a straight red for handling that shot as there was no time left to take a penalty.
  11. We're back to the whitecaps losing Canadian championships in weird circumstances. TFC didn't even have possession when the 4 minutes was up.
  12. This was my first reaction too. At the very first glance I'd rather take PK over Weber but I think Weber will absolutely tear the East up and PK playing in the Central division will be a complete adventure.
  13. A top-5 D for the previous year's first overall. Jolevi for McDavid coming soon
  14. I'm loving how out of hand the Edmonton rumour has gotten but I also really hope it's true. The Oilers will never be able to afford proper D if they're stuck paying Lucic open market term and salary, and you know it's going to take something comically high to sign in Edmonton.
  15. Well... I was right about part of it