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  1. I went back to take a look at this one on PVR. He didn't actually raise Miller's stick, but Miler's stick only hit him around the upper chest/neck and he snapped his head back to get the call. If you're not cheating you're not trying.
  2. Playing another game with 5 D is really starting to take its toll on the team. Just didn't have enough energy for their third period push. Hopefully Tanev's injury isn't anything significant.
  3. Why do NHL linesmen ignore the definition of icing? That happens way too often. Boeser was clearly the first to the hash marks
  4. Which one is the one in our defensive zone in this period? Bad calls aside he's literally gotten in the way of the play about 3 or 4 times this period alone.
  5. Petey gets two minutes for Getting Tired Of Being Hooked
  6. Forget Myers missing the net, forget Marky not being sure what to do someone needs to be jumping off the left side of the bench as soon as they see the puck hit the boards. There’s a good chance Horvat is able to hurdle into the bench before whoever comes on for him early is involved in the play and jumping line changes early happens all the time in 3 on 3 hockey.
  7. That’s another 4 Stanley Cup Finals games for Aaron Rome
  8. We got a questionable call from Toronto against a California team. We’re truly living in the craziest timeline now
  9. Don’t like that gamble in a 3 on 3 against someone like Getzlaf but Marky bails the team out so often we’ll turn the page on it.
  10. If a goalie can’t cover the puck with an opposing player challenging him there’d be 50 penalties per game.
  11. Lol wut? There’s literally a Ducks player skating at him