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  1. Here’s hoping the rest of Binnington’s career goes better than the rest of Tim Thomas’
  2. Yes. Excluding the Bolts and Leafs the rest of the Atlantic is garbo. Montreal could maaaybe take a top 3 spot? Maybe?
  3. The only thing this game is missing is someone taking Rask's feet out on a breakaway and tapping one home
  4. Of course the Blues are going to enjoy the blown call getting them a W. That’s just justice served for the hand pass last series.
  5. Still waiting for the Canucks’ 5 minute power play to start game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final after Boychuk broke Raymond’s back.
  6. Why are the Canucks trying to make the playoffs again? They won’t be good enough to beat California reffing for a LONG time
  7. I was cheering for the roof to collapse. This was the next best outcome
  8. Neither team are going to win the Cup but if Toronto can slay the dragon so to speak, look out. I’d rather see the Bruins with another business-as-usual win over Toronto than the Leafs going into round 2 for the first time since Dubya was president having eliminated their nemesis
  9. This is all Alex Edler’s fault. He broke Mike Smith with that vicious assault.
  10. The avs are so much fun to watch. Love knowing that’s the Canucks direction as well