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  1. If they wanted it to be such a circus they should have taken the 8 losers of the Play-In round and had a quick first overall tournament.
  2. As someone who's birthday is the 28th of August all I want for my birthday is for the Canucks to play and win a game on it. Would definitely be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  3. I’ve made my peace with the fact we got as far as the systemic oppression of the NHL would allow a Canadian team to go.
  4. People are protesting in the streets because the police have been so needlessly violent to black people so their answer is to be needlessly violent to people of all races. It’s insulting how little regard they have for their fellow humans never mind the law or their sworn duty to serve and protect.
  5. So cops are firing rubber bullets at people filming them from their own property. Isn’t this the entire reason the US has a 2nd amendment? This is going to get so much worse before it gets better
  6. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Arizona Coyotes | Mar. 12, 2020 7 PM PT | Will They Ever Bother To Play This Game? Edition
  7. That's under normal circumstances when teams can be expected to all be finishing the season on 82 games played eventually. If they end up skipping the remainder of the regular season they'll have to go by points percentage since there's no way to balance out games played.
  8. Kinda depends on what happens to the season in the end. If it's suspended we may yet make the playoffs or miss them and then we don't have a choice but if it's cancelled I'd imagine we wouldn't decide until the draft lottery.
  9. They’re 100% going to suspend in a couple of hours. Just hope they have a better plan for next steps than the NBA. Maybe just outright cancel the rest of the regular season and rank the playoffs on points percentage or something. Edit: although on the flip side if they do terminate the season entirely there would need to be an open draft lottery like when Crosby was drafted.
  10. What if the season does get suspended and they don’t find a way to resume it. Could we see an open draft lottery?
  11. Breaking news: the refs have issued a bench minor to the Canucks for that puck that was thrown on the ice so New York gets an extra shootout attempt.