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  1. Probably easier for him to say that seeing rebuilding teams make the playoffs.
  2. I vote Olli Juolevi. He's been drafted for almost a year and hasn't received a single Norris nomination yet! ...
  3. I fully confess to having missed the entire Preds series and only watched maybe 4 periods in total of the Blues series so this prediction comes from no rational place but: Predators in 5
  4. Uncomfortable indeed. This is one of my more accurate predictions ever lol
  5. Put me down for Alex "it's been 6 years but I still have flashbacks" Burrows and Charlie "b-but 2016 drafted defensemen aren't ready!" McAvoy
  6. They still have to pay everyone.
  7. I was speaking purely from the standpoint that these '16 draft defensemen are ready. It's exciting times for sure.
  8. Unfortunate result but I love seeing McAvoy out there putting in work in playoff double OT. Gets me more excited for Juolevi
  9. Put me down for the final solution and the honey badger
  10. The Maroon giveth and the Maroon taketh away
  11. Woah. That was unbelievably nice passing
  12. That's in 5 years