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  1. Not the first time the Lions got screwed by the refs/reviews and won't be the last. What's more frustrating is it won't be the last time the Lions just sit there and take it. You let the Esks take however long they want on their kneeldowns and then you let Mike Riley stand in shotgun and fire the ball into the sidelines on third and long when they don't have a kicker. That kind of nonsense has to be punished with an 11-man blitz. You can't control the refs or the command centre but you can control what you do with the hand you're dealt.
  2. Does this mean Megna got dual citizenship?
  3. Vilardi watch in full effect!
  4. Seemed like a matter of time throughout overtime
  5. I'm guessing that's specifically why the building didn't show another angle. Building was getting awful quiet and that's an good way to get the energy back up
  6. I'd kick the tires on RNH but Eberle is a hard pass.
  7. Revenge 6 years in the making. Smashville in 6.
  8. I'll never get tired of Anaheim's goal song
  9. Getzlaf jumped the gun on the last face off of the period three times and never got waved out. Craig Simpson really wanted a penalty
  10. Lol Craig. Your Oiler is showing. It's a penalty if Getzlaf is waved out and the second centre gets waved out too.
  11. Lol. Talbot literally looking at the boards as that one went in
  12. Hell even the Sedins would be lighting it up on the PP being given free shots from the circles.
  13. Never mind shots they can't even gain the zone. This is pathetic.
  14. Going to take until May 24th for finalized numbers. If the Libs can swap Courtney-Comox they'll have a majority. But they have to flip it and not lose any of their victories. This will be crazy and Andrew Weaver may yet have the last laugh.