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  1. Negatory Contrary to popular belief i actually did play the game and up the boards WAS the play.....just get it by the Av's defenceman - that's the play there.......not THAT!!
  2. Who cares about his points!! He's a DEFENCEMAN ......... he's supposed to defend!! Get the puck up to his forwards quickly and safely!! Not to the other fning team for a turnover!! He's not a baker, he's a professional hockey player that is being massively overpaid /
  3. Do it for!!
  4. Hey Pinhead..............don't tell me to shut up. I have an opinion just the same as you. That was a bull play off the goal - should have been up the damn boards. So, he got lucky and hit the net for once. he's being paid like a better than average d-man. He isn't playing like one. He plays the best on his contract years only.
  5. Reality is reality.......... i wouldn't criticize him if he earned his paycheque. BTW, nice pass Bieksa on that 2nd Colorado goal !! Does he get an assist on that sweet setup?
  6. Just like Mogilny
  7. Hell yes, i remember that of many bonehead plays he made that game. Funny, all the Bieksa lovers and apologists have scattered
  8. Another stellar performance by the " Turnover King " My friends and i would all cringe at the same time whenever he handled the puck like it was a handgrenade........that must have been some great weed he smoked before the game.
  9. Ye, Bieksa sucks for a player with a contract and ice time that he plays. I'm getting sick of watching him hang Hanhuis out to dry so many times during a game. Does he smoke a bunch of weed before games or something?
  10. Disagreeing is all good, sir. We are still on the same team which is the botton line. :D
  11. I refuse to let this thread die Bieksa and Raymond to Nashville for Weber we win!!
  12. All you Bieksa apologists need to take the love goggles off. I don't think he's quite as bad as Canucklion makes him out to be BUT i agree with Joe Schmo in that his 2 best years were contract years........a la Mogilny!! I call Bieksa the "turnover king" because of all of his ill advised plays. Old Bieksa lover, stat man Sharpshooter can come up with all the stats with a Bieksa slant all he wants. I actually watch the games and him without the puck and DAMN!! that guy is an idiot sometimes. How the heck didn't he get that freaking contract? Everyone is all dramatic about Lui's contract but look at his!! Yikes!! Gillis fail! If he doesn't turn this around this team will be in trouble. My 2 cents worth
  13. Yeah, i have a man crush on Alex Burrows. Long live this thread
  14. Hey, I was at the WF too! I actually won the tickets to both (although I did buy a ticket to the WF too). Aw, you're was hard to leave the vicinity when the crowds were heading over to the hockey game...wished I could have gone to that, too. A great month for sports for us diehards!

  15. Good for you for going to the Grey Cup game. I can't afford those prices. I went to the western final (yah!) and the Canucks game after and still made the 10:45 ferry to Nanaimo.....epic day! Have a great time!!