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  1. Dota 2

    your lvl means nothing on your skill level. you're probably just not good at the game (no offense) which is why you're stuck playing against bad players. I have absolutley no problem solo queing. Although I usually solo que in the top 10 pages of live games Its actually quite good once you get into the top tier of very high bracket. Its actually more enjoyable then team queing
  2. Dota 2

    played with some friends in low normal rated games
  3. Dota 2

    Whats your steam glassjaw? We can play some games
  4. Dota 2

    play with people. the more people in a party the less chance playing with them. If you don't know much people you can add me and join some partys with me.
  5. Dota 2

    if anyone wants to play just add me i play in very high bracket. names Habitat- on steam (not the one with the canucks avatar, the one with the greyish white tiangle
  6. Dota 2

    If im against a qop mid or theres an anti mage somewhere else on the map. Ill max silence first just so you have a chance at killing them. other than that you max orb first just as it has a shorter cooldown.
  7. Dota 2

    Buying wards, courier, securing safe farm for your carry, protecting your carry from ganks, dewarding, etc. Puck is a faste farmer mid game with orb and silence at max. You dont just stop at blink. Get hex, bkb if other team has lots of silences. Items that help your team win.
  8. Dota 2

    Are you playing with friends better than you with your games listed in very high? What bracket are you in most recently when you solo que.
  9. Dota 2

    There also is a way to see what level of play you are. You can check if you're in the normal bracket, high bracket or very high bracket by going to the watch tab then going to recent games and searching your name under the respective bracket.
  10. Dota 2

    I thought it was pretty obvious.. After every match of dota 2 you play you get battle points. You get more points the longer a game goes. You level up with battle bonus points. Everytime you level up you get a guarentee'd item drop. That was the point of the compendium battle bonuses. You got extra points so you leveled up faster hence the higher drop rate for items.
  11. Dota 2

    Level means nothing btw. After 5ish games you will be placed where you belong on the mmr ladder. I made a new account and my first game was my only normal rated game. After that game I only solo qued into very high.
  12. Dota 2

    Did someone just say Puck is a support on page 2?
  13. An admin is a person who sets the boards up in Admin control panel. Hes Root Admin because he payed for these boards at a price of about $300 if he got a good hosting.