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  1. NHL really cacked the bed with their new website format for the Canucks..  As if itself wasn't a terrible enough design.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Canuck_in_AB


      Rubik just proved my point even more.  I have an up to date browser and when I click FANS (btw don't be an ass clown if you don't know who you're talking to), there's NOTHING about a forum/message board.  If I hover my mouse over FANS, nothing happens.


    3. Canuck_in_AB


      And now that I HAVE found it (FANS -> message board), AGAIN I can criticize the creator of the website for a $&!#ty layout.  What's the point of having a menu sustem AND a "Sections" area (which I never even noticed until now)?  Who plasters a menu system across the top of a &^@#ing website and then decides to add a completely redundant menu system called "Sections," which for some stupid reason, is more detailed?  Lousy layout.

    4. Rubik


      " btw don't be an ass clown if you don't know who you're talking to "
      You're a tough guy. Keep on...

  2. So glad I wasn't the only one to ask that question. I rank them 30th.
  3. I don't think they got it

    Might want to keep in mind we no longer have McCann.. But yes, he will have an NHL career.
  4. Willie D Interview on 1040 May 17

    Or maybe he has already discussed this with Jim and is just saying it like it is. We can't know everything that is going on behind the scenes... No need to make something out of nothing.
  5. Men, thank you for bleeding for us this year.  It was a rough one but you gave the fans what you could under the circumstances.  Heal up and have a great summer!

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      a-men is good to see that some fans can appreciate what they tried to do for us..onward and upward...

    2. Canuck_in_AB


      The team as a whole failed to achieve what they set out to do, but there were quite a few great individual stories this year.

  6. Injury Tracker

    I was Vrbata's age when I hurt my knee. While he does have far better post-injury treatments than I do, I would suspect his career might be coming to an end. If not, his playing lifespan has been significantly shortened.
  7. Injury Tracker

    What makes it worse is, according to an injury tracker website I found, Canucks rank 15th in man games lost. Which means half the league has had it worse somehow. Though my theory on that is, I think I'd rather we ranked much higher, because that would probably mean the replacement players might have time to gel with their line mates. Meanwhile the Canucks have rarely had set lines all season because of the highly unpredictable nature of the injuries.
  8. Injury Tracker

    I don't envy the person who decided to take on the task of running this Injury Threat this year.
  9. With all the games against SJ coming up, at least we'll probably be guaranteed to have a playoff environment going on.

  10. Ottawa game is example of how Jake can change the flow

    I know he may have come across as a bit too "confident" (the real word starts with C and ends with Y but I'm pretty sure this forum blocks that word) while heading to the penalty box, mocking Dion's "ow my wrist" motion... But you gotta love his moxie.
  11. Just watched the highlights.. Wow Beauchemin, nice spear assclown.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      HE though he was hunting for wild boar or something ?

    2. Canuck_in_AB


      I'm just glad it wasn't a Canuck who did the spearing... we would have been down 3 players.  lol

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      No doubt !  Nuck luck is as bad as it gets right now lol : (

  12. Yet another player (Friesen) gets an NHL debut either tonight or soon..  This has got to be some sort of record for the Canucks in one season, for NHL debuts.  We can't be too upset about where we are in the standings, with all the injuries and green guys.

    1. Odd.


      We have 8 players that made their NHL debut this season. Grenier, Friesen, Virtanen, Hutton, McCann, Pedan, Gaunce, and Shinkaruk.

  13. Who was the last player to score a regular season goal While wearing the flying skate jersey?  I wonder if anyone knows.. (obviously it can be figured out, but I'm not in a position to do so today)

    1. nzan


      i can't find a play by play summary but it appears the canucks beat the oilers 5-4 in the final game of the 96-97 season. goals were scored by Naslund (2), Brashear (2) and Gelinas.

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Yeah it's tough to find thorough stats on games that happened before the internet was a powerful thing. 

  14. If the 'Yotes want to win this game, they need to take more penalties.  I think they've been in our zone more while killing a penalty than we've been in their zone on the PP.

  15. Wow.  A rare televised Canucks game.. No blackout for Red Deer tonight! (yes, I realize they're not rare if you don't live in a blackout region)