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  1. How about this line up? Sedin, Sedin, Hansen Lucic, Sutter, Rodin Baer, Horvat, Virtanen Etem, Granlund, Dorsett
  2. Was on bet365 website and somehow went to see the odds for winning the stanley cup in 16/17. We are dead last with $1 paying out $67. Sens, Sabres, Leafs, Oilers, Flames, CBJ, and Hurricanes are all the same with $1 paying out $51. Are we really that bad with our current roster?
  3. Gaudreau or Saad would've been a better pick if we all knew how they would pan out
  4. someone told me there was a bar name "sideways" in central that had canucks on during their stanley cup run in 2011, does anyone know if they'll be doing the same thing this year?
  5. I'm currently in HK for vacation so just wondering if anyone know where I can catch the canucks playoffs at any local bar or pub? thank you very much!
  6. Rangers have similar faceoff % and they're close to getting the presidents trophy.
  7. Lu is one of the greatest goaltender ever to put on a canucks jersey, we can't argue about that.
  8. Why is Lehtonen always godlike when he plays against us?
  9. thank you pat for everything you did to this city! RIP!