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  1. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    careful it could be non-alcohol seats
  2. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Food and beverage credit is nice, also a nice surprise for the new adidas jersey!
  3. 2-1 Canucks shootout win Goals from Granlund and Granlund Granlund with the shootout winner
  4. does this count as a shutout for miller? he didn't even allow a goal in the shootout lol
  5. Elliott Overrated?

    I find it funny that the flames thought they solidified their goaltending position with Elliott. I guess the blues defense made Elliott look good.
  6. Granlund has been pretty impressive this preseason, meanwhile shinkaruk is being outplayed by tkachuk. Maybe Benning made the right choice?
  7. http://www.officialnhlapparel.us/ It's only around $60 cad for a Canucks jersey, has anyone tried this website and could confirm if these are authentic? thanks!
  8. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    How about this line up? Sedin, Sedin, Hansen Lucic, Sutter, Rodin Baer, Horvat, Virtanen Etem, Granlund, Dorsett
  9. Was on bet365 website and somehow went to see the odds for winning the stanley cup in 16/17. We are dead last with $1 paying out $67. Sens, Sabres, Leafs, Oilers, Flames, CBJ, and Hurricanes are all the same with $1 paying out $51. Are we really that bad with our current roster?
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Gaudreau or Saad would've been a better pick if we all knew how they would pan out