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  1. "This is not the time to.." That's according to the health expert leading the charge here in BC and we should probably pay attention to that, even if impatient. Eventually isn't now. There is no "timeline" with a new virus in the figuring out's a matter of winging it. But, with that, err on the side of caution so it doesn't explode in your face seems like the best plan. If we can't sit around waiting, the alternative is to push this thing. It's a bit of a Russian Roulette deal to do that. We may take baby steps forward that lead to ten backward with lives being lost as part of it. If you're putting out a fire and there are no flames but it's still smouldering, you don't leave and assume it'll be fine. You make sure.
  2. New cases: 45 Total cases: 1,336 VCH 615 FH 487 Vancouver Island. 81 Int. 130 North. 23 Care homes: No new outbreaks in care homes 226 cases 135 hospitalized (decrease) 61 ICU (decrease of 5) Deaths: 5 Total: 48
  4. Couldn't sleep...wee hours TV. Like Michael's shirt?
  5. Damn, we lost John Prine to this horrible virus. Really sad...
  6. It is tough in cities...everyone knows of the places to "get away" to and so they become crowded. It's really just about picking your spots...go when the walls are closing in. Find something secluded to breath and destress. But don't go hang out because it's sunny and you want to be with friends...that's a little selfish. We all want to be.
  7. I think the thing is "need" versus "want". We all will "need" to get out for fresh air every now and then...but wanting to daily may be taking some unnecessary risks. Plan ahead...if you have to go to the store, do your little walk too and you've been "out". But try, for the most part, to be "in". It should be the norm right now and as much as we want to feel things are "safe", they're still really not. So better safe than sorry. I have to get out every now and then and I get it. But I fight the urge to just take that freedom for granted and weigh all the options before it's just business as usual (as a person who needs to be outdoors to fight a bit of a SADD deal). Think about our actions. If someone is all in on this and we're not, it's a bit selfish. Some (me) are giving up our jobs in order to protect loved a guy who wants to do his usual routine without a second thought angers me a bit. My neighbours are meeting with others, biking daily as a family, the communal garbage, loading it up to overflow. Without a thought about any of it from what I can see. We all have to absorb some of the responsibility in this and yes, it's a disruption. But it won't last forever...except for those who die. So keep that in mind. Every bike/person on our path means more "traffic". More likelihood to have to be closer together than we should be. We don't always control less is best right now. If everyone feels they HAVE to get fresh air then everyone is out and about. And that's not a great thing right now. None of us is special...we're all in this together and count on one another. People in apartments have to travel through...elevators, stairwells, lobbies. We don't magically float out the every single outing is a source of potential contamination and should be considered as necessity. We're doing great...but that could blow up at any time if people let their guards down...all at the same time especially (as that could be disastrous).
  8. Numbers today: New Cases: 25 Total: 1,291 VCH: 601 FH: 458 Vancouver Island: 79 Interior: 128 Northern: 23 Hospital: 138 ICU: 66 Recovered: 805 4 new deaths! 3 VDH 1 FH Carehomes: No new (21 facilties) 132 res 81 staff
  9. OK, light moment of the day time (people are so damn creative, I love it)...
  10. Oh for sure. I have (woops, had) a regular Shoppers near work that was fantastic...I got to know all the staff there and loved that store. Absolutely...the one at Broadmoor/Richmond? Not so much.
  12. I saw that...I think they were usually $9.99/pack and are now advertised for $49.99?!
  13. Like Shoppers Drug Mart...pretending at some locations. I shop for Dad and the senior's shopping with promise of stocked shelves is a total lie. They have NOTHING in there first thing in the morning. As well, paper towels (there were 2 packs on the shelf when it opened) that are generally on sale all the time for $4.99-$5.99 were $11.49 a pack. Was already kind of over daughter's friend had worked in there and said the owner is a total racist. So done with them for good now after seeing their lack of follow through and a manager that fails to observe social distancing. Some locations are better than others...but their sales have all but disappeared and prices are up.