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  1. I really hate the come we don't play all week after the ASB??  It's like they want us to have this feast/famine deal so we can't get into any sort of rhythm.

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    2. debluvscanucks


      Aw, you might be right Alf.  Wasn't thinking of that end of it...was selfish thinking on my part.  OK then, I accept it.

    3. CanuckleHorse


      I think that Green is going to have to get creative or the injuries are going to pile up.

    4. Wilbur


      Like @Alflivessaid, all teams get a 9 day break around the all-star break.  Some have it starting now, I believe, while other teams, like the Canucks, have the bulk of the rest after the all-star game. 

  2. debluvscanucks

    Entry music for the playoffs

    Still like this intro. Why not support local talent? "K-I-C-K-A-S-S that's the way we spell success".
  3. It wasn't even "riding" the gravy was helping to set it up. I have so much more faith right now in the NDP and the Liberals, to me, are a conniving bunch. I feel there is so much deception that has come to be the norm in that party. I mean, all politics involves people who will take advantage of their role to serve a personal agenda to some degree. But this was blatant abuse of power that has created some huge messes...mostly to the average Joes who are struggling to make ends meet. I really like David Eby (know a bit about him from before he got into politics and was doing some great work out there) and John Horgan.
  4. debluvscanucks

    What are you listening to?

    Oh hell, let's just listen to the entire album, which is long overdue for me:
  5. debluvscanucks

    What are you listening to?

    Listening to all my old favs at work today. Just went through Jar of Flies. Twice. Now this: Posted it before. Don't care.
  6. debluvscanucks

    [PGT] Detroit Red Wings at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 20, 2019

    So the whole team's sitting except Marky and Petey? Because that's what your comment was suggesting.
  7. debluvscanucks

    What are you listening to?

    Live Between Us, start to finish, at work. Hope no one can see me dancing at my desk.
  8. debluvscanucks

    ICBC over a billion in debt

    Thing is, for some, taking time off isn't feasible. I started a new job 3 months after being rear ended....on probation, I could hardly start taking time off for appointments! It's a good way to lose a job (fast), even if it isn't presented as such. As well, we have to pay out of pocket then wait to supposedly be reimbursed. Hmm...that's an issue for me too, as I try to get caught up for the two months I was off work. So it's a bit of a vicious circle. Here's something you can't account for.....I was hit exactly 2 weeks before my son's wedding! A HUGE inconvenience for me, as the timing was horrible. So there are other things to consider like the overall impact and timing of things.
  9. So true. But let's hope all their heads roll.... High time. People are fed up.
  10. Thing is, though...the lax rules on spending are sort of no brainers .... "business expenses". Anyone buying jewelry for their wife and trying to flog it off as uniform expenses is cheating the system, not really taking advantage of it. Same with a wood chipper that was purchased for guys who needed it for themselves. The lines aren't just blurred here, they're on fire. An $1,100.00 "piece" of luggage. OK, maybe that one could slide but my God, these people are _________'s to try this stuff. They know whose pockets it comes out of. Greed sure is ugly.
  11. Haha and the lawyer for the lumberjacks in training says they were just "holding" the equipment as there was no room to store it. *Noses grow an inch*
  12. How much wood could a wood chipper chip if the speaker had kept tight lipped? Something like that. What a bunch of lying crooks. Is no one honest or of integrity anymore?
  13. debluvscanucks

    ICBC over a billion in debt

    ICBC has many with a sense of entitlement who feel they are entitled to a paycheque rather than really earning one. They are often smug, opinionated, judgmental and so off base. They actually hang up on people if they don't like what's being said?! They don't investigate adequately and, when they do, it's often a wild goose chase in the wrong direction. Path of least resistance stuff. I also firmly believe that only regular family vehicles should be insured by this system and anyone driving a vehicle worth more than some homes should have to pay through the nose for it. Scale it to the vehicle, which isn't really being done. Our premiums pay for high end repairs to these luxury cars and often they're driven by inexperienced drivers who don't have a clue how to handle them. Also, why did we let Chinese drivers' licenses stand here for a period of time without having to go through the hoops that drivers here do? Hardly seems fair - especially when it's been proven that the system's being exploited and licenses bought and paid for. So many steps that could begin to make a dent in some of the issues they're facing. But it's all about being comfy and no one wanting to budge.