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  1. Dammit. One too many passes.
  2. Guy skated in like it was the first time he left the cart behind.
  3. Simmonds is getting on my nerves.
  4. Bo, strongarming with one hand again. Man, he is something.
  5. Ugh, left the room heard cheering and thought WE'D scored OHHHHH
  6. Bo's already it!
  7. Slightly, thanks. I'm a little cranky mind you.....I'll call it my game face.
  8. Who won again? All that matters in the end. 4-1 Canucks Broad Street Barbies go home with smeared mascara
  9. Making spaghetti, smells delicious.

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Waft some of that over by the Flyers goaltender! ....lots over!

  10. Can't imagine a team without him now. He just quietly (for the most part...he's also a competitor, so that weighs in) goes about his business back there, standing on his head and building confidence in games we have no business being in. A HUGE building block for young guys when they're NOT scoring can be the amount of goals scored against. If they're getting blown out it's a huge blow. They'll be in their own heads. Some of the close games we've been in have been with RM giving them a chance. Just love having him as part of the leadership core.
  11. Here's the biggest root of the problem as I see it. Everyone is free to practice their religion and that is not a right to be denied. What IS an issue is those who aren't content with that....those who feel a strong urge to push their beliefs onto others or insist that things that go against their own personal beliefs be banned. Tolerance comes in the form of having to accept others' cultures, even if they challenge our own beliefs. Embracing differences as just that....the things that make us unique. Now it also goes without saying that there are limits in that, which is where the struggle becomes real. Basic human rights should never be sacrificed in the name of religion. No one should be forced into acceptance of or to turn a blind eye if someone's belief system goes against basic human rights. Sorry.....that umbrella of religion is NOT a free pass and any form of abuse needs to be met as such. Everything must evolve over's part of human growth and development. So things like women's rights can not be compromised because someone's book says so. Nope. Common sense prevails and there is nothing that should involve hurting others. Period.
  12. Now I suggest that you tell her to go make you a sammich. You're on a roll.