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  1. Here's the thing for me...the world IS changing and, with it, we have to get used to being open to new ideas that go against the grain of what's always been. Will some exploit these changes and use them as a means to fulfill hidden agendas? Yes. But those are the bad apples and we can't stand in the way of progress and moving forward because there are opportunists out there.
  2. That's your spin on it, but here's another. These "people" are just trying to live their lives as anyone else would but are being denied service based on things that are their own business. So how would he be hurt by baking a cake? Would his hands blister? I don't know that we should be 'exercising' our faith while doing business if it means discriminating against people based on their beliefs. Why should one trump the other?
  3. Well that's just your speculation and since there's no way to prove it, how about we go on facts and that they DID have success with him? Seems more logical than assuming something that didn't/won't happen. Did you go to many games? Watch any? Burrows is being singled out, not only for "his story", but the impact he had through sheer hard work and determination, along with his longevity and loyalty. Seems ample reasoning to me. You've said "you think" he's overrated here by posters, but that's our prerogative. We happen to disagree and I'd say the majority rules. Very few argue "against" Burr. Just not sure why you wouldn't just pass on by rather than digging your heels in over this? It's a done deal. Time for you to let it go?
  4. WTH happened to Twitter?

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    2. nucklehead


      trump broke it


    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      For some odd reason.....THIS popped in my mind (yes, it’s REALLY weird in there heh...):



    4. J-23


      I had to delete Twitter last week after I saw some dude getting head from a fish. That app has the best memes, but sometimes you see the most disturbing $&!# on there smh.

  5. Seven Eleven Psycho Taxi Driver (I invented a new game here) Vertigo Tightwire
  6. Legends of the Fall Harvest (Starring kale, beet and carrot) Point(less) Break Sister Thelma and Louise The Birds Poop
  8. Out for my walk at lunch when a bunch of screaming kidiots came running toward me throwing sand at each other as they ran past.  Got some in my eye, but I'm not allowed to body slam them so I look for a sign of life with their parents, who are seated on a bench, busily ignoring each other as they check their phones.  Hopefully for a parental handbook that tells them they're failing, miserably.  I won't blame the kids - it's the sadults who are clueless.

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      next time you get drunk af, save the empties and hurl them at the parents



    3. 112


      Pocket sand!

    4. J-23


      Body slam them and show a fake birth certificate to the cops.


      Image result for i am 12

  9. I'm glad you put away your bias with the "I feel I'm more realistic thAn most". Team identity isn't just one dimensional. Bieksa WAS the alpha dog. Kes and Burr the disturbers who pulled others off their game with their antics - it was quite effective until the league had to ruin the fun and put Burr under a microscope. But his game changed and he matured and even Ron McLean, his nemesis, gave props to him. That, in itself, speaks volumes. He isn't overrated in that we thought he was the best player ever to skate the face of the earth. But he WAS clutch in situations where we should have been down and out and he kept pressing to drag us back in. He WAS a huge team player.....loyal to a fault. The guy high fiving everyone, pulling pucks out of the net every practice. Showing up at every community event. Never ignoring a single fan in the process. And he took stuff from the league that could have had him shrivel up and fade out...but he did evolve and learned to fly under the radar. He had huge chemistry with the Sedins and that wasn't just a fluke...he went to the dirty areas, stood in front of the net taking hacks and whacks and never gave up. Ever. And some of his goals were, well, huge. His hand eye (eye hand? always get it mixed up) was unbelievable. But his drive, determination and, mostly, love of the game, propelled him to a level that most likely didn't expect of him. He's not here anymore...not sure why you feel the need to prove what he "wasn't". You're not changing what's being done for him in this city - deservedly so.


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    2. Alflives


      I zoomed in on the picture, and then it does look like Bo.  The other three are so obvious.  Jake looks terrible.  Petey just looks like he’s been in the sun way too much.  Bess still looks good.  

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      if you figure out how to get younger, let me know. i fit right in with these guys. but in my case it isn’t on mount rushmore but mount stillness.



      I told my son that as we get older time seems to go faster,so don't look to get old too quickly because it happens so fast at our normal human rates.

  11. Moray Bridge stuck again.  Second time in a week...think I'll avoid that route in the future.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Sorry I jammed it when I was squeezing my Titanic ship replica to go up the Fraser River.

    2. debluvscanucks


      It's ok...I was going to the shopping outlet but you likely just saved me hundreds...



      There is a brand new bridge in Victoria that they are having problems with as well,

      it was up to the politicians to waste more tax payer money and once again they out did themselves.

  12. A wise idea. We/I tend to get super excited with changes that are made and set super high expectations at times as the what if's creep in. What I'm learning in life is that it can set things up for disappointment so, while optimism is fine, anything is possible. Don't plan the parade yet/again. In full agreement!
  13. I feel like he's matured a lot and, with that, can come an appreciation for the game/league. He was a bit of a trainwreck but seems fully focused and ready to go. I won't spin him negatively prematurely. Right now, I'm too stoked about him playing here and adopting a "wait and see" approach. Half full glass here. Sort of the same deal as Kass .. where they were getting in their own way before they hit bottom and started trending upward.
  14. I don't think this is a direct reflection of "the fanbase", more so, the city itself as it changes. Things are changing and this is becoming an Air BnB haven where many people are just passing through. Many are leaving the city as it becomes more and more inaffordable and families are being replaced by empty condos. The people who can afford to live here are often scraping by and can't afford luxuries like a game night anymore. I don't buy the cry babies thing. At all. I mean, as a team with loyal fans for decades without a cup, we have more reason than others TO cry. How about new teams who make it to the playoffs then "whine" about reffing? Heh. Pay yer dues...welcome to the club. We're not much different than other fans ... except we do tend to stick around despite the rough patches. I don't believe the empty seats represent fans not caring. Fans are relocating or broke. This site is testament to the fact that we do have a loyal following. I'm not sure that "financially a rebuild wasn't an option" is true. I view the rest of Canada's "issues with this fanbase" (if there are any more prominent that the norm) to be their issue, not mine/ours. I think we need to get behind/support each other if we expect the rest of the country to do so? Lead by example. As for the slant....we've had some unfair bias against us at times and that stuff sticks and can snowball. Ever since the Bertuzzi deal, it's escalated as we've had a black mark on us. Pre-dating that was Roger Neilson. When you go against the grain, it ruffles some chicken feathers.