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  1. That team was pretty special though. Hard not to place some of them on a pedestal....the 2011 run was amazing and they held down top honours (there's that word) in the league. That accounts for why the roster is revered (like the '94 one).
  2. He sounded really sincere and, quite honestly, I've forgiven the bad parts and only remember the good things about Kes and his time here. Water under the bridge. When he talked about his son being born here. The connection between he and Bieksa (and Burr). I'm ok either way...but I no longer hold a grudge against him. We all make mistakes in how we handle things....especially when emotion is involved. But "honour" is a huge thing and that's the part that conflicts me a bit. Knowing some of the back history.
  3. Watching him on the news right now....never played baseball as a kid. Said he had to learn on the fly. His Dad is super emotional about it all.
  4. Really ticked to hear that YVR will be screening by....asking if people have flu like symptoms!! "No"..."ok, go". The powers that be have to start taking care of us without worrying about hurt feelings and relationships. Those in charge had better act on this in a proactive not "after the fact" way.
  5. Just another sell out.
  6. It's often a matter of not biting the hand that feeds them. Many of our politicians are China's puppets and it's truly sad. They have two people detained retaliation. And they want to preach at us?
  7. Ugh, so tired of this already. I applaud a young couple who wants "out" and away from the intense scrutiny they face on a daily basis in order to focus on family and just being normal. Too bad they'll likely never get that...wish they would. In seeing how Diana's life ended tragically "running" from it all, I feel like the least we can do for Harry is respect that. I'm sure that's a sting that will never go away and he's trying everything in his power to avoid having his wife face the same challenges and possible fate. I hate that the world is so "starstruck" that we forget people are just people. Even those of prestige, power and wealth. Inside they're just like the rest of us. Hope they truly do find the peace they're seeking and the vultures fly off soon. I only wish for him to be the King of his own castle because he doesn't seem to care so not sure why I should.
  8. We're currently sitting atop a fairly tough division - not sure changes are necessary. Despite how we got there and if was pretty or not. Matters little.
  9. Here's the thing (and I agree that both, systems and personnel are important). You can have a great system in place but if the players aren't on the same page or have respect for their coach, they're not buying in. So it matters little. You have to have a coach that's got their ears...that has the room. You start there, then you can build from it. To suggest that you just push the systems into place and all will be well isn't really so. You have to sometimes convince players that the way they want to play may not be the best way to play. They have to trust the coach before they trust the system. Even if there seems to be a lack of one...sometimes it's the players not buying in. But the coach will take the brunt in that. Green's stated patience and belief in "their game" and at times young players will have to be reminded as they try to do too much. A coach who encourages rather than demands seems more in line with today's game/players. Green has created an atmosphere of support and unity....everything else will branch out from that.
  10. Do you know anything about motivating people? You want them to believe that they are capable and so you try to bring some positives into a negative situation when they're obviously already beating themselves down over it. A good coach will get that. The team never packed it in...there's a reason for that. The coach believed in them and didn't just go "at" them...he works with them. The statement below is an important one. No one knows when you throw rookies straight into the league how they'll's not a given. And it's vitally important to have a coach who supports them....Petey is very hard on himself and Green's been perfect for him. He's not making Petey the superstar only...he's got some great work ethics and attributes that make him a well rounded player and Green's also tapping into that. To take the focus off "just" scoring and identifying other very important elements of the game that are also "contributing" to the team. So he is a factor despite not scoring every game all game long. And he's bought into that instead of just getting down on himself at times that he likely would have. He sets the bar high enough...the coach understands that. It's about the mental game, not just the strategic paper one. Young minds can be quite fragile or, the flipside, full of ego and unchecked stuff that maturity often brings - it's a balance that Green seems to get. If you can just throw these guys out there without a coach, why gripe about the coach then? He's just filling space back there? Why do you need a replacement if a paper bag will do.'re not helping your own argument(s). Which one is it? These two statements contradict one another. So again, pick a side. If you can plug any player into a team and Crow is a good enough coach, why didn't he then? According to your assessments, he should have been able to make them successful?
  11. I'm still really bothered by the "fat, lazy, only performing in a contract year" nonsense. (I think the people who do this should be obligated to post a pic of their lean self). Most people DO perform their best when they're under review for a possible promotion - it's incentive. Name me a player that doesn't try to show their stuff? So to pin this on Jake like it's somehow a character flaw? Weak. He had to learn how to play the game best suited to his skillset and the team around him. Rather than just skate in circles and wait for plays to develop, he's now part of making them develop and is honing his craft. The fact that he IS turning it on shows that he CAN. I don't care WHAT the reason don't think he'll like the taste of success and be motivated to continue? So it sort of proves our point more than any naysayer that he is on his game (even if only to get his fat lazy self a contract payout?!?). I love it when we call athletes who've made it to the big leagues "fat and lazy" as we scorn them from our easy chairs. Just to make it is something...I'm so sick of the name calling of Jake. These kids (that's what they are when they are drafted) deserve more respect. Whether they make it or not, it's an accomplishment in itself.
  12. Look, I'm not going to get into a big, analytical and statistical report on Jake. I don't feel like doing a bunch of research to prove my point...which is I believe the investment in Jake has been worth it and we're starting to see the results of that. No player is a "given" to keep performing (well). Not sure why Jake should be any different or under that microscope all the time? What I know is this....he HAS improved and even his coach identifies that he's connecting dots and starting to flourish. Some don't catch on as quickly and the fact that TG's been persistent and patient is for a reason. You don't get too many young guys of his size with his speed and just give up on them. He's been a bit of a project but to deny his improvement or somehow want to break it down to something else is suspect to me. If a few months of improvement has been shown, that's reason enough to claim he's "improved". No player is on and consistent every game so why set the bar there for Jake? Here's the "large enough" sample size: He's more disciplined, he's more focused, he's more engaged. His shots are more accurate and selective. Not sure what more you can ask of him? Or why some have to stay stuck on their stance that "he's not" when it's starting to show that he is. If you're a fan of the team you should be happy that he's turning his game on. Not sad because it's not how you've projected it to be.