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  1. Fighting. Hard. 3 trips to the vet yesterday (2x emergency). Round the clock meds/stuff atm, but he's stabilizing so it's worth the sleeplessness. Thanks, so much, for asking. xo Love our vet...looked at me and said "want some water?". No thanks. "Whiskey?" . Yep.
  2. Missed 95% of the game. Did see Stech's goal (yea!) but it was a bit of a crazy night here. Hope we're not firing everyone (again). Keep working on it...that's what young teams do. Each loss gives them experience to draw and correct from.
  3. Will only be in/out intermittently bun is very sick (at the vet 3 times today). Fingers crossed guys...he's almost 10 so it's always a possible dealbreaker at this point. GO CANUCKS GO
  4. Predict the winner and the score. 3-2 Canucks Bonus question - Which team scores first? VancouverBonus bonus question - Who gets the first goal? Jake
  5. Last night was awful...never slept a wink. Freezing cold then burning up. Went in to work until lunch then booked it out of there. Was a big nope, tried.
  6. Had a chance to go to the game too...found out late (and had left work for the day sick).