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  1. You haven't mentioned Elias' name - please get back on topic.
  2. I don't care: What other teams have done. That 26 is getting "old" in your view. You are ignoring that the guys we're talking about aren't even there. Yet you want to dump them anyhow. In your words" before they were 24 years old". These guys are in that age range and I have enough faith in them to give them a shot. I think you're using paper to determine this but every player, every team, every year and every situation is unique. And you just have to look at these playoffs to see that you can't "count" on anything. I'm done. I think you may have an agenda figured out for this team but I like the path they're on. It's not a video game. Just swap in and out and it's a done deal. Also: this is becoming pretty far removed from the topic.
  3. You seem to feel you have all the answers. I disagree, and don't feel that you do. I trust in the guys who are paid the big bucks to have them. And they seem to be doing a good job in my opinion. Teams (TB) that were expected to do well didn't. It happens. I don't want marketing winners...I want to keep the winners. I think Bo and Brock are winners. Most didn't think our team stood a chance in '94...I remember it well. You don't give away your best players to get possible potentially good players. You build around them.
  4. Bo just turned 24 Brock turned 22 in February Hughes is 19 I'd like to just enjoy what they're bringing for now. We deserve it.
  5. You realize that many "pretenders" catch fire if they get in? That some "top" teams expected to possibly win it all get knocked out early? So pretending doesn't matter...if a team is close, that counts. You don't have to be the bestest ever always on paper ... just sneak in and see what happens. That's why they play. History? History only extends back to the current roster....anything before that isn't their deal. This is laughable to me. Trade away Boes and Horvat? You lost me there...not even going to bother.
  6. OK, you're straying away from the topic and need to reel it back in and support (or not) any argument you may (or may not) have. The rest is just poking and prodding. The laugh emoji is here to be used and is perfectly acceptable. Also: please don't twist things...I didn't say "ignored", that is dramatic. It was anything but, which was sort of my point in it all.
  7. Don't compare Kesler to Petey - it's unfair to Petey. If that's what you're basing this from ...what others have done, then it's very weak. Petey's his own man and doesn't seem like he's easily "swayed" by outside influences unless it's to better his game. He's the opposite of Kesler to me. Very unselfish.
  8. Petey is SUCH a competitor I can't imagine that his game would suffer due to BFF issues. Nope, I ain't buying it. I went to the prospects game before they even got started here and they didn't even really interact much. Petey was SO focused and was mostly engaged with Manny (that team's "coach"). I just hate all this soap opera crap. |t can stick so I prefer it doesn't even get off the ground. Actually, this isn't even true (regarding the timing of him "falling off" his pace in relation to the trade). False. As a matter of fact, the day of the trade Petey helped us beat Anaheim 4-0 as I recall. There's no smoke, except the stuff people are blowing out their...ears. There's nothing to fear but fear itself.
  9. Just because you're disgruntled for whatever reason, doesn't mean the team owns that. So...who are the "yes men"? Don't just throw crap at the wall ... be specific if you have gripes. And if you have to take time to Google them, it doesn't count. So let's hear the details of the issues you appear to have....
  10. Translating via Google: I'm not too "fearful" based on this bunch of nothing.