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  1. Is this a trap? (I've learned to not get my hopes too high and wait and see...if we're healthy, absolutely. But I don't want to jinx it so....)
  2. The "soy generation" would more likely be promoters/supporters of peace, not war. And don't be so sure....many who stand so strong in their convictions would also fight valiantly if need be. Not sure how you lump a group of people together based on their decision to stand up for certain causes in the first place? The people who did go to battle in wars had their own ideas and beliefs and fought for the freedom TO speak out for social injustices. The right to be heard and not just accept things because they've always been a certain way. So it seems strange to somehow compare the two in a "good/bad" way.
  3. He's got it covered. And some. (Also been on a shipwreck...sunk to the bottom...and a near miss that took his shipmate/long time friend. Etched on the memorial in Steveston). "yeeha"
  4. Ha...funny you mention that. (Off topic, but I'll tie it in with a yeeha). We were at Dad's a couple of weeks ago and my daughter was asking "Papa" all about his time spent at sea, how far he'd traveled, etc. Was SO interested in it all. Then she asked me how I felt about her getting a tattoo in honour of Papa. A swallow.
  5. As a bunny "rescuer", I've had to learn this. That not all animals NEED rescuing and when you remove one, it could be a mother with babies in the hidden nest nearby, etc. That part is heart wrenching...when you disrupt entire prides/families. Especially when it's for your dumbass photo op.
  6. To be truthful, I come from a family of hunters/fishermen/trappers. (How the hell did THAT happen?). Even my Dad, who's been doing this stuff his entire life, is changing. He's always been "soft" when it comes to animals and has never trophy hunted - everything is food/sustenance to him. But he's put his gun down because he just "can't" anymore. In knowing that ducks/geese mate for life (and after having rescued some...only to have the female killed by a raccoon and seeing the state of her mate afterward), he's done. It can happen. But it will take people let go of things they find "comfortable/familiar" and see that they can survive without them.
  7. Why can't we have both? No headhunting...I agree. Rather, enforcing the law of our team - which is: don't do it (mostly, mess with our young'uns). It doesn't have to jump straight to fighting. A staredown. A nudge. But then the willingness to take that next step if the other side isn't tuning in. We MUST have that because, up to now, the word was out that we didn't. And it's laughable (to those who do take liberties) because they hone right in on the superstar who makes them look bad knowing full well that they can get away with it. It has to stop. Personally, I hate fighting and cringe at the thought of the possibility of serious injury and concussion. But we'll be at the receiving end of a lot of that if we don't step it up. Deterrents. Rather than an ongoing deal.
  8. I find this couple sick and twisted. Get a room and leave the gd lions alone. No "pride" in what they've done. Gun beats, such a show of ??? Lucky aim? It's this mentality that, somehow, "we are the champions" if we kill animals or make them submit on a stage or for an audience that's mind numbing to me. Very "look what I can do" Stuart to me.
  9. He's undergone a bit of maturing and life changes, too, that probably have him "react" a bit differently as I'd guess he's inclined to think about the what if's a bit more. I'm sure that natural tendency to go when pushed is still there but is likely tempered. I agree - more valuable as a weapon on ice than in the box. But it's nice to know he can bring that side if he decides to.
  10. The thing that I understand is, this is like the PNE fairgrounds where there is a midway, rides, marketplace, etc. So the draw is there as people attend a fairground. If they got rid of the stuff that is offensive and dangerous, have your bull riding if you must. At least the bull is fair game and able to hold his own. Don't traumatize babies and risk the lives of horses. It's funny how time changes things. As a Mom, I took my kids to game farms and circuses involving animals until I learned the truth about them. Eye opening and it makes it difficult for anyone with empathy or a heart to continue knowing what goes on. There are still some who don't care...but at least there are many who do. "Entertainment" should be fun for all involved.
  11. I saw him when Pearl Jam was...backing him up. It was glorious. Rented a limo, got champagne and treated my ex to a great, surprise night out. So good - we were on the floor, at the stage. Eddie passing around his bottle of wine. The ex hadn't heard of PJ was my introduction of them to him.
  12. I don't think you can lump a fanbase all together ... it takes a village to raise the idiots. Something like that. Stereotyping may be an easy way to view something, but it's one dimensional and lazy. I am a homer, plain and simple. I live and die by the team and, rarely, can they do wrong by me. It gets nauseating, but I am a glass half full fan and don't see a point if it gets "painful" or stressful. I understand how hard this thing really is and that it isn't as easy as knee jerk reactions when things are exposed over time (Loui). That sometimes you get into something and it wasn't the best move, however, at the time, you thought it would be better. Happens. I also really do like the opposing views and think of them as a little splash of hot sauce on something that gets a little bland. It keeps it lively and entertaining to have discussion that is not all from the same angle. The "fans" who riot are trouble makers and nothing more. I know a whole lot of Canuck fans and none of them participated or supported the dumbassery we saw that (those) night(s). People + alcohol + fueled emotion = some can't handle it like responsible human beings. They lash out. You see the same kinds fighting in the stands. With kids all around them. This life is meant to be enjoyable and that's the theme I support. Do I think the team is perfect or makes all the right moves? No. But no team is/does and I keep that in mind to balance it out if I'm on the downward spiral. We all have our "opinions" and they're all worthy of throwing out there. Except the people who are just trying to rile others up...they're sketchy. I also think it's a broken record when people are automatically set to firing people. You then have to replace them and that's not as easy as it seems. Patience is required. Those of us on board for decades have learned that.
  13. This idea of toughness as brute strength that has to be on display like peacock feathers is so archaic. There are qualities equally (more?) important than being a tough guy. If this is supposed to be impressive, to many, it's not. I see nothing but a baby that looks traumatized and terrified. Manly men who do this may be lacking in basic forms of empathy, sensitivity and compassion - balance it out a little. This is just...pathetic in my mind. Not even sorry. Rope and slam each other as willing participants and leave the baby animals out of it. Tough guys who have to prove that in a form of entertainment that hurts other living creatures are little more than egomaniacs in my mind. It's easy to be tough when you have no sense of feelings.