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  1. I don't know (re "legs/speed") - just watching the end of the game again and in the second half of the third, he's flying. Just picked up the puck and took off on a rush, made a pass, banged his stick and got the puck back, then instantly knew where he was going with it - with a beautiful, right in front of the net pass that LE didn't connect on. I don't think there's much he can't/isn't doing. He's a little gangly, but it isn't anything that impedes his just stands out at times, especially when he's falling. But he still MAKES plays as he's hitting the ice. He's brilliant. Most don't have the ability to make passes like he does in a down and out deal. He is all in, every second of every shift. Even his back check...puts his head down and skates like a maniac..especially if he's created a turnover. I think it's more a case of the other guys' minds not keeping up with his. That he is doing things on instinct and without having to pause and think about it...and timing is tough for those at the receiving end. He's had an amazing game.
  2. He has a killer instinct that is SOOOO exciting for us, as fans. There's no talking/walking stuff...he just uses a stare then backs it up.
  3. Beast of a game, Petey. Canuck Mama pride..."that's our boy".
  4. He looks like a little boy who just lost his Hot Wheel.
  5. Makes me so happy to see Hartley get ousted. Don't let the door hit ya. Or, better yet, do.
  6. Wow. They got it wrong but was it conclusive enough to overturn the goal? A penalty. This really sucks.
  7. Well we've got ourselves a good ol' barn burner here.