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  2. I agree but here's why it matters. Blacks are currently engaged in a powerful movement after yet another death of a black man at the hands of police who killed him. Kneeled on him until he died. That should be the focus...start and end to this. But then you have people who will exploit their efforts and stifle their voices with their own agenda and it will be "blamed" on the protestors (blacks) and continue the cycle. So it HAS to be called out. Again...I don't agree with the "whites did" it's a little of both. But the fact that white nationalists infiltrate these events...wearing masks so they blend a huge issue. Vancouver hockey fans were blamed for a riot that many "came for" in a planned event, not something spontaneous. These thugs have their own ideas but it's unfair to pin blame anywhere else but with them. And if they're white nationalists...that's their title and we didn't give it to them. Do others join in to the criminal activity? Participate? Even initiate? Sure. But it's not ONLY what it appears to be as these slimy groups slither in and must be outed. They are not part of the protest...they're what's being protested against but are using the opportunity to smear the rallies. To incite violence in what are generally peaceful protests. The protests will lose some of their message due to these actions. And that's part of why it throw up a smoke screen. We have to stay focused on the real issue - racism against black people. A black man who was knelt on by police (there to protect and serve citizens....not torture them) died as a result. There are white nationalists serving IN the police force and so it's not racist to want to address that. They put the white in the title by making that their agenda and what their group is formed on. To defeat racism we have to be able to call it out when we see it with accountability, yes. Which is why identifying whites who are rioting (for reasons of their own) is important and not racist. Whites using the guise of a black movement in order to continue to keep blacks down is a problem. They're painting a black picture on a white canvas and we're just pointing that out.
  3. How I've seen it described is that in order to HAVE "reverse" racism the race you're considering in that would have to endure all the things that racism brings about...the oppression, slavery, discrimination, crimes against, etc. So to "compare" racism against whites versus racism against blacks does more harm than good. We haven't had to experience the feeling of fear to walk down the street to the pick up something at the store as a police car drives by. The fear that mothers of law abiding black sons have that comes unprompted, unwarranted and unfair. Trying to make this about racism against whites is exactly why Black Lives Matter and All Lives don't need that spotlight. Understanding the difference is step one and to focus on whites as the victims is exactly how ignoring racism happens and why the issue gets diluted.
  4. I think the point being that blacks will be blamed for it. So it's perfectly acceptable to correct that. A better choice of words could have been used...sure. But let's try to be problem solvers, not problem makers. Namecalling and personal attacks aren't conducive to that.
  5. You know, I'm not a huge fan of his but he's right. He can't really address what another country's doing wrong with our country not getting it right (either). He'd be a hypocrite. Until we have it figured out, we're part of the problem (as well as the solution). Even though the US Presidump's handling of matters is deplorable, racism is everywhere and we can't give others feedback while we're still missing the mark to a very large degree. Own backyard stuff.
  6. The Church photo op is just reaching a new low. I'd call Trump an abomination, but I feel he'd think that's a rant about Obama's Presidency.
  7. No one in here has been panicking....most are being cautious. And the facts do support that.
  8. My guess is it's a little of both...but he maybe wanted his contract to reflect the latter? Team game - in front of and behind the bench. Ego has no place in it and I guess time will tell if that's an issue or not.
  9. Hmmm, interesting new revelations. We just don't know about this virus and while we're in the "figuring it out" stage we should not celebrate victory or pretend we're not facing future risk. Proceed with caution and enjoy life with some new measures in place that will get us through this better than if we just drop our guard in a business as usual way.
  10. We've heard, discussed, argued, etc. the Vitamin D thing to death. It's a done deal...scroll back and read if you like, but we're not firing that one up again so the new and improved Vit D post has been hidden. As per previous notification from the admin that basically said "time to move on" from that point.
  11. My kids had friends who went through a phase of eating that packaged stuff without water/heating....just dumped the msg packet straight onto the hard noodles, crunched them up then ate them like potato chips out of the package. Ew.
  12. I <3 Ichiban but I may as well just inject salt straight into my veins. I have hypertension so it's a no, but sometimes I live dangerously because I love it. I'm a weirdo...don't like spicy stuff. But my daughter is crazy about ramen. I find all the other stuff I've tried just isn't Ichiban. That's what it does...reminds me that it's not my favourite.
  13. KKK cops ... it's a thing. A thing that should never be. I know good cops and bad cops. Sadly, the bad cops seem to have Trump proportion egos and feel they're the be all to end all and that they're untouchable. Their word IS the law rather than them simply being in place to enforce the law. It extends outward and they live that life beyond their shift. Can be smug, detached and almost robotic. I'm sure the job calls for some of that as it's a life or death thing at times...but it takes a special kind to get it right. To know how to switch it off when the danger subsides. My cousin is married to a good cop, so I'm not anti cop and see what a wonderful human being he is. There are good/bad people. Bad people should never be trusted to carry out law and order as cops because it's their version of that. And if they're hateful people, it just gives them a free pass to enact that.