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  1. Spilled the smallest bit of coffee on my bar wouldn't work.  Took off every single key, cleaned underneath and despite that hours long process...still doesn't work.  LOL.  Found another keyboard.  What a waste of time...wasn't about to drop $150+ on another Mac keyboard though. 

    1. nux4lyfe


      Should have turned it upside down right away...drain the juice before it seeps through.

    2. brilac


      That is currently happening with one of keys on my Mac.  I have not fixed it yet. I had a similar issue on a work keyboard where the key broke in half and I replaced it with another key on my keyboard that was not useful to me. I thought it was really creative of me, but a manager did not like what I did, which it was not a new Mac anyway, and I am in charge of the computers at work.  I was saving time and money.