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  1. How should CDC handle fake news about players?

    Nopes? CDC's edition of "Snopes"
  3. This. I think a bunch of things factored in. First cop was doing his job, but also embarrassed with the back up presence. Do they send the entire force for a parking incident? My good God, ridiculous. Now, mind you, I'm at work so don't have much audio here (it's really low). Too much man in this. I mean, sure...he was an ass for parking like that and seemed to cop an attitude (sorry for the bad pun, unintended). But send some on their's intimidation for all these cars/cops to attend to this. It's stereotyping in itself. This could have easily been prevented. On both sides. But excessive force is never excusable and we have to address it. Innocent until proven guilty. And keep things in IS a parking violation, not an armed robbery.

    It already feels like we haven't played for nine years. I hate when the season ends....depression sets in. But, playoffs have been great, so I'm hanging in there. ANNNND, now that the sun is out, I am no longer sad. Biking, horse racing, bbq's then football gets underway. Before we know it, we're counting down the days until training camp. This too shall pass. I can write some poetry if you're bored?
  5. Tennis

    How the heck did I miss this beaut?
  6. People like that have issues and it's sad that they feel it's appropriate to vent out at strangers just trying to do something nice. Go fix yourself, rather than walk around like a ticking time bomb that goes off at random people. Whatever created that hostility is her problem, not the public's but it makes nice people not want to do nice things anymore. So she's ruining it for the rest of us who do appreciate lovely gestures of kindness. She might not need a man for anything, but she certainly needs someone to teach her man-ners. See what I did there? So lame.
  7. Emergency response test

    Guy at work beside me did. I didn't....oh right, I don't have a cell anymore....
  8. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.

    Yes, I agree: Care to elaborate or is this just your version of a popularity contest? Silly to you happens to be legitimate concern from others and you dismiss them because you don't share the opinion or the zip code. Which is the silly part here. Look, as stated before, we ALL have our opinions and they're based on self serving interests which is understandable. However my concern is based on possible health risks (including mental health, which is equally important to overall physically health) and yours are focused on $$. You can't put a price on my family's health or that of the nature and wildlife we enjoy. It is everything to us. I haven't been afforded the luxury of travel but have always had a serene peaceful place to go that will be threatened if there is an accident. If there is a spill, we're left with the aftermath and you stuffing your pockets full of dollar bills isn't really MY concern in this. It's also not more important because, in the end. our planet is suffering and money is the driving force in that. It's about priorities. There's understanding, then there's this crap: Seems like some silly stuff being spouted to me.....
  9. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.

    Didn't you know, we hate fish farms here and want them gone too? How about those oilsands though?
  10. Need Help Finding Commercial

    LOVE Dodds. Also, the BC Lions had some good ones leading up to the season:
  11. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    It's funny that when Burr supposedly "embarrassed" someone in the league, he got a pre game lecture in front of the world and then was put under a microscope. For what they considered "diving" (but is part of the game and really hard to prove that it wasn't an actual tumble/lack of balance). Guys "embellish" things at times to get attention. Happens, even if it's not the best tactic. Here this panting dog is doing something that cannot be explained as part of hockey. There's no excuse or place for it. No one checked his tongue out of his mouth (hope they do in the future though). Yet...he's given "chances" and warnings. He's been on probation (and violating it) for too long now. I'd hope this is the end of his leash in every single way, shape and form. That it's a zero tolerance for all of it. Play the damn game and quit taunting others with acts that only serve to make you look like an ass. Those who slam the Sedins for their inaction .... I guess they thought that the best way to beat him was to ignore his antics, not buy in, as he'd like. But it's time that all the eyes are upon him and it's HIM who has to answer for his actions, not others. He's a slimeball...his tongue was hanging out in the shirtless pic of him at the bar and it seems this is just who he is. But others out there on the ice, going about their business, shouldn't have to contend with this nonsense. It's gone on for far too long and I don't give a rat's behind WHAT his hockey playing is like, he's diverted away from it too often to care. He's an ass, and is making this league the WWNHL. Is he going to arrive in a speedo and launch himself from the boards next? Have his own entrance music? God, don't wreck our sport.
  12. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    He has an absolute disrespect for the game and needs to be gone. He feels he's above it all and this is just degrading and makes a mockery of it. In what workplace is this ok? Honestly, what an absolute creep.
  13. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.

    Strome, work without sufficient time to address the derailing, insults, etc. Please stick to arguing the topic at hand with facts and solid discussion and steer clear of the other stuff. Back later for clean up....
  14. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.

    Funny, everyone I've talked to is opposed to this and they all live right here, where it matters most.
  15. No Sedin Treatment!!!!!

    These guys aren't easy to come by. Tough, big, skilled (also need to be fast to keep up). Add it to the wishlist, but don't hold your breathe trying to acquire a guy like this for each line. We need each player to adopt a sense of toughness in standing their ground and being tough to move off the puck. Resilient. A lot of core stability and strength that makes it harder to knock them off balance. Toughness comes in different forms. Stech is tough in my view. Is he punch 'em up tough? No, not so much. But he doesn't back down, will crash into the corners and isn't "scared". So that sort of toughness doesn't have to be in a "big" guy...that can actually slow us down. Can't cry over spilt Trymk. He's gone and, yes, he was ideal in the role you speak of. But, again, not a dime a dozen so you work with those you do have. Make the whole team play "tough" and stand up for each other. I think we focus too much on being disciplined at times and that needs to be rounded out a bit. We're not rewarded for it, so bring out the crazed beast every once in awhile. Sometimes you've got to show an edge to send a message. But, for the most part, the league has changed and it's more important to be fast and skilled than to be able to goon it up. Teams that focus on that often get left behind. The big bad Bruins got beat last game and their weaknesses can be exposed. As they lost composure, they were assessed four penalties in a row and that hurt them. So that game can get out of control and be a detriment if not reeled back in. When they lose it they also lose focus and a team can skate around them that way.