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  1. Fit For Less. $45 for the annual membership, then $10/month. Open 24 hours, unlimited access. Nothing fancy, but has everything needed and is super inexpensive. I go at 5 (super busy) and, on weekends, 10:30'ish (a good time)
  2. When the gross factor goes through the roof, it's time.... In this case, it was before the first post.
  3. Thread's out of it possible to reel back in a booger thread? (No time for clean up on aisle 5 at the moment)
  4. FTR, I've had to watch students picking their noses all morning. I am not amused.
  5. Now this thread title just made me throw up in my mouth a bit. Is that good for me? (Grossest thread ever)
  6. I don't view it as a problem as much as potential that is there....
  7. How do you kind of know someone? Have you had a conversation with him?
  8. Sad to hear that...think there is something HUGE to splitting them. The predictability factor is strong and it would leave opponents guessing. Right now, it's too easy for other teams because they know what to expect....
  9. Woops, guess we've hijacked the thread and turned it into the real estate thread. Sorry, kind of forgot where I was.
  10. Exactly. My Mom and Dad both had cancer and it was a rough go in keeping things afloat. Families benefiting from properties are MUCH different than people who have never ever contributed anything to them in suddenly benefiting from them. People whose only interest is ripping them down and flipping them. There has to be some sort of differentiating perks and advantages FOR "home"owners. And could we stop with the totally invasive monster homes? Some of us like the ranchers with room to stretch your legs out in an actual "yard" (not a parking lot). Sad because you can't sit in your backyard now without these massive structures with eyes that can overlook every single thing you do. Privacy issues are huge. The pushback has started, but is it too little too late?
  11. I wish they could implement some sort of tier system that has people who have been here over time seeing lesser (property) taxes than speculators flipping property over and over. Not sure how it could work, but perhaps a rebate or something that encourages people to stay. Have things assessed on property value, but also have a grant/credit on a sliding scale with each 10 years having a reduction. Not just a "homeowners" grant that has a threshold for all...factor longevity into it. Why not? Some have paid for the infrastructure for years and newcomers who want to cash in and out add nothing to local businesses, etc. Have it set up so it doesn't penalize new home owners, but it gives credit to those who've paid their dues over time. How is it fair that people here 50 years who are now struggling to make it on a pension are in a situation where they're being forced out of the homes they love because of a game that's being played in their neighbourhood that exploits loopholes and has nothing to do with being "home" owners? It's like a drive through ATM. Sure, seniors can defer their taxes, but why not lower them? Then establish a solid foreign property owner tax that is significantly higher for those flipping homes that are used as anything but. Sitting vacant for the next flip. Or rented out by the night or used as a hotel with people passing through. I don't know, obviously the money to fund things has to come from some place but there's GOT to be a better way.
  12. It's the main problem. This is a new thing we're experiencing here, and it isn't by accident. It's a concentrated effort to get rich quick for some (off the backs of locals here). Those who defend it stand to make a good chunk of coin (and I can't/don't blame them for that...which is my point). But if you eliminate those offshore bidding wars and the use of homes for "other" purposes, then you eliminate the issue. People WANT to stay, but many feel forced out as they see their property taxes skyrocket and neighbours disappearing, only to have vacant lots, birthing houses or hotels next door. These ARE the problems. Richmond is the hub of this activity and THAT'S why people are leaving. Sure, they see a chance to get top dollar but, only those willing to relocate outside the area completely now are doing so. Used to be, you could sell, then go to the outskirts (Cloverdale, Langley, etc.) with a nice lump sum leftover afterward, but not any more. The island, the interior are now experiencing some of we're running out of options that are close to "home".
  13. The parents were already taxed on the money. It is fair, in the sense that some parents focus on "setting up" their kids, and that's their prerogative. They aren't the only ones "allowed" to buy...anyone can. My parents never took us on family vacations, bought new cars, etc. We didn't enjoy the luxuries along the way that many did, but they worked hard, paid taxes and bought a home. What "isn't fair" is if someone has a problem with that one day going to my brother and I. That was "earned" and dues paid already on it. My parents worked and planned hard for's not like a windfall that fell into someone's lap (see the next paragraph for some of that). This isn't what's driving up the's a scheme and exploitation that is affecting prices here for the most part. It's why investors are now skirting the Foreign Investor Tax by focusing on loopholes and going for condo presales. THAT'S where the issues "investors" who have no interest in buying "homes" here...they are flipping property (over and over) and making a fortune doing it. Those who've lived in their homes their entire lives who are leaving them to their kids aren't the issue. So it's ridiculous to focus there. Our Government's been bought and paid for and they don't give a rat's behind about middle class, you OR I. They appease the rich who grease their palms. THAT'S where the focus needs to be. On making sure mansions at Terra Nova with 3 luxury vehicles parked out front that are owned by "students" and "homemakers" are addressed. That homes listed 5 times in 8 years with no one ever living in them are addressed. That "partnerships" snapping up property are looked into (that's a new loophole). We didn't have these problems not long ago, and people inheriting money from homes that parents fought to stay in are simply trying to survive all of this nonsense, they're not the source of it.
  14. I'm confused...isn't that what we're aiming for though?