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  1. Tennis

    The Australian Open's on and it made me miss my favourite (Andre Agassi). I used to love the old matches between Pete Sampras and Andre...some classics. So it got me thinking of tennis now....still some greats out there. I was a Nadal fan at first (Andre was his idol). But I've swung over to the Federer camp...the man's just too damn good. And he's one grand slam away from tying Pete's record of 14. Who do you think's better?: Nadal or Federer. (If you don't care, don't bother).
  2. I imagine the families of the victims will find this both comforting, in possibly seeing justice in the loss of their family members, but equally heart wrenching if this was, in fact, preventable and not strictly related to weather and road conditions. Still so fresh and raw. While it doesn't provide details, it seems that a driver may have contributed to the crash. A good reminder to keep it safe out there, as a split second can impact so many lives.
  3. Schools closed after threats to transgender child

    The witch hunt is the FB group of parents from this school, which the thread is based on. My point about the other things (that do have age restrictions) was more in line with the fact that we're not anti these things because they don't always work out as thought. Age restrictions don't address anything, as people don't stay married because there were age restrictions so it seems it matters little in the end. You're so right, Hippy...people lose focus if they can glom on with their own personal beliefs. But this isn't about that....this is about a child being bullied by adults. That's what needs to be addressed here...all that other stuff? Another place and time or this kid is no longer the focus here. THIS IS A CHILD and people are posting horrible things about a child. The rest is just details.
  4. When that person who thought he may be Michael Dunahee contacted me here, that was pretty strange because I'd been so invested in that case when it first unfolded. Had a son about his age....I remember my Mom being SO upset and following the news. So that was bone chilling to me, as I really thought he might have been. I was super emotional away from my conversations with him. I feel good about having taken charge of the situation here (think I hid the thread so he could figure it out?). As there was going to be a period of waiting for a long while for results, thought it would be in his best interest to just keep out of the quickly got out and to the news and he was totally overwhelmed. He, himself, didn't really know much about the ordeal, so I gave him what info I knew/had. But I held out hope it was him. That would have been amazing, but it wasn't to be. I feel it is ok to talk about it now, because he's long gone from here and this is no longer news worthy. But he had such mixed emotions...wasn't sure he wanted to know if he was and the thought of how it would change his life was daunting. I can't imagine going through that.... The other one is also something I've talked about here. Hitchhiking (it was our ride sharing back in the day) to Zeppelin when my driver turned off on an isolated exit. In hindsight and seeing the story after the fact, convinced it was Gary Ridgway. The entire interaction was weird and my gut told me, from the moment i got in the car, I was in trouble.
  5. Schools closed after threats to transgender child

    Those using statistics in an "aha" moment? These are people's lives and we should be free to live our lives as we choose, so long as it's within the law and we're not hurting anyone. The kids who do know KNOW. So do you deprive them of living a happy life because some others may change their mind? Or do you understand this is a complex and very personal decision and leave it in the hands of those living it to figure out, along with trusted family members. That seems reasonable. A FB group attack? That's the ultimate in cowardice. When aimed at a child?...times that by a billion. Unacceptable, no matter how you (they) spin it. This child is being hurt by those opposed to "her" decision to live as a female. That's the only discussion to have here...the rest is none of our business. Why is it our concern that this may or may not be right FOR HER? Should people not marry because of divorce stats? Because down the road couples decide it wasn't truly what they wanted? People have plastic surgery...down the road, they may regret it. Tattoos. Sure not nearly as extreme, but examples of how people decide things in their lives and with their bodies that some of them may regret further down the road. Kids who need options shouldn't be shut down based on stats for someone else. Some is the key word...for those who don't change their mind and when it is the right choice being made, it has likely saved them from years of depression and confusion. So we don't eliminate their options. Smokers are an example of doing something that actually hurts others....should we torch them too then? Bet some of those keyboard warriors lashing out at this kid are sitting at their computer, smoke burning in the ashtray as their kids are in the room. They are not doing a great job of parenting by expressing their concern like a lynch mob. Sharing a bathroom with someone only goes as far as the door...there are private stalls for a reason, so get over it. They need to have some perspective. Maybe one of the girls in the stall beside their kid is a Kayla Bourque. Their fear mongering is so far off the mark and based on stereotyping, discrimination and myths that need to be disspelled. This kid is being labeled a monster, that's the issue here. We're veering away from the atrocious behaviour the parents of this school are responsible for. Never is bullying matter what the argument. The decisions being made are between the kid and parents....everything else is irrelevant. The hatred these people are throwing at a kid are inexcusable, no matter what boogie men/women argument they use to justify their hate. It's just not how to do it. As reasonable adults, you present concerns, discuss them and try to come up with a solution. You don't go online in a witch hunt, especially if it's directed at a 12 year old. Let's keep it focused there because everything else detracts from that.
  6. Schools closed after threats to transgender child

    What sort of parents are these? What sort of role models threaten violence and name call (children)? Their kids should be removed from their "care" for hate mongering. That's child abuse...teaching your child to hate rather than be empathetic. Morans.
  7. Schools closed after threats to transgender child

    This isn't a career choice or choosing a college. Kids can know they were born in the wrong body from an early age and I doubt it was parental "influence" but, moreso, "support". And we have to ensure the predicament is addressed....don't put the focus on this family. The hooligans making threats are the ones subjecting this kid to abuse.
  8. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    That last line? I don't think that's true at all....this is a great fanbase, one of the best. We expect loyalty and we are fiercely loyal in return. Anyone wanting to know about that could also check the Burrows thread to see that we are deeply devoted to our players. Except the ones who give us reason not to be. While Kes played here he was a beast. Loved him. But some of the stuff he's done has warranted this reaction. I won't go into details because it's water under the bridge. But he's no longer here and I feel no need to defend a guy who bailed for something better. But maybe he was part of the problem, not a solution because he's still waiting for that win...
  9. Vancouver Man Shot and Killed in Road Rage Incident

    Well there is a casino in the area, so not totally strange to have traffic in the area. I mean, take a wrong turn or something and .... who knows.
  10. The Workout Thread

    EDIT: Must have jumped in to the thread midway. This was in response to the "kick his ass" comment earlier. I don't see "outrage"...more responding to inappropriate suggestions to kick someone's ass. Joking or not, it is 2018 and we're aiming to be a bit more compassionate and less hostile and violent. I have gay male cousins who have had to endure stuff just because. So it's no joke. Anyhow, carry on.... I am using the summer to ditch the gym and have been swimming, doing step on the deck and cycling. Free weights at home. With that, my blood pressure is incredibly perfect for the first time in years. I'm also off work, but it shows how stress can impact the body in a very negative way. And I'm feeling like the swimming is a great addition....used to do it years ago and am glad to get back to it.
  11. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    Me too, amen. And if we're vegetarian is it internet beeting in place of beefing? Yes, I'm a clown.
  12. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    Class is arguing without name calling. And there is no "we" in one I know participated so that, too, is a bit classless as a jab. FTR: I do agree re the booing though, and never have, never will. I appreciate what he did while he was here, but have zero support for him at this point.
  13. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    No one's poking out eyes except the psychotic crowd. And, if she's eyeing up then leaves you for the flashy guy who you've had ongoing battles with in the recent past, it's ok not to love her anymore. It's actually normal to get over her (him) and even to have lost some respect for her (him) during that process.
  14. RIP Jim The Anvil

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    2. Alflives


      Wife and I watched a lot of wrestling during the 80’s - 90’s, and were greatly entertained by the “Heart Foundation”.  “Best there is; best there was; and the best there will be”.  

    3. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      I. Having a pretty bad day at work. This makes it worse. I've been binge watching RAW and 94-95 Anvil with Owen was great 

    4. debluvscanucks


      Those were the days....I remember having to go to Rogers (?) video, pick up equipment and pay $50-$80 for the ppv's.  My son was so into it...he was 8 and I was both the worst and best mother for letting him watch it.  Took him to Monday night RAW when it was here.  Sad, as that era's greats are leaving us....

  15. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    He was, then his ego said I'm better than all of this/you. He lost me at that point.
  16. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    So we're supposed to ignore his antics because ? Basic is that he wanted out of here, wasn't the best teammate ever and is the one spouting off during the off season when family time is the focus for most who spend the season away from theirs. We all have things to do but are in here discussing this. And it's ok not to fawn over a guy who seemingly has the loyalty of a canned ham and is shooting his mouth off at others.
  17. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    Is this all you've got? Time to take that poster off the wall?
  18. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    Peacocking at this point for him is kind of pathetic. He didn't have a great year, they didn't win the cup and getting swept in the first round is a bit of a bust that reflects on him as well. I believe he should be assuming more of a leader role than that of a punk. Sure, he had success that way but really great players reinvent things at times as they mature. I mean, it's one thing to do this with teammates but rivals? Better back that up, but I'm not sure that he can. Those suggesting we're not "over" him miss the point. I loved Kes...he was heart and soul. He and Burr together were hilarious...but that was then and this is now. He's got a rep behind the scenes for stuff and, at some point, he's a guy who should start to lead with class, not crass. Boy to man time. Some people (like Bieksa, Lu) are funny and it works ... Kes is a bit of an ass so it comes across as nothing but arrogance. I agree with the attempt to stay relevant and think it's his ego checking in.
  19. What are you listening to?

  20. What are you listening to?

    Some easy listening on a Monday off...

    So mad I didn't pursue it......

    I got this weird notification on FB and thought it was a scam...didn't pay much notice. An "Illumination" Sure, right. Sent it to my son who said, yep, seems legit. I was still leery, so didn't follow up. But it's real.....had to sign in to a verified Ticketmaster account ... each person got two free tickets. Commodore. Non transferable...a friend is going. Grrrrr.....

    I was front row too...

    There's a QOTSA / Eagles of Death Metal FREE show tonight. Dammit I wish I was there...
  25. World Junior Summer Showdown

    Weird way for it to end, but I DON'T WANT MY BOY HURT so ok.