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  1. Can we sue for slander? Or whatever this qualifies as? Where's Wetcoaster when we need him?

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      Needs more cowbell. 

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      I always thought Deb could double for Olivia Newton-John :P



  3. Made a huge roaster of Beyond Meat lasagna....can't really tell that it's not "meat" at all. Was the best one I've made yet. Was supposed to be for my daughter's camping trip....but I had to sample a corner "to make sure it's cooked properly". Then they came to pick it up and had some and then some more. Good thing I cooked as much as I did...they now have half a roaster full to take with them....
  4. She was such a class act....heard this news last night and had to go recheck to make sure it was true. They kept this very private and it's admirable because it's such a personal time for a family. She seemed to be such a down to earth woman. I feel so bad for John...they went through losing a son in a very painful ordeal together. I imagine that leaves a scar that takes a real toll over time. Very sad heart goes out to that family.
  5. Oh, I see they can extend it. So they'll face a penalty? Anyone know what that penalty is set at?
  6. Can they do that? I thought decisions had to be made by Monday in a league wide decision. I think if you know, you know. And it helps other teams to see what they can expect moving forward. If all teams do that, it's sort of like keeping it all under wraps so rosters are a bit of an unknown. Plus, I think they have to have an idea of the numbers because if too many opt out, it might be reason to scrap this?
  7. I'm sorry but you can't decide for someone on how they prioritize their family based on how you do it. That's their call to make, not yours. He's in a position to not have to work and maybe $$ isn't everything to everyone. My job ended when my boss got fed up with me insisting on protocol being followed in order to protect my son and father, who are both vulnerable with health issues. He said he didn't need a secretary any longer as he coughed, open mouth, walking by my desk. He'd just been to Italy. The new girl was willing to stay quiet ... new boss, wasn't going to risk it. But I'd rather starve than compromise my commitment to my family and his attitude was dangerous. "I don't have it" was his go to. How the hell did he know? To suggest he "just wants a summer off" because he put his family first is in really poor taste. Everyone is different and we have to remember that. Just because you do something doesn't mean others have to as well. That's rather unreasonable. I'm sure the fact that his family won't choke is reason for him to not sweat it if the fans are choked. He didn't let his family down. That's the most important thing here. We're all free to decide and this thing is nothing to take lightly. Some keep calm and carry on with fingers crossed and that's ok. Some make sure and take every action they can...and that's ok too. It's a very personal decision and each individual gets to decide what works for them. I'm starting to think this may be your M.O.
  8. Masks are available everywhere and are fairly cheap...I got a box of 50 for $30. As well, it's very easy to find something to use as a homemade mask if nothing else is available. We are all responsible for our personal health and safety. Sure, on the job, the employer has to abide by standards to follow that....but if those standards aren't what we expect, we can then take matters into our own hands. I'd take a mask for those close contact moments and if someone asked me to remove it, that would be a different story. But someone not providing us with a mask is, in my view, no excuse not to have/wear one if we feel the need is there in order TO protect ourselves/our family. I'd be wearing one....when in head to head/close contact with the kids. Remember...teachers are "in charge" of their classrooms and, while teaching, are generally at the head of the class with distance between them and the students. Open the windows and keep your distance. It's only when we're unable to social distance that we're told to wear a mask so that's something to keep in mind. This is posted on the Provincial Gov't website: I don't see that you (KOS) can't wear a mask, so don't know why it's a huge issue? If you meet with resistance, I think you'd have a good argument as to why you are taking precautions for the hazards you're encountering.
  9. You have to keep it in perspective though (and the article goes on to do that). First of all, it's about access to tests and how many a province is capable of conducting. Our number is 6,500, while Ontario's is 13,000+ (that was their available capacity at the onset, when they were testing late and only about 4,000 at the time). Alberta up'd their capacity to 16,000 in June but was higher at 7,000 from the onset. Etc. She may have abandoned more random testing to concentrate on a more focused approach. You have to also look at the numbers of hospitalized/ICU and deaths. I think the focus also being on contact tracing here has been a good idea. To reach out in a proactive way that gives a heads up and perhaps has people "act" as if they potentially could have it, rather than just obliviously being out and about. So efforts put there seem to have been a good idea. The shoes part is a bit much. It wasn't her that glommed on to it, it was the public. Don't fault a person for...wearing shoes. It honestly takes away from the fantastic job she is doing here. The numbers support that. Before you criticize her, maybe walk a mile in her (Fluevog) shoes. It hasn't been an easy task but she's done a brilliant job in my view.
  10. I feel the players deserve's a bit unfinished/unresolved and gives closure to the season. I'm ok either way...if they had to shut it down tomorrow with spikes happening, I'd understand. I'm dyyyying for hockey but really want to make sure everyone stays safe. But if the players want to play, why not? They're all starting from the same place with he provision to opt out so it's fair in that regard.
  11. I was waiting for someone to post that.... It isn't about "bff"'s about on ice chemistry. Dahlen didn't play with Petey in the NHL....Brock does. And they've bonded on the bench and beyond so it's about the here and now. I'm not saying he'd "whine and cry"...those are your words. I'm saying he looks for him on the ice and vice versa. And he is very "invested" as a teammate with his "brother" - his actions and own words have confirmed that. So, while I don't think it would linger too long as I know Petey's professional and mature enough to work through we really want him to have to? These guys are just finding their groove.
  12. I've been paying for my gym membership all along and, despite it now being open (you have to book a session), I'm opting out for the foreseeable future. This just confirms that's the right decision to me.
  13. I feel that this team realizes they are capable of beating anyone and confidence is a huge factor. With that, it can be a gruelling deal to do it in a series vs a game. I try not to project because there are so many variables that come into play it makes it impossible. I feel this team could win it, but it sets me up for disappointment if I concentrate there. I try to just enjoy the or/and lose. I'm just so excited to see hockey again. Although playoffs are pretty special and this will be a new deal that won't have all the same feel to it, it's something. Different but something. I love the grind as teams beat each other up trying to get there in the stretch. Survival of the fittest element will be missing to some degree. They're all getting a fresh start at it, which could really play into our favour. Petey admittedly broke down a bit at the end of the season....was a lot to adjust to the 82 game season. He's chomping at the bit and that's scary good. Quinn. Brock. Bo. Marky.
  14. Oh my ..... I didn't word this well. Thank you so much...Dad is thankfully a survivor but had to give up his vegetable garden as it was too much upkeep. Mom and Dad both had cancer at the same time...we lost Mom. The garden was just too much for me during it all, so it just started going to weed. He did it all...even composting and making really fertile soil. I took it all for granted back then but now realize how amazing it was/he is. My Dad and brother have never ever sport's all for "food". No pictures, no stories...just go out there in order to fill the freezer. They also had a smoker. My brother still fishes and usually catches his limit too. He knows some of those secret spots. I love that you started gardening so early Dad is teaching my kids how (too). Such a valuable thing to know...glad the schools are starting to reflect that with "community gardens". I love how you make use of what you takes time to get used to the rhythm of it all (harvest then do something to preserve the food). Is garlic easy/hard? I live in a townhouse but would love to learn how to grow my own...use it in pretty much everything. I am currently growing kale, basil, raspberries, chives, cilantro, lettuce. And this is on topic to this pandemic is highlighting....we all should be better prepared in this world. Think about choices we make and how to do things better. As mass consumers, we could be in trouble if the food chain is interrupted. It's a great conversation to have....thanks for a really great comment.
  15. I guess it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out masks are good, no masks are bad. And if a rich reality TV star can be President and not wear a mask why can't a geeky TV science "promoter" tell us TO wear a mask? Seems fair.
  16. Nope, can't be done....sorry. In all seriousness....I don't know that people watch Brock as closely as they should. He battles, hard on the boards for the puck...he doesn't just wait for it...I feel his injury and being away may require patience in seeing his full "worth". He also has such chemistry and (already) a brotherhood with Petey I'd be hard pressed to mess with that. Plus...who's got that kind of $$? We have some expensive price tags in the works already and the money only goes so far so it's a real concern.
  17. My Dad lived like this for years before cancer struck.... He hunted, fished and grew potatoes, tomatoes, peas, strawberries, apples, onions, carrots, beets, etc... In his back yard...all organically grown.
  18. I'd start my own damn parade. Breaking News on Global: "We have reports of a car zooming around town, honking...flags on every window. Woo's heard coming from the driver's window, oh a woman's seemingly stopped the car and is standing on the driver's seat, head through the sunroof, pumping her arms in the air...we'll update when we have more information...ohhh, now we have two cars...." Where there's a will, there's a way. Where there's a cup, there's a parade. Life is what you make it.
  19. Bill Nye wants us to wear a mask...
  20. Let me introduce you to Cornelius the turkey...he's fabulous. He follows his bff, Esther the pig, everywhere. I've had a tumultuous couple of'r things on the COVID front? Is it true the world had a million cases in ONE DAY...or did I dream that?
  21. OMG I'm so so sorry. What an incredibly traumatic sincere condolences to you and your family.
  22. Boest day today.  :)