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  1. Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award finalists unveiled

    It is the "Mark Messier" award. So sure, why not? Linden has been chopped down. He's crawling towards the bench, Lindens been injured. Now he's hit again by Messier, going to the bench. Messier hit Linden when he was down, on his knees Hitting an already injured, defenseless player while they are crawling on their knees back to the bench..... "Leader"??
  2. Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award finalists unveiled

    I just threw up in my mouth a little....
  3. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.

    Love people who throw out red herrings, speaks loudly as to wanting to avoid the actual argument at hand. We can care about more than one thing. In the end, we should ALL be concerned about the environment and, yes, that involves many things. But each one is important and to suggest that something is ok because we're already wrecking the planet? Not good enough. Money is the driving force in this pipeline, but money isn't the most important thing in this life. We feed, breathe, drink from the land so that is the number one priority and interest. And if we're doing some other things that are contributing to the destruction of it, well they need addressing too. We don't just ignore all of them.
  4. My God, that cop was brave. I can't imagine, with something so terrifying, remaining so composed and standing in there like that. Much respect... Horrible, people just out and about doing their business and their lives are cut short. Just like that. Certainly puts it all in perspective.
  5. NHL Bracket Challenge

    Damn, why'd I go and take the Ducks? Grr, the others are right (so far), but that one was a big failure.
  6. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled. Butbutbut, everything's fine. Notley wants to "find out what went wrong" in order to do better. Not on our soil.
  7. Drugs, money laundering and real estate market

    The hub's here in Richmond but the councilors are developers or are donated heavily to by them. Bill McNulty is the worst. The last Richmond election was bought and paid for and there are blind eyes and deaf ears. From farmland mansion air bnb's that slide through as 12,000 sq ft generational homes to the casino that won't hire people who don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin to the birthing houses and booze dens. It's a joke here and ground zero in all of this.
  8. Happy Birthday, Alexander Edler!

    I am not of the Edler basher club and, although he has his moments, know he is an important part of this club. Wishing him the very best. Going to be weird for him carrying on without the twins and hope he has a great season next year despite the huge hole.
  9. It's not "love"...there is no "love" here. It's the lesser of two evils and someone's gotta win/lose (I'd prefer if they both lose). But it can't be, so we're cheering for a team to beat Toronto, not for a team "to win". There's a difference. Beyond this round, Boston goes back out in the dumpster.
  10. In no particular order: Kessel, Phaneuf, Domi, Kadri, Ron McLean, CBC's center of the universe, Kadri, how they cheered against us when we play off'd, 4:00 starts, Kadri, etc. But it goes back to when I was a little girl and the Leafs chartered the boat my Dad fished on for a trip while they were here. He said they were absolute top if off, I sent him with my little girl autograph book and 2 or 3 took time to sign it. So if Dad hates them that's good enough for me. Plus, they don't know how to fish. Kadri
  11. OH YEAH, a TO goal against!
  12. Actually, here's how I'm working through this: I'm cheering for Toronto to be scored against. That's what I'm doing. I'm not actually cheering FOR anyone.
  13. I think we must have rabies or something.
  14. I feel sick....cheered for a Marchand goal. Quick grab the Lysol wipes.
  15. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.
  16. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.

    Hey, you know that grain being loaded here in our ports? That's going to get more expensive to move now I hear. And what kind of dumbass "restricts" the flow of oil to help her cause in battling (for economic reasons) to move more through pipelines? So if you're cutting back and restricting, that's at a cost isn't it? Seems counter productive and a bit of a hissy fit move.
  17. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.

    So sure, polls are great except they forgot to include me and all my friends and family. So who did they target across Canada (Trudeau & Notley's cousins)?
  18. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.
  19. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    Me too it when they just let them play. Makes for fast, exciting and intense hockey without all the interruptions.
  20. They should just get that groundhog to do this stuff....guy only works one day a year.
  21. This is a huge issue in focusing on "a" player rather than "a" team. Which is why it's becoming obvious that, while you can have a first round draft pick who is the best, he may not make your team the best. Something to think about. Not that you shouldn't try to draft these guys, just that it isn't an instant formula for success that some seem to treat it as. Sure, you can build around them but isn't a guarantee to win it all. It's a tough gig, this SC playoffs.
  22. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    Said it before and I'll say it's all good and well to have a guy or two who can be physical but it's better if the entire team is prepared to be. Be strong enough on your skates to be manhandled...doesn't have to be a punch up kind of tough, but durability tough. Not shy away in the corners or the crease tough. Stand your ground toughness (I like how Vegas is not backing away from the Kings as they try to bully them). I saw the Kings unravel a bit because they were going over the edge and losing focus last it's a fine line. You have to be able to play tough, not stop play and lose focus because you're caught up in that side of things. Doughty, in particular...he was flying, but also was ready to crack so it has to be contained. You do need a response if someone goes after you, however, suspensions aren't doing teams any good either. Kadri's hardly doing his team any good and remember, as the Canucks, things tend to weigh more heavily on us. So there's definitely a balance to be struck and it can't be reckless abandon. LOVE the playoffs and the intensity, but I don't know that the guys pulling some of this stuff are having success with it...their teams are losing at the moment so we'll see how it plays out in a series (Kings, Leafs). Stecher is a good example of how a small guy can still be "tough" to manage. He is gritty and determined and that's the sort of toughness I want every single player to have. Don't laugh or tell me how he'd get eaten alive by this guy or that guy...I'm talking in general. The resilience factor.
  23. Good Times Ahead Folks! (A look at our future)

    No they weren't....the Sedin were slow (God love 'em)....but the last 5 games I went to were action packed and we were not behind a step. I disagree.