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  1. I do intervals of walking lunges on the treadmill...set it to a slower speed for each set (obvioiusly). It's a great addition to a training regiment.
  2. I got half my team in China the rest are here in Van Lord, it's hard bein' a Vancouver Canucks' fan. We got players who are rookies, hopin’ some of them are mean Got players need to do everything in between, So we gotta get ready, make everything right, 'cause all our hockey fans are staying up all night Are you ready for some hockey? A Wednesday night party? Half our team, including the Sedins, have already departed Arrived in China on the red eye flight Go Canucks Go on this foggy hockey night...
  3. Instead of thinking of this from OUR (fan) perspective, which has no impact on the about how HE feels? After busting his tail, doing a great job and then ... well, no. Take a number, your time will come? Trevor was what...18/19? So why this need TO wait?
  4. Watching my favBURRite player help cream the Laffs.  6-1 now.  Woo.

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Put all them Maple Fleas on Robidas Isle..Lord of the Flies - Whoo Hoo!

    3. debluvscanucks


      Still down 5 goals and all they're talking about is how awesome their PP and PK were LAST YEAR.    "Have to REALLY BE HAPPY with their play"??!!   How about some Sens love??

    4. Beary Sweet

      Beary Sweet

      Yeah that sucks! They should be encouraging the Sens more since they had a far better season last year than the Leafs and deeper playoff run. Leafs are promising and on the rise but cmon... Sens were that close to making it to the Finals

  5. The thing is, we are constantly learning and (hopefully) evolving. Plastic crap is a HUGE issue and we just toss it like it's nothing and it's become a massive problem. I mean, think of the plastic straws, etc. at every fast food meal. Balloons are a pain in the rear....they actually adhere like glue to stuff when they're left in the sun and it becomes difficult to clean them away (I've had them in my driveway lately, as the kids next door have been on a water balloon frenzy). It's so sad to know that animals ingest this stuff and will suffer for our "entertainment". I'm a bit of a no funner...hate fireworks for that reason too. I am a nature enthusiast and, in particular, love birds. So to know we are putting them at risk needlessly makes no sense. People sometimes release them by the bunches to float off in ceremonies. How dumb and wasteful. We'd quickly learn to live without them. They pose a hazard to kids, based on that alone, do we really need them?
  6. SO ready and I feel like we have to build off this momentum with him. To treat him as "not ready" will possibly translate to he didn't do enough and can really mess up his mental game and have him overthink it all. I feel he's proven that he's ready and to deny that just sends all the wrong messages. Stoked to see where this goes...he looks so natural out there.
  7. WE HAVE A PERFECT RECORD (damn winning feels good)
  8. Oh they forgot to call a penalty there.
  9. McTurdduck, something like that....
  10. Stoked. Life has meaning again....
  11. The problem being that these are delicate situations and if you get one maniac threatening another, you're basically pulling the pin at some point in a game of double dare. To diffuse the entire thing is the goal, not to see who goes first. So you try all options before you go back at them, because they're crazy and desperate enough to just react as they said they would.
  12. Damn, I really like you too. All joking aside in this terrifying situation ... it's a shame that maniacs have power in this world and can destroy innocent lives in a sick and twisted game of feed the ego battleship. Is it wrong that I can't even tune in or care...if it happens, it happens? I mean, worrying certainly won't stop it and it's sad that I've resigned to the fact that stuff could seriously go down. My only thoughts are with the children that I brought into this world and what, on Earth, they're facing. It's sad to me that the younger generation seems to "get it" much more than the old gentleman's clubs of buffoons and belly laughers.
  13. Saw Long Time Running tonight.  Need a hug now.

  14. Man, those are big shoes sweaters to fill up there. If even in entertainment value alone, they sure are missed. In hindsight, even when this team was down, they were a brotherhood and lost together. That's an important takeaway in all of're together for the good times and the bad. Lu, Bieksa, Burr, Sedins, even Kes, stood together and it was an "us against the world" thing. They had fun and that brought a lot of fun for fans too.