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  1. This one's a good one...have only seen bits and pieces but GO PETEY (& CO)
  2. You're kind of looking at this from one angle, however, when you've been "outed" for your skill and scoring as Petey has, that attracts defenders like a magnet. He's had to become creative in order to keep the opposition wondering if he'll shoot/score or set up something for someone else. Keeps them guessing. Mixing it up rather than being one dimensional. He should shoot more and he's said that...but he also has to keep it creative. It's not about making a "pretty"'s about eluding those who expect him to shoot. His passes just happen TO BE pretty because he's so damned skilled and can see things in a split second that others might miss. He's not trying to be fancy, he's fooling his opponents and never gives up on a play. Often, these things happen when you feel like he has no options. The Sedins were magicians and so is he...I see that more as a pro than a con.
  3. They'll be digging deeper. It's been creatively mastered, through numbered companies, cash transactions, financial institutions and other places that supported this activity. This is the beginning, not the end of this. No hard evidence "yet".
  4. The we're was mostly in relation to Richmond. Because here things have drastically spiralled as we've been the hub for a lot of what's been happening. I mostly am thinking of my kids and what their future looks like. But let's face it - if all the speculators sitting on condos (the new thing) are forced to rent them or pay, it'll not only help at that end but it will deter more of the same. And that opens up a lot of units that are currently sitting empty. The Air BnB thing too - people now would rather rent on a nightly basis and that takes a lot of potential long term rentals out of the mix. So, while it's a slow drag to get there, I think provisions are being made. The market is currently being driven by stuff that hurts us more than it helps us. My Dad and I both own homes so it pains me to know values are dropping...but I know it's for a greater good. Things are very unstable when propped up by the activities that they currently are and the criminal element that's exploiting every system there is here. It has to stop, even if it costs us in the end. We didn't create the problem but we're certainly paying for it - one way or another. Which is why this inquiry is so important. To at least expose it, although I'd prefer seizures, jail time, people ousted from jobs that they hold if they participated in any way, deportation of criminals who have no interest in this as "home" but only a place to put their dirty money on the spin cycle, etc. I am not holding my breath for that series of events to take place, but at least it will set a tone that this is not to be accepted here.
  5. Except that it is an "all eyes are watching" situation moving forward. Want to get voted in/out? Look, at a local level, our councilors here have grown pretty comfortable and smug in their positions...but there was a slight shake up this year when two of the long term developers got ousted for a fresh faced green and a young female who's been very active in the fight for the farmland. Now the numbers are split. I'm convinced that the Mayor held on to his position ONLY because the alternatives were awful. We can't just sit back because "nothing will happen". We have to be part of the movement to make things happen. On a "go to jail" scale? Probably not. But, at least things are starting to shift and ripples eventually do make waves.
  6. Whether or not this is political posturing, whatever....this does show that the public isn't just a bunch of idiots and "we're onto you". For so long, they acted on ignorance is bliss as they bought and sold our quality of life here. So, if nothing more, it'll serve as notice that the people have had enough. That the BS and lies don't wash along with the dirty money. That the pictures showing them smugly smiling with criminals that were a slap in the face are now going to come back to haunt them. That it's "out there" - not just at a national level, but world wide. We're a joke and someone has to wear that label. It likely started when we invited the world to come in '86 but the past decade or two things have gotten out of hand. When I apply for a job in a criminal hub and am told the clients "prefer not" to speak English (not "they can't"...."they don't want to") we know why. Throw in a few more KOS: Qwillo license plates. Air BnB farm "house" hotels for foreigners to invite their overseas "guests". Luxury vehicles that are worth more than the houses here used to be that are driven by students. Homeowners who declare low income and collect subsidies that they cash and fill their high end purses with. Any home equity that is lost should (including mine) will be worth it. Some people are being driven out of their homes by rising property taxes so there's that flipside. The real estate market isn't dependable and so it should be homes that are bought, not investments for flipping. Speculating comes with risk and it's not guaranteed. Especially when it's done in a shady manner that's affecting the average Joe and young couple here. I love what's happening...high time for it. The can of worms was open but now it's time to do some clean up and get rid of the crud in this province.
  7. I don't agree with this - it's too general. And, further, part of it makes my point..."character". We're building a young team who is learning that it is "their" team - I don't want someone with an established past coming in and perhaps disrupting things. It's a fine line and when your CEO rips into you, there might be a bigger picture that we don't know about. The right blend is correct - but it doesn't necessarily mean you HAVE to pick up someone else's high priced cast offs. One of the things factoring into "the right blend" is how a team gels..chemistry. These young guys we've got are on the same page and I'm hesitant to just try another plug in and go that may or may not work.
  8. I don't agree. You consider - age, price, fit, etc. or we've learned nothing at all.
  9. But boss, I don't wanna leave for work when there's hockey on.

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      Time to use a sick leave day.:P

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      Paid hockey breaks are in my contact, right?

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  10. I really want to steer clear of big signings/paydays for aging players (he'll be 30 soon). This is a young man's team now...our leaders are Petey and Bo. I don't want to mess with what we're starting to see form's their team. Period. If a guy wants out it doesn't mean we let him in. We have to start thinking of this team as one that is emerging with a new identity, not a patchwork quilt.
  11. I truly believe it's just glaring at this point...that it might have been easy to pass of a few missed calls here and there. But when you have a repeat offender basically mocking the entire world, let alone the league, people are screaming for action. I believe some who are speaking out are probably shuddering at some of what they're seeing - it's so obvious and it really discredits the game - one that they probably hate to see deteriorating and becoming another gong show.
  12. Mo-men-tum It's hard to say what would/wouldn't have happened because when momentum shifts, things can quickly unravel or, the opposite, a team go on a tear. If a team's shellshocked and the emotion is through the roof, it's a huge distraction. It's hard to say things still would have had the same result if things had played out differently. In a sport of contact and speed, add to the mix frustration or confusion and then expect a team to perform well despite it all. For me, it's kind of like saying that car would have crashed even if that wasp hadn't flown in through the window.
  13. People really slam Canuck fans for whining and "not getting over" things but here's the deal. Why should anyone accept unfair treatment that borders on corruption..or, at the very least, inept/inferior/incompetent officiating? I was driving in to work the other day and heard an interesting tidbit...apparently from Paul Stewart (former official), who was questioning Boston's ability to get away with stuff they shouldn' particular, Marchand. His words? "Does he have some sort of Harry Potter cloak of invisibility in this league?". Well said. So it's not just Canuck fans feeling this way, although we've seen some of the worst of the worst officiating I've ever seen. This was one of their own. So you may not believe this fanbase, but this is a guy who should know the good, the bad and the ugly in officiating. Believe him. While I don't dwell there, it's perfectly ok to review the history and not lose sight of the fact that this is definitely an ongoing work in progress and not a finished product. Being critical of something and not just letting it slide often results in changes and improvements.
  14. #@*& mix. It was a thing back then. You'd sneak a little bit out of each bottle in the parent's bar (mine had a pretty stocked one). You'd just mix it all up together and drink it. Yeeha, good times.
  15. Tooonnnnnny! Woo, just saw the highlights! There's our guy!
  16. I'm over it now. He wasn't the greatest "person" by all accounts, but he was one helluva hockey player. The kind who can worry other teams. I wish him the best moving forward. There were some great days with he and Burr and I tend to focus on the good, not the bad. Cheers, Kes...hope everything goes well.
  17. Gretzky called him a franchise player - you know this kid's just something so special. And he's ours WUT?
  18. When it comes to the life of a child....their child....they will have to live with what has happened in a hauntingly traumatic way. But that doesn't bring this child back. Someone has to answer for this because his life is gone, over. It's not about anything but that for me. And, mistake or not, his was an excruciating death that could have and should have been prevented. There are no words that can excuse this for me. None. While I feel for them and understand their grief will be the heaviest imaginable, I feel for him more. Whoever put that child in the car had a responsibility to get him out of that car. And did not.
  19. The world is changing and there are kinks to obviously be worked out. On the one hand we, as women, strive for equality. So is this just part of the other side of that? I do agree that any exploitation of competition that has people gain an advantage will need to be monitored and addressed. But if someone fully commits to becoming the sex they know they were born as, despite their make up, then all the power to them. Enjoy reaping the rewards of recognizing who you are and continue to shine in that light. That's my take. But it's definitely an easy fix with a "new" category. Done.
  20. But lumping people together without knowing them personally is stereotyping. "Social justice" is well worthing warrioring for. While I do believe you have to pick your battles and there are people who are just anti-everything and want to get out there and stir the pot, change doesn't come about without people making a stand. So to say people are desperate for attention is true...for some. There are some deep wounds that people have had to contend with and if we can help them heal, I'm all for it. However, it does have to be forward facing at some point because you can go back in time and find that all people likely have been hurt by something at some point. I think, as a whole and a society, we just have to continue to strive to be more empathetic, tolerant, compassionate and caring. That we learn from mistakes made in the past rather than continue to make them.
  21. LOVING Mother's Day Mom would have too.
  22. A heads up, focused play by Stech's breaking up the ice, stick tap ... gets the puck and knew exactly where he was going to go with it. Too bad the two Canadians bumped/weren't quite ready to receive it. But I'm seeing some Petey ice awareness rubbing off.
  23. Nylander's goal, though, was the result of a rebound in an initial shot by...Petey. Thing is, he's quite happy to have anyone score on his behalf. I've only been able to watch in bits and pieces but he's working hard out there and contributing, even if he isn't actually scoring.
  24. Petey skating back HARD to cover as the play goes the other way. <3