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  1. Landeskog, the kid is big, got a wonderful mean streak, capable of scoring goals, making plays, mature and is a work horse. He's capable of 60+ points a season. He will be a 20 goal 55+ point player this season and he's 23. He's going to be unreal when he's 26-27.
  2. Impressive stats, there's no doubt about that. I could see them being 2/3. Catching up with Mats will be a challenge though.
  3. Great way to make an impression... Absolute garbage, I don't care if you're trying for a spot on the roster, you never ever tee up one of your team mates like that. He took exception to a vulnerable player, and hurt him, brutal. I hope Sieloff is sent home. Good for Bobby to go after him. To top it all off, Macarthur is now wondering if his career is done. The Senators are also speculative if he will ever play again. Good job Sieloff, you may have ended your team mates career.
  4. Pretty unimpressed with how my team performed as of late. Went from a team that was contending for a playoff spot to second last in the west.
  5. 0-3-1 in those sims... Ouch.
  6. The second he signed that contract in Toronto he was instantly a buyout candidate. One thirty goal season? When you play with Parise you're going to score goals. He's scored 17 goals, 13 assists, in 141 games since signing that contract. Too bad for the back injury, you don't ever want to see a player be done because of an injury. But did anyone really expect him to play to his contract? I certainly did not.
  7. Voted Subban, nominating Barrie
  8. I don't think so. It's been a few days since I gave the OP a minus.
  9. Dang, I Was hoping to give a negative to the OP again.
  10. A couple questions that I'd like to see answered - Will Bo be the second line center? I think he should be. Where will Virtanen fit? What will the D-Corps ultimately look like?
  11. I don't think this outrageous in anyway. I believe last year was an anomaly.
  12. Who's all still upset the Canucks drafted Bo over Nichushkin? 

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    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Nichushkin would have a larger role on our team than he did on the Stars. He'd still probably leave though. Desjardins doesn't gift ice time to young players.

    3. TheRussianRocket.


      Schneider for Nichushkin. What a crapshoot that would've been :$

    4. Mr.53


      GMMG out GMd again...

  13. I think team North America can win this. Canada is going to be hard to beat but team NA isn't a team to underestimate.