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  1. Rangers place claims on Neil and Moen.
  2. NY Rangers call up Patrick White and Kyle Beach
  3. Andrew Pochmara with skipped pick please.
  4. Rangers select: Tyler Toffoli
  5. *tries to tank* *team goes 8-2-0*
  6. Vets and older players available. Looking for picks and prospects. Mostly high end 2010 picks.
  7. Ah $&!#. Sorry guys. Was talking possible trade and flubbed it. My bad.
  8. Nick Leddy @Carlutch98
  9. Most vets are available. Don't want to part with younger roster players or prospects.
  10. Open for trades. Young guys aren't available. Looking for younger players and higher picks. Team is mediocre at best, likely not making any noise come playoff time so we're shifting focus.
  11. Rangers call up Dan Girardi and Sam Gagner.