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  1. Thoughts and prayers to the Markstrom family tonight. It's never easy losing someone. F*ck cancer. 

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    2. Squamfan
    3. debluvscanucks


      God, it's a wonder he can play at all.  I'm so sorry to the Markstrom's...what a terrible loss.   My deep condolences..... F Cancer.  

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      Agreed, that's a tough hand for JM to be dealt

  2. Trade: To ARZ: Mark Pysyk To NYR: Joona Koppanen, 2020 5th
  3. Not at all. The Canucks have hung him out to dry lately. But Demko needs to get into some action also, get a chance to help the team win games.
  4. Yeah. He was axed from Sportsnet 650 in a bit of an underhanded move but TSN 1040 snatched him up right away.
  5. No biggie. Shrugs Giordano off, scores a sick goal.
  6. Nick Schmaltz is over performing. His shooting % is far too high to be sustainable, his p/60 is inflated, on-ice shooting percentage is also too high at 12.5%. He's doing this all with like 15 minutes of ice time. It's a recipe for a disaster. I don't expect him to be anything more than a 65 point player at the end of the season. I still heavily prefer Karlsson over McAvoy. McAvoy is a very vanilla d-man. Not much point upside, doesn't see PP1 ever and basically no peripheral stats. If the trade boils down to Stamkos for Karlsson, Nick Schmaltz for McAvoy I'm not sure if I'd move Stamkos. Sure center is deep but it's looking more and more likely that San Jose is actually a bad hockey team and Karlsson is likely a 55-60 point d-man with some blocks upside. I'd be exhausting all other options before moving Stamkos right now.
  7. Fun fact: I really don't like Binnington. 

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    2. Xbox


      Cant wait until Hughes wins it this year lol

    3. Alflives


      Benni is a goof.  Guy is an ECHL goalie who is only appearing to do well because of the great D and Defensive forwards playing in front of him.  Put him on Toronto, and he's soon back in the ECHL.  He's a loser too.  And has a funny nose.  And his socks stink.  

    4. Tystick


      Dude wins a cup but he's salty about Pettersson winning the calder.


  8. The Pittsburgh Penguins have placed Corey Crawford on waivers. He will clear at 8:45am pst on Thursday, Nov 7th. The Dallas Stars have placed Martin Marincin, Oscar Fantenberg and Josh Currie on waivers. They will clear at 8:45 am pst on Thursday, Nov 7th.