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    Canucks, Jets, Lightning - in that order. CFL Football - Calgary Stampeders. To say i'm a hockey fanatic is an understatement.

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  1. I was a Canadiens fan up until 2003 and that's when my family was relocated to the southern interior of BC. I watched a ton of Canucks games and fell in love with the team and haven't looked back.
  2. Voting Duchene, nominating Vatanen.
  3. Golden goal, my friends and I all started jumping and the living room almost collapsed.
  4. I wouldn't read into this too much. I'm sure the Flyers are okay with hearing this though.
  5. I dunno. I guess this cap hit is okay for him. It's not atrocious but i defintely thought it would have been a little lower.
  6. Has to be Hedman. One of the best d-men in the league. Should be a contender for the Norris again. Nominating Barrie.
  7. Tallon expects Owen Tippet to compete for a lineup spot. What do you think? 



    1. TheHitman


      A few spots are open in their line-up so I could see him sticking around. 

  8. I forgot to nominate someone. I nominate Ellis also.
  9. Season hasn't even begun and Nolan Patrick is already hurt....


    Nolan Patrick sidelined with facial infection
    (via http://thesco.re/theScore_app )

    1. coastal.view


      damn good thing he just signed

      i think he can now afford to buy clean razors

      rather then using the rusty ones he finds in dumpsters

      you never know what germs they might have on them

  10. Tavares but by a slight margin. Giving it to him because he is defintely one of the few "franchise" players in the league. Victor Hedman is a close second. He's really blossomed into an incredible point producing, elite defenseman.
  11. Bottom 5. Going to be a tough year again.
  12. According to hockeyfeed, Joe Sakic is asking for at the very least Matt Barzal and Ilya Sorokin for Matt Duchene. 

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      I attribute the Avs floundering state, to the mtn Pine Beetle. Something small & invasive has crept in, & is eating that org from the inside, out.


      Ladies & gentlemen..The BEETLES!

    3. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      the other issue is he's in his UFA season next year. So unless someone can or wants to get him on an extension, I don't see the big value coming back. For the Canucks, we'll be free of Dorsetts and Edlers contracts by then so we could just get him as a free agent when our kids are better developed. 

    4. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      sorry meant 2018 as "next year" not the current season. 

  13. I hope it's not five long painful years. A mother season or so like last year and he'll be a buyout candidate.