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  1. Anaheim terminates contract with Radil.
  2. Bogdan Trineyev @Nail
  3. @maroe/ @Watermelons are now up. Pick has been traded.
  4. Connor McDavid Quinn Hughes Zach Werenski Keith Yandle Anthony Mantha Nick Suzuki Gabriel Landeskog Sam Reinhart Jakob Chychrun Jakub Voracek Erik Brannstrom Brady Tkachuk Goalie: Sergei Bobrovsky
  5. To all GM's asking about Hedman: he's been in several trade talks lately, and I have a really solid offer on the table. If you're still interested I'm more than willing to hear offers but it's likeky he's being moved.
  6. Awe yeah! Covid symptoms.... 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Dazzle


      Just for curiosity's sake, did you mask up and avoid public gatherings?

      I am not asking this to interrogate you. Rather, I want to get some actual surveys and results from people who had COVID, or those who are showing symptoms.

    3. Jaku




      I've been uber anal about mask usage, sanitizer and avoiding gatherings. Always follow social distancing guidelines and have been following store polices to a T whenever I have to go shopping. 

    4. Dazzle


      Wow that sucks. I hope you recover fast.

  7. San Jose is proud to select: Yevgeni Oksentyuk! @Arbourshate
  8. With the 15th overall pick The Anaheim Ducks select from the Portland Winterhawks: Seth Jarvis!
  9. To St. Louis: Jeremy Roy To Pittsburgh: Ottawa 2020 3rd Round Pick (Pick 67) Brendan Smith
  10. Anaheim owns Arizona's 2020 1st round pick and multiple 2nd round picks. Anaheim would like to move up into the mid first round. If anyone wants to consider it or banter about it please PM me.
  11. Oooooo. Could be a sneaky good pick!
  12. The Anaheim Ducks are ecstatic to select future #1 center, from the Ottawa 67's: Marco Rossi! @Rush17
  13. Detroit calls up: David Levin.