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  1. Gah! Second again. Two years in a row. Great win Gally! Can't wait until next year! Thank you to all who helped run it an organize it. It was a blast!
  2. Justus Anuunen is a beast. Sorry MM.
  3. I haven't played yet this season. Cool if I get in on it?
  4. Oh baby! Marchenko coming up big today!
  5. That 7 points from my Canadian players should help a little.
  6. I've had some recent interest in Seth Jones. Won't necessarily trade him but I'm interested in seeing what sort of return I could potentially get as a return to help my team significantly in the coming years. The potential deal would have to include a 2020 1st.
  7. Man. The hype around this kid was insane. Betcha he doesn't even go a half point per game in the K.