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  1. Chris Stewart doesn't deserve another chance in the NHL. He didn't honour two contracts he signed in the few years by simply walking out on the teams. Didn't inform them, nothing. I never want to speak ill off players, never know what's going on behind the scenes. This conduct is simply inexcusable though.
  2. Little surprised. Even more surprised he could only get a contract in the Swiss league.
  3. Playoffs. Don't really matter what position. It has to he playoffs for me not to disappointed. I'm heavily invested in the belief the Canucks are a playoff team.
  4. Alrighty! I've figured out (Hopefully) the waivers list. Without further adieu - the Ottawa Senators claim Mathieu Perreault off of waivers. I believe all others have cleared. If someone believes this is wrong please don't hesitate to message me.
  5. Quinn Hughes! Offensively at least. I've gotten some (lots) of eye rolls when I say Quinn will put up 45+ points. Yeah, I know. It's a big number for a rookie. But, he's going to be exposed to a lot of offensive situations with one of the most explosive NHL players.
  6. @kj29 @Frogger Hey guys. How's it going?
  7. @kj29 @Frogger Please submit lists!!!! Pleaaaaassseeeee!!
  8. None of the players you mentioned were drafted. Likely the all re- enter the draft.
  9. Fair enough! Regardless of knowing or not - congrats @Squeak ! You're an awesome person and I know you'll be absolutely fantastic doing this job!
  10. Sorry I haven't posted any waiver claims. My computer bought the farm recently and I'm exclusively on mobile for a while trying to get all my info back on track.
  11. Lol I feel like this is something I should have known...