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  1. Not surprised. I just hope this isn't a set back rather than a step forward. Would have rather seen a veteran coach come in
  2. I understand that, but I think it would be very good for the young guys to have an experienced coach. But it looks like I was wrong anyways.
  3. I don't think a coach who's never coached in the NHL should be the next Canucks head coach. I'd be looking for someone with experience.
  4. 1-5 in the Shootout. Yikes.
  5. What the heck happened to Maxime Comtois? He dropped 15 spots in the draft rankings since January.

  6. Ditto. Coach Q would be awesome to have.
  7. I'm just happy that I'm not last.
  8. Good series @pmalina. I'm very happy to see my team come through and win this first round match-up. We are going to be in tough versus @tylez and his very strong team in the second round.
  9. Don't stop believing.
  10. I always thought he needed all 30 teams to approve for him to come back at all? I must be mistaken. But if this is the case is he going to want to return to NJ or do you think he's going to attempt to play for another team?
  11. I like it. The bottom six defintely needs to be beefed up in Vancouver.
  12. So excited! This kid has the tools to be a very effective scorer in the NHL. He's going to rock Utica next year.
  13. :lol: I didn't think the Hawks would get swept. 

    1. zzbottom


      yeah! when the canucks have the best record in the West we like to at least win a game before we're bounced out of the first round. None of us will be alive to see Vancouver's first Cup win.