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    Canucks, Jets, Lightning - in that order. CFL Football - Calgary Stampeders. To say i'm a hockey fanatic is an understatement.

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  1. What are we getting in Gudbranson?

    In those video's we're just getting a small sample of what Erik is capable of, but it does sum him up. He is a very hard hitting, truck of a man, with great defensive defenseman skills.
  2. The Knights made that look way too easy.

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      It was over before it started. The whole tournament that is. Sucks to work so hard only to lose to a team who supposedly stacked the deck in their favor, deceitfully. 

  3. RGMG: The Pool - Fantasy Draft Thread

  4. RGMG: The Pool - Fantasy Draft Thread

    Hey, I really hate to the bearer of bad news but I think you meant to post this in the RGMG sim thread.
  5. RGMG: The Pool - Fantasy Draft Thread

    Michal Neuvirth @Squeak
  6. RGMG: The Pool - Fantasy Draft Thread

    I was going to take a goalie (Vasilevsky) but he got snagged literally one pick before my turn. But now at this point there are only two "starters" left and they're both playing for non-playoff teams. So with that being said I'd rather use these picks to pick someone I think will be more effective in gaining points for my team.
  7. RGMG: The Pool - Fantasy Draft Thread

    I like it. Too bad Killorn didn't quite make it your pick.
  8. RGMG: The Pool - Fantasy Draft Thread

    I know them feels... I just witnessed my list getting annihilated this round.
  9. Going VC on this one. While both centre and RW are shallow, I think that they will going with a highly skilled right winger.
  10. 2016 Memorial Cup Thread

    Marner had quite the night. I know the Knights are good, but they really worked the Rebels.
  11. The Bourque Cup in Colorado

    I get where you're coming from, but when a team that you've invested your heart and soul into hasn't had a decent shot at a cup it becomes a bit redundant. I can't blame Ray for wanting out so he could win a cup. Everyone was happy for him when he won that cup, he wanted it badly so he did what was necessary to obtain that goal.
  12. 2016 Memorial Cup Thread

    London is an unbelievable organization, always a very competitive team, and it's unreal how much talent they put out. I'm pulling for the Knights for sure.