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  1. Calder Trophy finalists unveiled

    I votes Brock. But... I'm sure Barzal has this one in the bag.
  2. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Looking to possibly add a 2nd or 3rd round pick in this years draft.
  3. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

    So freaking excited!!!!
  4. Lightning - Devils game is heating up! 

  5. Tyler Myers injury - Accident or dirty? 



    The incident is more clear at the 45 second(ish) mark. It appears that Marcus Foligno makes contact with Myers' knee with his hand. But, it also looks like he may be purposely trying to make sure he makes some sort of contact with a vulnerable part of Myers. 



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    2. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Really weird play. If Foligno was trying to injure him, he could've actually tried injuring him. There's no way he's thinking "hmm maybe if I touch Myers's leg he'll get injured"

    3. Roberts
    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      nah looked like a tangled mess i didnt see intent

  6. The officiating in this Jets-Wild game is something else. Brutal.

    1. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      The inconsistency must make players lose their minds. 

  7. Not at all a Toews fan. But, him showing up to spend time with the recovering players, their families and presenting them with a jersey is an outstanding gesture. 

    1. chon derry

      chon derry

      class act ,another prairie boy who spent time on a bus , don't like his jersey he wears ,but any time he puts on a team Canada jersey I love him.

    2. ReggieBush


      @chon derry put it perfectly.

  8. [Report] Nazem Kadri suspended 3 games

    No surprise. Deserves every bit of it.
  9. What the actual hell was Kadri doing? Kind of shows you his true colours when he gets a little flustered. I hate the Bruins but that was a classless move.
  10. Haha The Flyers...

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      They might need Cassels to stop Crosby.

    3. coastal.view


      nah . i hear they are prepared to increase their offer

      to a 4th rounder now

      for nilsson

    4. Pears


      Tanev for one of their young D men and St. Louis’ 1st. Who says no?

  11. NHL Bracket Challenge

    Tampa - Nashville final. Tampa wins in 7.
  12. Could go either way. Really dislike both teams. Going to say the Knights stay hot and take it in 5.
  13. Don't think the Leafs will survive this series but I'm going to pull for them anyways Leafs in 7.
  14. Gotta stick with my favourite American team. Tampa in 6.
  15. The saskatchewan rcmp just confirmed that there has been a 15th fatality. So sad