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  1. Jersey sale

  2. [Report] Matthew Tkachuk suspended 1 game

    Too easy. Should have been at least 5.
  3. [Report] Luke Witkowski suspended 10 games

    Tkachuk should be getting a hefty suspension too in my opinion. He played just as much of a role in the whole fiasco.
  4. Hard pass for me. Demko has the makings of an elite goalie and that alone is enough for me to say no. Gaudette is fairly unproven but he possesses a lot of skills that are invaluable to having a successful NHL career. If he can translate that same skill set the Canucks are going to have one helluva player to help bolster the roster.
  5. [SIM} RGMG 5.0 Sign Up

    Definitely in.
  6. The answer to the Oilers scoring woes.
  7. Do you feel your age?

    Due to old injuries and chronic conditions, I tend to feel older than I actually am a lot of the time.
  8. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Boom or bust. Tearing up junior because of his speed and his above average play making skills. He's 146 lbs right now and needs to find a way to bulk up with out losing that speed to be effective at the next level.
  9. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    The Sharks send down - Travis Dermott And Call up - Ben Harpur
  10. Bo is primed to be the next Captain and he is certainly showing us all why he deserves to he considered. I voted Pouliot because I believe that if/when Pouliot finds his game he will be a hard player to beat. Meaning that either Hutton gets moved for other assets of becomes a bottom pairing dman with this team. Hard to peg "A's" at this time but i voted Boeser and Juolevi. Will be core guys for years to come and i believe they'll be players that are leaders on this team. I love Bo. Bo is a fantastic hockey player but no one can deny the skill set that Pettersson has. I think that Elias has a higher offensive ceiling than Bo and will develop into a top flight 1C.