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  1. He doesn't have an agent? What... He's never going to convince any team that he's worth 12 mil over the next two years. He's a serviceable dman but not for that much.
  2. Did I miss something!? Are we making offers to free agents?
  3. I didn't think he would even consider Vancouver but i was really hoping that he would have signed with Detroit.
  4. I did read something about that just before he was drafted. Wouldn't that be something. I also heard on NHL radio about a month ago that he is thinking about going to the KHL. The Avs may not have qualified him for that reason.
  5. Yes. It makes you question what is wrong. But bad enough to not even be qualified?
  6. This is very surprising. He's still quite young, even if he doesn't turn into a top line player he could still be a decent middle six player. Give him a shot JB!
  7. I like it. This is an awesome idea.
  8. 1. Boeser 2. Pettersson 3. Demko 4. Juolevi 5. Dahlen
  9. Demko at 7? The players you have listed are good, but Demko should be top 5. Here's what I think. 1. Boeser 2. Pettersson 3. Demko 4. Juolevi 5. Goldobin 6. Dahlen 7. Gaudette 8. Virtanen 9. Lind 10. Subban
  10. Then Jaku drafts a kid in the 5th round that wasn't taken in his draft eligble year, only scores 5 goals last year and had no scouting report on him... Drafted in the second round.
  11. You can do it on the fantrax site. Just click on the "Min" tab on the left hand side of the player and then click on the "res" button at your NHL team or put him in a position. (I HOPE THAT MADE SENSE)
  12. We missed out on Ukko-Pekka Lukkonen.
  13. Markus Phillips #50 (IRL-#118, -68) Ian Scott #72 (IRL-#110, -38) Jake Leschyshyn #81 (IRL-#62, +19) Alexander Volkov #145 (IRL-#48, +97)
  14. I like the pick. But, the Canucks need to be patient with him. 2-3 years of brewing in Utica would be great for him.