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  1. Does dallas make the playoffs ever?
  2. Ow. That's quite the step back.
  3. Where abouts was Zeppelin in the lineup?
  4. Happy to see the Ducks win a cup with the help of Zeppelin and having a solid rookie season. But sad to see my boy Hingle McCringleberry get traded to the Sharks.
  5. Nnnnnooooo!!!!!!
  6. Solid couple years by Ezekiel. Where is he slotted in the lineup?
  7. I think a bridge is the best way to go at this point. 2-3 years at 5.5-6M and then in a few years if his production goes up then an 8 year extension is in order. On the flip side if the Canucks sign him to an 8 year 6(ish)M and his production spikes and he becomes an 8M+ player then the Canucks have him at a discounted price.
  8. Where is Ezekiel on the Stars depth chart?
  9. Very happy to see Zeppelin drafted by the Ducks and very happy to be on the same team as Hingle McCringleberry.
  10. Alright! Keep it up. I hope to see him reach his potential. If he is drafted in the first round it will be the only player I've had in a CAP that has been drafted in the first round.
  11. Has Ezekiel ever played for team Canada?
  12. Nice numbers. Hopefully we can see this trend continue.
  13. It's hard to believe it's been 6 years since Rick passed away. Rick was a huge inspiration to me, battling adversity and making his NHL dream a reality. I had the pleasure of meeting Rick and the honor of talking to him about the sport we love. Rest in Peace Rick. Gone, but never forgotten. 

  14. Good ol' KIJHL. Can't say I expected to see that.
  15. Well. I'm glad to see he was drafted and that he has high end upside.