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  1. Dang. I was hoping this would work out.
  2. When would the draft be?
  3. Well, I grew up in a town called Creston, BC. Cranbrook is where Sam played his major junior (Kootenay Ice). I had the pleasure of going to watch him play (and dominate) the WHL for years. He was fun to watch, he was creative, he has impeccable vision of the ice, high hockey IQ, underrated shot and he made it all look so easy. When one watches a player so many times and keeps surprising you it's not hard to like them.
  4. I get that one a lot. I do like Buffalo but not to the same extent. If Sam wasn't on the team I honestly wouldn't follow them as closely as I do.
  5. Winnipeg and Tampa. Winnipeg because my wife is a Jets fan and Tampa because they beat the Flames in the cup final.
  6. Marchand Wheeler
  7. Got to see Skillet in Regina last night. So good!!!!

  8. Atta boy Laplante.

  9. Voted Holtby Nominate Laine
  10. Dang! Just 9 goals shy of 500 goals. Thanks for hosting Zhukini!
  11. Was Zeppelin hurt? Or is he becoming a streaky player?
  12. Holtby Laine
  13. Brock and Bo. I'm excited to see if Bo can take it to another level and to see what Brock has to offer the team.
  14. What? Seriously? This deal is spot on for both sides.