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  1. Got nothing in Deep Cove, huh
  2. It's official
  3. Defended the Canucks using actual fact. The person running the page told me to "slowly remove Luongo's **** from my mouth" after I used his feats to defend him. I namecalled as well, but so is everyone
  4. Got banned from the NHL Memes page on facebook, so I'm enjoyin these here. Keep up the good work.
  5. Snowing in Deep Cove
  6. Mike LaForest
  7. diggin the nucks shout out on michael bubles new christmas cd

  8. Rain is awesome...reminds me of fall...which reminds me of hockey. Honestly, I don't care about school going back, I just want hockey.
  9. Skaaaaaaaaa
  10. Rick Heinz?
  11. hannu toivunen
  12. Hey Cory, Welcome to the city, we all look forward to seeing you play here one day. There's so much to do here, the one thing that I reccomend that you do is come to Deep Cove, it is so beautiful this time of year, and doing a couple of the trails around would be good conditioning (especially the Baden Powell) so if you have the time come here for a great experience...and the good thing is that not enough people will recognize you yet for any annoying mobs to produce. And if you haven't, read jPod by Douglas Coupland, it'll introdice you to some places around the city and it is a GREAT book, but you'll have to put up with some suggestive language. Cheers, nvc