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  1. Free Agents we should go after.

    J.B. says he would like to add a couple scoring wingers, he should target the two B.C. boys that have both won a couple of cups and both expressed interest in playing for Vancouver. Andrew Ladd and Troy Brower a left winger and right winger with Sutter or Horvat in the middle or Brower with the twins. Despite what the critics say Vancouver was at or near first place in the west near the end of December before they lost half the team to injuries and dropped to the bottom. I'm being an optimist with the team coming back healthy adding a couple gritty scoring wingers for 4 to 5 years while the youth develop and the already upgraded defense the Canuck"s would be good enough to do damage in the playoffs. Please J.B. get these 2 players and Dale Wiese back for the 4th line would also be good.
  2. Canucks Saviour Chris Chelios

    Never mind American GM or coach we already have both.... we need a good ol Canadian GM, coach and a lot more Canadian players, what country has won back to back Olympics? what personal would work and play here with more pride conviction and dedication? Simple hockey is Canada draft and trade for Canadian kids preferably BC kids only because of Geographic's. When there finished playing train the best ones for coaching and management. GO CANADA GO. only use foreigners for fill ins.
  3. Please Mr Aquilini Fire Gillis and Tortorella

    a good gm? you meen players agent?
  4. Please Mr Aquilini Fire Gillis and Tortorella

    overreaction? oh I get it your a Flames fan.
  5. Is higgins a top 6 forward?

    stupidest question posted here