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  1. how do?just saw your post in where you are back east.An early gift for you for next year,All games are free just scroll down to the start time and watch away..I as well got sucked in to the NHL Center ice but with all that demographic crap I cancelled and a friend down in the states told me about the site mentioned..

  2. hopefully it was ok to send you a note,I should have asked permission 1st though....And we moved right when Glen Clark andthe government mess of "I'm telling the truth" crap...the coast had just become to screwed up to not notice and tolerate..

  3. you are correct,there is a premium to live out there,that's why my wife and I moved away...we moved in 97 just after my last year of working at GM place...89 years of my family being in Vancouver(North Shore) and none of us live there anymore,well Grand dad came there in 1909,just not the same place as before EXPO when the greed factor set in...Miss Anton's Pasta Bar in the worst way..

  4. Hi,Great pics of Smitty...Where did you find them?I'm still on a search(going 20 years now)for a Gary Smith Jersey...Get back to me,please...Thanks