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  1. I like JT Miller I don't like having to give up a 1st for him. 50yrs of being a Canuck fan and I can't help but think we win the lottery in 2 yrs I will be interested in seeing the prices paid in other trades this offseason around the league. What other teams get for their 1st round picks in particular.
  2. The kids on here all got excited at the prospect of getting a new toy today. I'd love Barrie but not at the expense of next year's 1st, protected or not.
  3. would rather wait a year and get his rights for a pick and negotiate then, and keep our 1st next year I would love Barrie but I'm not giving up next year's 1st.
  4. so Canucks going to give up Jake and next yrs 1st for a guy they could have for nothing in a year?
  5. RE potential Canucks/AVs trade: Too bad that last year the Canucks didn't have a 28 yr old top pair RD to trade for a package of a big, strong, fast, young former top 10 pick on the verge of being a 20 goal scorer PLUS a first round pick in this year's draft.....OH WAIT
  6. Going to miss his personality in the Canucks' coverage mix. Loved the Provies/Athletties (joined the Athletic for the Athletties) Really feel for his wife and young kids. I have an 8 and 6 year old myself and that picture of them really makes me sad. Donated to their Go Fund Me and encourage everyone here to do the same if you can. RIP Botch.