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  1. It was a lateral move, maybe minor upgrade at best. But a 2nd rounder?! AND Clendenning!? "We want to get younger." - Yeah, lose Clendenning. "We want a 2nd round draft pick." - #k #BenningLogic
  2. Miller is well past his prime. Can't wait to see Jimbo's reactions when Miller's penchant for "leading, like, the league in wins" regresses.
  3. Probably 4. Benning will give him 6. #Sbisa #Dorsett #characterguys
  4. Nope, not at a law school. Need to register as an audit student (while also a student of law school).
  5. LOL this team isn't good enough to win its share of games this year. It's done little to improve, in fact.
  6. Lol the issue is that the Canucks should go down, but they are just lateraling/shifting side to side.
  7. VAN will place 5th in the division behind ANA, LA, and Alberta. Then they'll end up with a mediocre draft pick in typical Canucks fashion.
  8. Would they, though? I can't make a judgment call on Chychrun because I haven't read or seen enough of him, but Lucic's best days are way past him. IMO, putting all your faith in a UFA frenzy next year is flawed. JFJ tried that with the Leafs and look where that got them? I don't think Jimbo is following through with a good plan. That's just me.
  9. Auston Matthews.
  10. Fair, then use the Eye Test. My issue with Sbisa is that he makes the most boneheaded decisions on the ice. He always pinches at the wrong time, leaving an equally defensively liable Juice on a 2-on-1. He isn't good enough to be in the NHL. Not entirely his fault though. Benning's awful salary negotiation and Willie's predictable 1-2-3-4 forward set and 1-2-3 D pairing shifts are equally culpable
  11. That's not a fact, that's an opinion. A flawed one, too. Check his advanced stats comparables. Just not good enough to be in the NHL.
  12. +1
  13. Miller to SJ, Sbisa to Utica, Canucks trade up and draft Barzal.
  14. #GameSix #SixGoals